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How To Use Melamine Foam?

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Our melamine foam is a new type of cleaning product, the biggest difference from the traditional cleaning method: The physical decontamination mechanism, relying on the nano-capillary opening structure in the product, automatically adsorbing the stain on the surface of the object during the wiping process, no need to rely on any chemical washing agent to help with degradation. Its magical decontamination brings endless convenience to our healthy life.

As more and more people use melamine sponges, many problems have been discovered due to wrong usage methods.Only the correct way of use can bring perfect cleaning effect. The wrong method will consume the sponge too quickly or break the sponge and this leads to the waste of materials, then how to use melamine foam? It is very simple that only need to use it correctly, then our sponge is used in a wide range of applications, different applications, the method is still a little different, but there is a the same point that just wipe gently when using.and cut into different sizes to make full of it.

melamine foam
Magic melamine foam cleaning sponge


Cleaning Mechanism of Melamine Foam

Nano-sponge can effectively clean tea scale, dirt, scale, scum, etc. It can exert good decontamination effect on hard and smooth surfaces (such as ceramics, plastic plates, glass, stainless steel).
In the hardening stage of the magic sponge manufacturing process, the hardness of such a copolymer can reach a degree similar to that of glass, which can be said to be the hardest plastic. Then, due to its microscopic degree of open-cell network, the finished product is like a melamine foam sponge inside. The open-cell network structure allows the magic sponge to wipe the inner microscopically composed of nano-scale pore-shaped airbags, which can absorb and carry away the stain particles generated by friction. Because of its high hardness, it is conceivable to use extremely fine sandpaper on the surface dirt during the cleaning process. This is why the magic sponge is strongly decontaminated when cleaned, with a polished brightening effect. This is also why the magic sponge cleans stainless steel and ceramic surfaces are particularly good.

magic nano eraser

How to Use Melamine Foam?

1. The basotect melamine foam sponge needs to be pressed to make the water sucked by the sponge flow, then loosen and then pressed.
2, A small piece of sponge can be gently rubbed; do not force the sponge structure.
3, Suitable for water temperature can improve cleanliness.
magic melamine eraser
Melamine foam cleaning methods

Precautions for Melamine Foam

1.It is more useful to wipe in a single direction when using melamine foam.
2.Because the layout of Enworld melamine foam sponge blocks is special, its strength is not the same as that of ordinary sponges, so it should be lightly rubbed during the application process to prevent twisting as much as possible to extend its operation time.
3.The differentiation of oil stains is poor. Range hoods, stoves, etc. If necessary, remove the surface heavy oil before final cleaning.
4.Melamine foam will be naturally consumed during the application process and will be attributed to normal appearance.
5. When cleaning leather-like items, first try it in an inconspicuous place, make sure that it does not have any other effect on the leather surface, and then use it gently.
6. When cleaning the appliance, be careful to turn off the power first.
7. Not edible, placed out of reach of children.
8. Do not wipe the body
magic sponge usage notes
Melamine foam precautions

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