Melamine Foam in Car

  • Size:80*80*5cm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



Automotive sound insulation melamine foam is made of melamine with low density, high porosity and flexibility. It also has excellent flame retardant, sound absorption, heat preservation, safety, non-toxicity, high temperature resistance, low temperature, light weight and good secondary processing performance.
1.It can be used in rail transit industries such as high-speed rail, light rail and subway.
2.Our melamine acoustic foam is suitable for use in equipment bays, ducts, doors, interior walls, roofs, seats, side wall insulation, flooring and engine surrounds.
3.Suitable for sound insulation and thermal insulation of various buildings.

Acoustic Principal of Melamine Foam in Car

ENDA soundproofing melamine foam in car is which absorbs the noise transmitted through the air medium, and the material can effectively reduce the formation of the secondary noise of the reflection, and it is also one of the necessary materials in the process of modifying the sound insulation of the automobile.

Melamine foam effect test

The difference of Melamine Foam in Car

Our acoustic material in car is melamine. Compared with other soundproofing materials, common acoustic panel mainly include PE sponge soundproofing materials and fiber cotton sound insulation materials. In the field of automotive soundproofing and modification, PE sponge acoustic materials are difficult to install and absorb sound. It can't be compared with the latter two, so it is gradually being eliminated by the market. Our melamine sound absorbing foam for high speed rail and car is a more efficient and safe sound absorbing and insulating material.

melamine foam acoustic panel
White melamine foam acoustic panel

Performance of Melamine Foam in Car

(1) The melamine foam in car of the open-cell structure is an excellent soundproofing material, the opening rate is reached 99%.
(2) There are many kinds of melamine foam pore sizes and structures, and soundproofing melamine foam can be selected for sound waves of various frequencies.
(3) The melamine foam in car texture is light and soft, easy to transport and install, and has good veneer to the curved surface.

Why Choose High Quality Melamine Foam in Car

Some car owners spend a lot of money to do the whole car silencer, but the actual effect can not meet expectations. It is not that the muffling process is useless, but the selected muffler material is poor. There are still many owners who choose cheap soundproofing melamine foam in car. However, they are not used, and they are also a waste of money. If the heat insulation effect is poor, it will directly affect personal safety. If you want good acoustic effect melamine foam in car, our melmaine foam in car is definitely the first to bear the brunt. Melamine foam  is a relatively high-level soundproofing foam. The loose high-opening structure has a good soundproof effect and can effectively absorb the noise inside the car. It is often used in large venues such as concert halls and theaters. For those who have a requirement for the sound quality of the car, the melamine foam in car is a the most suitable. and our soundproofing and fireproofing melamine foam price is cheap, you can send inquiry to us any time, we are glad that you are able to compare our products with others.
melamine foam panel
Melamine foam in car

Why Choose ENDA Melamine Foam in Car?

1. The ENDA melamine foam is light (8-12kg/m3), which can reduce the weight of the whole vehicle and improve the safety of cornering (important for narrow-gauge track roads) and reduce energy consumption.

2. Our melamine foam in car has good sound insulation effect, high sound absorption coefficient, and can meet the flame retardant standard of automotive parts without flame retardant. This can play a role in the rail vehicle wall and roof support as well as in the decorative interior trim of the laminate. It can be used in the side walls and ceiling of air-conditioned passenger cars, which can greatly reduce operating costs.When the car is driving, the tires and the ground will quickly rub and generate vibration and noise, and the faster the speed, when the wind pressure exceeds the car's sealing resistance, the wind noise is constantly lingering through the body, which is uncomfortable. The roof, the door, the hood and the trunk are all places where the sound is removed.
The material used for car silencer treatment must not be flammable. The melamine foam can reach B1 flame retardant, class A fire rated acoustic melamine foam and the high temperature resistance reaches 240 °C. When the car body is in high temperature for a long time, the melamine foam sound insulation will not be deformed, and it will not burn after encountering the flame.

3. Our melamine foam in car is environmentally friendly and tasteless, Many soundproofing materials will have an odor in the car after installation. And the texture is flexible and free from dust and debris. It is environmentally friendly and harmless in any part of the car.

famous melamine foam manufacturer
Famous melamine foam in car manufacturer

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