Melamine Foam Panels

  • Size:1250 * 1250mm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Sound insulation
2. Fire retardant
3. Thermal insulation
4. Competitive price
1. Industrial thermal insulation
2. Soundproof performance
3. Fire resistance performance

ENDA melamine foam panels refer to a kind of eco-friendly acoustic materials. Our melamine foam acoustic foam adopts fiber free ingredients. It means when these melamine foam panels burn, they will turn into a little spot of ember. The fire rating melamine foam panels is class A. These class A melamine foam panels are suitable for the line equipment enclosures, in order to reduce the equipment noise.


melamine foam panels

Melamine foam panels

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Melamine Foam Panels For Sale

Melamine foam for sale in ENDA has two different categories the high density and low density. Low density melamine foam acoustic panels for sale are applicable to industrial rooms, office room and multimedia rooms which need sound insulation. ENDA melamine foam panels for sale have superior quality and excellent durability.

Melamine Foam Acoustic Panels

ENDA melamine foam acoustic panels density can be the range from 8kg/m3 to 24kg/m3. Low density melamine foam acoustic panels have better performance in sound absorption. ENDA melamine foam panels have almost more than 99 percent of opening cell. These open cell melamine foam acoustical panels can absorb more sound waves than other common acoustic foam.


melamine foam acoustic panels
Melamine foam acoustic panels


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Melamine Foam Panels Sizes

We can customize various melamine foam panels sizes for customers’ concrete requirements. 15mm×2440mm×1220mm melamine foam panels and 18mm×2440mm×1220mm melamine foam acoustical panels are the most popular foam sizes for our customers all over the world. In addition, 50mm melamine foam panel thickness can achieve the result of high sound absorption. The other standard melamine foam panels thickness can be 25mm, 50mm, 100mm and 300mm. The thicker the melamine foam panels are, the better sound insulation effect they will have.    

White Melamine Foam Panels

The standard color of our products are white melamine foam panels. White or light grey are the most common melamine foam panels colors. In general, white melamine foam panels are the cheapest item because the white melamine foam panels don’t need the colouring process. However, all of our melamine foam acoustical panels are non-toxic and eco-friendly. 


white melamine foam panels

white melamine foam panels

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Where to Buy Melamine Foam Panels

Where to buy melamine foam panels is a question that almost every distributors want to know. Finding excellent melamine foam suppliers is the fundamental factor of success. ENDA is the best place where to buy melamine foam panels in China. ENDA manufacturer offers you the best quality melamine foam panels with low price.

Melamine Foam Panels Manufacturers In China

Puyang ENDA New Material Co., Ltd is one of the best melamine foam panels manufacturers in China. ENDA melamine foam panels manufacturers are located at the beautiful city, Puyang Henan Province. There is convenient transportation in Puyang, which is helpful to the business trade. As famous melamine foam panels manufacturers, ENDA perseveres in producing premium melamine foam.   

best melamine foam panels manufacturers in china

Three colors of melamine foam panels


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Melamine Foam Panels Price

ENDA melamine foam panels price is very reasonable. For distributors, melamine foam panels price seems to be the primary thing, if you buy melamine foam in bulks. In ENDA, the more you buy, the cheaper you will get. The most important thing is that our product quality is superior. With the same quality, our melamine foam panels price is lower.

Melamine Foam Panels Suppliers

More and more melamine foam panels suppliers spring up all over the world especially in China. In China, ENDA is one of famous melamine foam panels suppliers. ENDA manufacturer is famous for producing high-quality melamine foam and considerate service. As leading melamine foam panels suppliers, ENDA believes only when we run our melamine foam business step by step, our foam business can be larger and larger. ENDA thinks melamine foam panels suppliers should value the products ingredients and we should stick to considering the quality of melamine foam we produce. We should insist producing eco-friendly melamine foam panels without any human risks.    


melamine foam panels suppliers
Melamine foam panels suppliers


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Buy Melamine Foam Panels 

When it comes to acoustic material, the first that you should think of is to buy melamine foam panels. In order to buy melamine foam panels with superior quality, ENDA manufacturer suggests that you should observe the details of real melamine foam pictures. If you still worry about the quality, you can ask for the samples of the melamine foam panels. Here I want to say ENDA brand melamine foam acoustical panels for sale are worth your buying. Buy melamine foam panels, ENDA is your reliable melamine foam manufacturer.


buy melamine foam panels


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