Best Melamine Foam Erasers

  • Size:10*6*2cm,10*7*3cm or OEM
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



Micro-abrasive principle, powerful physical absorption cleaning;

Effortless and Quick remove the troublesome graffiti;

Micro-fibers, no hurt the wall surface, no scratches;

Eco-friendly, no hurt the hands and skin.





Wipe off the doodled and stains of crayon;

Marking pen and ball-point pen stains;

Pencil and other graffiti marks on the surface of interior wall coating;

Wallpaper, oil paint and other indoor items.




I believe that there are a large group of people still have more or less understanding of magic melamine sponge with strong cleaning power. While, in your opinion, what do you think of the best melamine foam erasers? On the one hand, as a piece of high quality melamine foam cleaning sponge, what factors need to be possessed? On the other hand, what preparations and efforts do businesses or manufacturers need to make in order to produce best melamine foam erasers. When you finished reading this blog article, no matter who you are, a melamine foam sponge buyer, the melamine foam sponge manufacturers or melamine foam cleaning blocks supplier, you will identify the best melamine foam erasers what they are.

best melamine foam erasers manufacturer

Best melamine foam erasers manufacturer


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Who Is the Best Melamine Foam Erasers Manufacturer?

I have a foolproof and absolutely error-free way to have the best melamine foam erasers. That is to select the more premium melamine foam cleaner brand manufacturers. You know, only using best melamine foam erasers produced by regular and professional melamine manufacturers can you minimize the product quality issues and reduce safety risks. Fortunately, our En-world company fully meets your requirements. Because we have very rich experience in melamine foam cleaning blocks production and manufacturing. For instance, we have a very mature solution in dealing with various product design problems, various accidents in the manufacturing process, and after-sales tracking services. To sum up, our ultimate goal is to create the best melamine foam erasers.

The Best Advantages of En-world Melamine Foam Sponge Manufacturer

En-world melamine foam cleaner brand's a serials of related melamine foam sponges cleaning products combining all the advantages of best melamine foam erasers in one. We have been committed to manufacturing a batch of high quality multi cleaner melamine foam for sale. And that the best melamine foam erasers already have the following advantages: first class quality, excellent and cleaning effect, unique packaging and product design at the same time. The most important thing is that we En-world melamine foam bulk wholesale supplier and manufacturer have a customer-oriented. In other words, you can regard En-world melamine resin foam eraser producer and provider in China as your first choice.

melamine foam erasers using application

Melamine foam erasers using application


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The Wide Cleaning Applications of Best Melamine Foam Erasers

On the basis of customers first, our this kind of best melamine foam erasers can help our users remove stains from all corners. To some extent, if you can use a small piece of flexible melamine foam on a lot of places cleaning, which means this sponge products are good.

1. Our company’s melamine foam cleaner is suitable for cleaning handwriting, scratches, children's graffiti as well as other marks stains on the wall; in addition to, melamine foam eraser can be uniformly stressed when cleaning the wall, the cleaning power is higher, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and does not hurt hands.

2. This kind of best melamine foam erasers are moistened with water and wipe it gently, the tea stains on the bottom of the pot and the cup will be very clean.

The Higher Density, The Higher Quality of Best Melamine Foam Erasers

As we all know, if the density of best melamine foam erasers is more higher, the quality of melamine foam magic eraser is well. The best melamine foam erasers belonging to high density premium melamine foam for sale. The density is much higher than the density of ordinary melamine foam nano sponge. The density of the product can reach 16kg / m3, which makes up for the inherent fracture of ordinary melamine foam bulk for cleaning. To some up, high density compressed melamine foam eraser sponges are not easy slag dropping. Due to those compressed melamine foams for sale have high toughness and abrasive resistance, which represents our high quality, high density melamine foam squares, and so on.

high density premium melamine foam erasers

High density premium melamine foam erasers

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How to Judge the Quality of Best Melamine Foam Erasers

Judging the quality of best melamine cleaning erasers can be judged from the following aspects:

1. Smell: you can hardly smell the odour from high density melamine foam for cleaning; on the contrary, the ordinary  melamine foam sponges will have a slight unpleasant smell.

2. Pinch: The premium melamine foam cleaning sponge is very flexible and elastic. It is not easy to break when pinching or squeezing water. You can squeeze it at will; but if the general melamine foam in bulk can not be pinched, it will break with a little effort.

3. Use: Since they are best melamine foam erasers, they are must high density melamine foam pads. They have more nano-capillaries per unit area, stronger cleaning power, wear resistance during use, more durable and almost no dross; poor melamine foam cleaners The effect is also good, but the slag dropping is very serious, it is easy to break, and it is not used.

premium melamine foam erases

Premium melamine foam erases

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The Competitive Advantage of Melamine Foam Eraser

Melamine foam price is just an indicator in the process of purchasing best melamine foam erasers products or services. If we only compare the price, it is not so thoughtful. Price, quality, service, word of mouth, whether suitable for their situation, and so on need to consider together.If you still feel the above answers are not detailed enough, you can click this link to consult more. Our company has a complete range of melamine foam sponge types and varieties, with reasonable prices, we can provide a variety of heteromorphic materials according to the needs of customers, welcome to consult us immediately.

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