Open Cell Melamine Acoustic Foam

Open Cell Melamine Acoustic Foam

In order to meet the people's requirements for a quiet living environment, the me...

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Melamine Acoustic Foam With Adhesive Tape

Melamine Acoustic Foam With Adhesive Tape

Melamine Acoustic Foam With Adhesive Tape Our Enworld company s a variety of high...

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Acoustic Foam

Acoustic foam

Acoustic foam is very useful in many building sound insulation field. The acoustic coefficient of ordinary acoustic foam is 0.8NRC, but the melamine acoustic foam coefficient is 0.95NRC. The difference is from the material. Melamine acoustic foam ingredient is eco-friendly and non-toxic melamine foam.

acoustic foam
Acoustic foam

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Cheap Melamine Acoustic Foam Panel

Melamine acoustic foam panel is the most lightweight plastic in the world. Now, Enworld melamine acoustic foam is widely used for autormotives industry, rail sound insulation and aerospace field. Also, in our daily life, we can use these melamine acoustic foam panels to insulate the noise in many fields such as office sound insulation, computer room sound insulation, meeting room sound absorption and opera house sound insulation. Enworld melamine acoustic foam panel is not only competitive in price but also high in quality.

melamine acoustic foam
Melamine acoustic foam

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Open Cell Acoustic Foam Uses

Due to its more than 99% open cell percentage, open-cell melamine acoustic foam is very lightweight. When it is used to airplane and high-speed rails, it can greatly reduce the weight of these transports. Open cell acoustic foam are perfect suitable for car engine cover and car hood. Acoustic foam is applicative in house windows, on top ceiling, on the doors and anywhere else that needs the sound insulation. Enworld melamine foam sound absorber is fit for rail and automotives industry.

  melamine foam acoustic roll
Melamine foam acoustic roll

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Best Acoustic Foam Suppliers

Finding reliable suppliers plays an important role in foreign trade melamine foam business. Enworld manufacturer specializes in the development and producing of melamine acoustic foam since 2011. Our melamine foam sells best in China online platform. As leading melamine acoustic foam manufacturer, we desire to share our best-quality acoustic foam to more places in the world.

High-quality Acoustic Foam Sound Absorber

Enworld manufacturer offers high-quality acoustic foam and low-formaldehyde melamine acoustic foam. Our acoustic foam has excellent performance of sound absorption. In addition, we are strict with the quality of melamine acoustic foam, in order to make sure acoustic foam quality that we deliver to our clients.

melamine foam acoustic squares for sale
Melamine foam acoustic squares

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Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam

When it comes to melamine foam functions, it has the performance of sound insulation, fire resistance, thermal insulation and cleaning. As to fire retardant acoustic foam, it can restrict the fire burning by itself. Because fire retardant acoustic foam has the material on the surface that can resist the burning.

Class A Fire Rated Acoustic Melamine Foam

Our class A fire rated acoustic melamine foam can satisfy the majority need of fire resistance. This kind of class A fire rated acoustic melamine foam is suitable for any places that have fire retardant requirement like big shopping mall and museums.   

pyramid melamine acoustic panels

Pyramid acoustic foam panel

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Fireproof Melamine Foam Board Sizes And Shapes

Enworld, as professional melamine foam manufacturer, supports the size customization of fireproof melamine foam board. Moreover, we are able to produce various shapes of fireproof melamine acoustic foam boards such as pyramid shapes and chamfer-angle. Actually, melamine acoustic foam has other names such melamine sound absorbing foam, pyramid melamine foam acoustic panels, basotect soundproof wall melamine acoutic panels and acoustic foam insulation. Their ingredient is melamine foam. As famous melamien foam manufacturer, Enworld offers wholesale acoustic foam insulation in bulk.

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