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Enworld melamine foam cleaner brand has a serials of premium melamine foam bulks, which is both high quality and eco-friendly high density melamine foam pads.  Because we always emphasize on every step of the quality control of Enworld melamine foam sponge for sale. We never produce and sell those low-grade quality melamine foam cleaning blocks that may have a bad effect on human health and environment. That is to say, the safety of the product is absolutely not a problem as long as it comes from our packed magic melamine sponge with strong cleaning power. Here are the three facts to prove the good quality of Enworld melamine foam sponge manufacturer’s high density melamine foam eraser.

melamine foam cleaning sponge quality control

Melamine foam cleaning sponge quality control

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The Authoritative Certificates about Enworld Best Quality Melamine Foam Cleaning Blocks

First and foremost, our company has the necessary and vital certificates to make you trust us. There is nothing more persuasive than a serials of international authoritative certificates about melamine foam bulk for sale. Our Enworld has obtained the certificates of melamine foam cleaner, such as SGS, CRS, MSDS and other very objective and powerful relatively certificates information. 

Professional Lab and Technicians Team

For the quality control of melamine foam cleaner, for Enworld melamine foam cleaning sponge production material quality testing, we specially developed a laboratory study melamine foam cleaning blocks. High density melamine foam sponge in order to ensure safe non-toxic environmental protection, and make the melamine foam board controllable melamine content in sponge and harmlessness, we have a group of professional team with the professional testing equipment for melamine resin foam eraser semi-finished products and finished products quality.

melamine foam cleaner lab quality control testing

Melamine foam cleaner lab quality control testing

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