Melamine Foam Sound Absorber For Rail And Automotives Indust

  • Size:1250 * 1250mm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1.Excellent sound absorption performance;
2.Thermal insulation;
3. Fire retardant
1. Automotives Industries
2. Rails
3. Subway
Melamine foam sound absorber now is widely applicable to automotives industries. These melamine foam sound absorber panels are perfectly suitable for acoustic application on car ceiling, floor, engine cover and wall. The advantage of ENDA melamine foam sound absorber is high performance of sound absorption.

melamine foam sound absorber
Melamine foam sound absorber


The Buses Application of Melamine Foam Sound Absorber

Due to the features of flexibility, lightweight and excellent acoustic characteristics, melamine foam sound absorber is widely used for automotives industries as filler. Our melamine foam sound absorber are fit for sun shield, bus roof filler, stanchion filler, engine nacelle acoustic pad, engine noise enclosure, gearbox noise enclosure and buses door filler. There are many advantages of using melamine acoustic foam. For one thing, it is the most lightweight plastic foam and melamine foam sound absorber itself reduces the weight of buses. For another thing, melamine sound absorbing foam has more excellent performance in sound absorbing.  

melamine foam sound absorber price
Melamine foam sound absorber sheet


The Introduction of Melamine foam Sound Absorber For Automotives Industries

ENDA melamine foam sound absorber is a kind of grey open cell melamine resin foam. This kind of melamine foam can be composite foam after recombined with aluminum foil, application of gum and non-woven fabrics. The ordinary thickness is 30mm, 50mm, 70mm and other thickness customization. In addition, we can make different colors of non-woven fabrics the other side of composite melamine foam sound absorber such as black, blue and green.

Why ENDA Melamine Foam Sound Absorber Works Well

ENDA melamine foam sound absorber has the characteristics of open cell structure and three dimension network structures. ENDA melamine foam has excellent performance of sound absorption, thermal insulation and heat stability.

melamine foam sound absorber manufacturer
Melamine foam sound absorber blocks


The Technical Data Sheets of Melamine Foam Sound Absorber

Melamine Foam Unit Result Test standard
Density Kg/m3 8-11 EN 1936
Hardness F0 65-85 KS M 6518
Tensile strength KPa 110-160 GB/T 6344-2008
Tearing strength N/m 55 GB/T 10808-2006
Elongation % 30 ISO 1798
Rebound toughness % 78 GB/T 6670-2008
Indentation hardness index 40% N 460 GB/T 10807-2006
Muffling coefficient NRC 0.95 ISO 354:2003
Thermal conductivity W/(m . K) 0.034 GB/T 10295-2008
heat resistance (m2 . K)/W 2.31 GB/T 10295-2008
Flame Rating Rate B1 DIN 4102-1
V-0 UL 94
B1   (B-S1, d0) GB8624
Working temperature -240 to 220 -
  F -464'F to 220'F -

The Certificates of Our Melamine Foam Sound Absorber

Many people are anxious that whether melamine foam sound absorber is toxic. We know what you are facing to. People live in home and work in office every day. Thus, we are strict with every details of producing melamine foam. We want our clients to use our melamine foam sound absorber with an easy mind. Our melamine foam sound absorber has the certificates of SGS, MSDS and CRS.

melamine foam sound absorber panel
Melamine foam sound absorber panel


Where to Find Melamine Foam Sound Absorber Supplier

Puyang ENDA melamine foam sound absorber supplier began melamine foam business since 2011. In these years, ENDA melamine foam supplier attracts numerous talents and skilled workers. Now ENDA manufacturer becomes top 3 leading brand in China. Where to find melamine foam sound absorber supplier? ENDA melamine foam manufacturer is your specialist. In this year, ENDA melamine foam sound absorbers are used to high-speed rails, automotives industries and aerospace. ENDA manufacturer specializes in the development, research, producing and selling of melamine foam.

melamine foam sound absorber supplier
Melamine foam sound absorber panel

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