Melamine Foam Eraser Pad

  • Size:10*6*2cm, 11*7*4cm, or upon your request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



Remove stubborn stains only with water;

No need for chemical cleaner;

Suitable for cleaning concave and convex surface deep stubborn dirt:

1. Ceramics:

2. Plastic products:

3. Office equipment:

4. Electrical appliances:

5. Glass products:

6. Leather products:

7. Hardware products;

If I have to select one kind of cleaning product with best performance, I would not hesitate to choose ENDA melamine foam manufacturer’s melamine foam eraser pad. Through more than one time using experience about all kinds of dishes cleaning products, such as loofahs, duster cloth, steel wool, I prefer to use this new-style melamine foam eraser pad rather than above-mentioned traditional tableware washing methods. I am glad to share our company’s famous main cleaning product - melamine foam cleaner pad, and some of my using experience about using melamine foam eraser pad with you.

Is Melamine Foam Eraser Pad the Same as Melamine Foam Sponge?

Maybe most of us do not know melamine foam eraser pad is the same as melamine foam sponge. At here, I want to reiterate that this relationship between melamine foam sponge and melamine foam eraser pad is congeneric.

Suppose you are a beginner who has no idea about what melamine foam eraser pad is , even which brand melamine foam sponge is best and well deserved. In my view, it is only normal to impart knowledge to you that this new term melamine foam eraser pad and melamine foam cleaner seem to be the same thing. I mean, as long as melamine foam cleaning sponge has all the characteristics, our ENDA melamine foam eraser pad also contains those features.

melamine foam eraser pad

Melamine foam eraser pad

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What Is Melamine Foam Eraser Pad?

Literally, melamine foam eraser pad is made up of a kind of special material - melamine resin or melamine foam. So what is melamine resin in the melamine foam board. According to Wikipedia, not only this kind of melamine foam eraser pad product, but also other melamine foam cleaning sponges related to melamine foam resin, melamine foam is the active ingredient of a variety of abrasive cleaning sponges. Melamine foam eraser pad uses a new nanotechnology research and development of a special kind of porous structure foam body, which is the 21st century new fashioned environmental protection cleaning products.

Are Those Melamine Foam Eraser Pads Harmful to Human Health? - From Cleaning Principle

We have shown from many aspects that melamine foam eraser pad is not harmful to human body. Why? From the point of working principle, ENDA melamine foam sponge supplier’s melamine foam eraser pad has a clean method difference from the traditional cleaning methods: for example, our melamine foam in bulk uses the physical mechanism of decontamination, relying on the unique three-dimensional reticular structure inside melamine foam eraser pad, wiped in the process of automatic adsorption old dirt on the surface of the object, like countless mini vacuum cleaner in the work, just need water, completely do not need to rely on any detergent or soap to help degradation.

double-layer melamine foam eraser pad

Double-layer melamine foam eraser pad

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The Safety of ENDA Melamine Foam Eraser Pad

ENDA melamine foam cleaner logo OEM supplier’s compressed melamine foam eraser pad adopts an advanced technology, which improved melamine foam eraser pad’s process, compression process, curing deformaldehyde-removing process, the whole process is without any harmful matters. To sum up, our melamine foam eraser pad is a kind of magic melamine sponge cleaning eraser no residue, environmental health, better protect the health of you and your family.

The Fist Step Selecting Tip about Melamine Foam Eraser Pad

So how should we choose quality melamine foam eraser pad goods with excellent performance? At present, we can select worthy magic melamine sponge with strong cleaning power start from three aspects:

The First Step: Smell: It is a tough task for the average person to distinguish this kind of high density melamine foam eraser pad’s smell, because the really best melamine foam eraser pad is almost unscented. On the contrary, the ordinary sponge or original melamine resin foam eraser will have a slight and unpleasant smell.

green color melamine foam eraser pad for cleaning

Green color melamine foam eraser pad for cleaning

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The Second Step Selecting Tip about Melamine Foam Eraser Pad

The Second Step: Pinch: this kind of melamine foam eraser pad is equipped with very flexible property and elastic characteristic. Simply speaking, It is not easy to break or wear when pinching melamine foam panel or squeezing water out of melamine foam eraser pad. You can press and squeeze magic sponge eraser melamine cleaner as much as you want, in the end, flexible melamine foam still will not deform. But if the poor quality melamine foam eraser pa sponge can not knead, with a little bit of force will break, can also hear the sponge cracking small sound.

The Third Step Selecting Tip about Melamine Foam Eraser Pad

The Third Step: Use: high density nano sponge cleaning because it belongs to the high density nano sponge, the number of nano capillaries per unit area is more, the cleaning force is stronger, wear resistance when used, more durable, almost no slag;Poor nano sponge cleaning effect is also good, but the slag is very serious, easy to break, not used.The three-dimensional shape of the high-density nano sponge is smaller and thinner, and its adsorption capacity is naturally stronger!

white melamine foam eraser pad

White melamine foam eraser pad

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The Advantages of Melamine Foam Eraser Pad

Our melamine foam eraser pad with tasteless, non-toxic and harmless characteristics. One of the most obvious advantage is that each particle of our melamine foam eraser pad is smaller than one tenth of a millionth of a human hair. In addition to, our melamine foam eraser pad shows high density, odor free, flexibility, abrasion resistance, durable cleaning.    

What Is Melamine Foam Eraser Pad Used For?

Melamine foam eraser pad can effectively clean tea dirt, dirt, dirt, scale, soap, etc. For hard and smooth surface (such as ceramic, plastic, glass, stainless steel), it can play a good decontamination effect. And that, basotect melamine foam can be arbitrarily cut into different sizes to facilitate the use of different items or areas. If you have noticed our melamine foam eraser pad, you will figure out the word “ pad ” in this product is familiar. Yes, we also have a article named floor waxing pad, thus, you can use melamine foam eraser pad floor cleaning.

The Cleaning Area of Melamine Foam Eraser Pad

1.Melamine foam eraser pad cleaning on ceramic: dishes, tableware, tea set, sit implement, bath crock, mop pool, urinal, Mosaic, ceramic tile and other stains;

2.The plastic material of melamine foam eraser pad: plastic chairs and tables, model steel window, shower room, children's toys, plastic slippers, such as plastic trash can besmirch;

3.Office equipment such as desk, computer (keyboard), printers, photocopiers, fax machines, telephones, pens, ink and other surface stains;

4.Melamine foam eraser pad remove stains on electrical categories: televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, electric fans, rice cookers, sterilized kitchen cupboards, and so on stain;

s-shape melamine foam eraser pad

S-shape melamine foam eraser pad

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Other Application About ENDA Melamine Foam Eraser Pad

5.Glass products: door and window glass, decorative glass, vase, lamps and lanterns of the stain;

6. Leather products: car and its interior decoration, leather furniture, sofa, leather bag, travel shoes and other stains, shall be maintained with leather lubricant after cleaning;

7. Hardware products: locks, switch sockets, wires, knives and other stains.

Enwold Melamine Foam Cleaner Brand’s Melamine Foam Eraser Pad

At first, novices who are interested in melamine foam eraser pad can not tell whether the appropriate selecting ways are working or not, or which ones are important when buying melamine foam bulk. Due to they do not have related melamine foam eraser pad knowledge as well as using experience to assess them against. For this purpose, I give everybody a piece of suggestion that you is sure to identify our ENDA melamine foam cleaning blocks brand or recognize our ENDA logo on the surface of melamine foam eraser pad cleaning product packaging.

grey melamine foam eraser pad

Grey melamine foam eraser pad

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