Melamine Foam for Cleaning

  • Size:10*6*2/10*7*3/11*7*3 cm, or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1, Melamine foam for cleaning only needs water, no cleaning agent
2, Super decontamination
3, The melamine foam is convenient and eco-friendly

1.The scope of melamine foam for cleaning: 
2.Ceramics appliances
3.Electrical appliances
4.Office equipment
5.Glass products
6.Plastic products
7.Hardware products,
8.Other: boats, bicycles, surfboards, scooters, etc.

Safety Guarantee of ENDA Melamine Foam for cleaning

Melamine Foam for cleaning is a new type of cleaning product in 21st century , it has been used widely in families at home and abroad, while the melamine sponge is popular, there is a lot of skepticism.They think that the melamine foam for cleaning contains formaldehyde and harmful ingredients so the melamine eraser can’t be used to clean kitchen. In fact, it is no need to worry, the melamine foam for cleaning is very common in our life, even bananas contain melamine, so long as the content is in the appropriate range, it is no harm to the human body.

We are the sponge manufacturer, and our all products of ENDA have passed SGS and products quality inspection. In line with international market access standards, our melamine foam for cleaning are exported to many countries in the world.

magic melamine foam for cleaning
White melamine foam for cleaning 

Applications of ENDA Melamine foam for cleaning

Our melamine sponge blocks overturn traditional cleaning methods, Adopting physical decontamination mechanism, only use water to clean stains , melamine nano sponge can effectively clean accumulated tea dirt, incrustation, scale, soap, oil stains,and the nano sponge can play a good cleaning effect for hard and smooth surfaces (such as ceramics, mirrors, glass, stainless steel);Our melamine foam for cleaning are suitable for cleaning uneven surface deep dirt, easy treatment, no scratch, is an ideal replacement product.

melamine sponge bulk blocks for cleaning
Melamine sponge bulk blocks for cleaning 

Advantages of ENDA Melamine Foam for Cleaning

ENDA melamine foam for cleaning has time-saving, labor-saving, money-saving, convenient, eco-friendly, healthy features, Through wiping gently can remove stains.And magic melamine eraser does not damage the surface of the material, does not damage the skin, and does not remain. It is an environmentally friendly product. The melamine sponge cleaner can be cut into different sizes to facilitate the use of different articles or ranges. The use of melamine is very simple, as long as it contains sufficient moisture, like an eraser to use, you can remove dirt.

Classification of Melamine Eraser

According to the difference of nanotechnology used, there are two main categories of melamine foam for cleaning at present:

Second generation product: The melamine foam for cleaning density is 8kg/m3, this usually raw material products, the price is more less, the melamine sponge bulk of the density is enough to household cleaning, At present, the most common cleaning sponge on the market is the second generation product.

melamine nano eraser for cleaning
Melamine nano sponge for cleaning 

Fourth generation product:The melamine foam for cleaning density is 12-24kg/m3,It is made by deep processing of raw materials, with higher density, better flexibility, more abrasion resistance and better cleaning effect. Represents the melamine foam for cleaning has ENDA melamine foam.
high density melamine foam
High density meamine sponge for cleaning  

Scouring Pad Melamine Foam for Cleaning 

ENDA melamine foam with scouring pad is made up of the melamine foam and the composite scouring pad. The splicing of composite melamine sponge materials makes it more wear-resistant, durable,non-slag, non-oil stained and can achieve double-sided cleaning effect (composite white surface: suitable for cleaning stubborn stains; Melamine sponge surface: suitable for cleaning stain). The softness of melamine foam on one side and the moderation of fiber on the other side, both combine for one, convenient to use.

magic melamine sponge with scouring pad
Magic melamine sponge with composite scouring pad

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