Melamine Foam Sheets

  • Size:1250 * 1250mm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



ENDA melamine foam sheets refer to a kind of acoustic materials with the properties of flame retardant and thermal insulation. These melamine foam sheets are famous for the excellent functions of fire resistance and sound absorption. The acoustic coefficient of melamine foam sheets reaches 0.94. Moreover, our melamine foam sheets have strong tensile strength and are not easy to break.


melmaine foam sheets for sale, melamine foam sheet

White and grey melamine foam sheets


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Melamine Foam Sheets For Sale

Our melamine foam sheets for sale are non-toxic and eco-friendly. All of our melamine foam sheets meet the standard of CRS, MSDS and SGS. Our customers don’t have to worry about the safety hazards of ENDA melamine foam sheets for sale. The thickness of these melamine foam sheets can be 25mm, 50mm, 100mm and 300mm.

Melamine Foam Large Sheets

The maximum size of melamine foam large sheets is 2500*1250*300mm. In addition, we can customize different melamine foam sizes, according to different requirements of customers. The shapes of ENDA melamine foam large sheets can be flat, wedges and pyramid. On request of customers, we can customize the other shapes.


melamine foam large sheets melmaine foam sheets

White melamine foam sheet


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White Melamine Foam Sheets

ENDA manufacturer sells white melamine foam sheets, grey melamine foam and pink melamine sponges. White melamine foam sheets are the most popular color because white is the original color of melamine foam blocks. At the same time, our white melamine foam sheets are cheaper than grey and pink sponges.

Wedges Melamine Foam Sheets

The appearance of ENDA wedge melamine foam sheets are simple and elegant. We export our wedges melamine foam sheets to many countries such as Japan, Korea, America, Britain, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Holland, Russia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Thailand and Singapore. Now, we are going to expand the market of melamine foam large sheets. 


wedges melmaine foam sheets for sale

Wedges melmaine foam sheets


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Melamine Foam Sheets Price


ENDA melamine foam sheets price is affordable, because we are looking forward to more friends to take part in us. We hope customers all over the world can afford our melamine foam sheets price. Customers enjoy that ENDA melamine foam bring us much convenience. If you are interested in our product, contact us for the best melamine foam price.

Melamine Foam Sheets Manufacturers In China

This year, ENDA melamine foam sheets manufacturers will stick to the research and innovation of melamine foam. In the future, as the famous melamine foam sheets manufacturers, ENDA hopes more and more people use our melamine foam and share the benefits brought by ENDA supplier.


melamine foam sheets manufacturers in china

Melamine foam sheets in China


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Melamine Foam Sheets Thermal Insulation

Our melamine foam sheets thermal insulation can be used in industrial equipment such as engine cover, alternator or some hot air pipes. The thermal insulation coefficient of melamine foam sheets is 2.31 (m3.k) / W, according to the standard of GB/T10295-2008. ENDA melamine foam roll is always used for pipe thermal insulation.

Melamine Foam Sheets Wholesale

ENDA melamine foam manufacturer offers melamine foam sheets wholesale. We can export our products to all over the world. Our melamine foam wholesale are more durable and eco-friendly than the ordinary foam. If you want to buy melamine foam sheets wholesale, ENDA supplier can offer you best purchase solution.


melmaine foam sheets thermal insulation

White melamin foam roll


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Melamine Foam Sheets In Bulk

Customers like to buy melamine foam sheets in bulk. Buy melamine foam in bulk, you can enjoy more discount from ENDA manufacturer. The working temperature of melamine foam sheets in bulk is in the range of - 370℉ to 446℉. The wide range of working temperature shows that our melamine foam sheets in bulk has a wide application. Our melamine foam sheets can stand high temperature and extreme low temperature. For example, our melamine foam sheets is suitable for the high speed transportation like subway and high-speed rail. In addition, ENDA melamine foam sheets in bulk can apply to the airplane sound insulation.

Open Cell Melamine Foam Sheets

ENDA open cell melamine foam sheets have more than 99% porosity. High porosity melamine foam sheets have light weight. Thus, our open cell melamine foam sheets can be used to airplanes, highway rail or subway. For one thing, open cell melamine foam sheets effectively reduce the noise disturbance, fire safety hazards and strengthen the thermal insulation. For another thing, our open cell melamine foam sheets also can reduce the weight of various vehicle.


open cell melamine foam sheets in bulk

Open cell melamine foam sheets


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Where to Buy Melamine Foam Sheets

ENDA is the best place where to buy melamine foam sheets. Our melamine foam sheets have strengths in thermal insulation, sound control and fire retardant. If you ask where to buy our products melamine foam sheets, it must be ENDA melamine foam supplier! ENDA melamine foam manufacturer provides you the best service.


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