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Melamine Foam Density

Why Choose Suitable Melamine Foam Density?

We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, production, and sales of polymer melamine foam. The open-hole three-dimensional network structure makes it have good absorption, heat insulation, light weight and good quality. It has natural anti-bacterial and anti-burning properties and is also ideal for thermal insulation. When the sound wave enters the sponge, it will be absorbed and consumed, and then the noise will be greatly reduced. In addition, the basotect melamine foam is very popular in the field of cleaning. They can be used in many places such as household cleaning, car cleaning, industrial cleaning, etc., and only need clear water to complete decontamination with excellent physical adsorption.

Different melamine foam density are suitable for different purposes, the application and advantages of each density are different, and only the right and right products can be selected to have an efficient effect.
melamine foam manufacturer
Professional melamine foam manufacturer

Melamine Foam Density of Sound Insolation

Open cell melamine foam has excellent sound absorption, flame retardancy and high temperature resistance. The unique three-dimensional structure of the opening can effectively block sound waves. The sound absorption performance of melamine sponge is much higher than other traditional materials. The muffler coefficient NRC = 0.95, which exceeds most traditional materials.

noise absorb melamine foam blocks
Melamine foam acoustic panel

The Soundproofing Applications of Original Melamine Foam Density

The easy-cutting property of melamine sponge can be completely combined with aluminum foil or plastic film. Used in ceilings, soft furniture, walls, partitions, mezzanines, pipe walls, etc.Due to its excellent sound insulation, high temperature resistance (temperature resistance up to 240 ° C), easy to cut, it can be processed into  melamine acoustic foam, melamine foam thermal insulation, high temperature resistant foam, non-flammable retardant melamine foam. Widely used in conference rooms, halls, studios, restaurants, stadiums, swimming pools, art centers, theaters, etc.

magic melamine foam soundproofing panel
White melamine foam acoustic blocks


The Cleaning Applications of Original Melamine Foam Density

The cleaning sponge is a special structural bubble composed of numerous nano-sized particles. Enworld cheap melamine foam sponge has the strong decontamination ability that ordinary cleaning sponge can't match. It can use the pure physical principle to use the pure physical principle without using the cleaning agent. It is easy to remove and stubborn.
melamine foam sponge
White nano cleaning sponge eraser


Melamine Foam High Density Compressed Sponge

High density melamine foam compression sponge, also known as hot-press sponge: The new upgraded compressed nano-sponge, which is twice as dense as ordinary sponge, compresses ordinary sponge into hot-pressed sponge by high-temperature compression. Better toughness, strong wear resistance, not easy to break, not easy to slag, more durable, more obvious cleaning effect, no odor, more environmentally friendly. Our high melamine foam density sponge is processed by high temperature compression, deep processing, more environmentally friendly, decontamination ability Stronger and widely used.

high quality melamine foam density
Magic melamine foam cleaning new products


The Cleaning Applications of  Melamine Foam High Density

Household items: sofas, shoes, walls, switch panels, doors and windows, tables and chairs, children's toys, etc.;
Home appliances: telephones, air conditioners, refrigerators, fans, rice cookers, microwave ovens, washing machines, etc.
Bathroom supplies: countertops, bathtubs, tiles, toilets, etc.
Metal appliances: faucets, sinks, pendants, handles, etc.
Office supplies: computers, telephones, fax machines, photocopiers, tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.
Auto accessories: seat holster, car front desk, etc.

melamine foam density
High density melamine foam cleaning sponge

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