The Best Melamine Acoustic Foam Suppliers

  • Size:1250 * 1250mm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



Melamine acoustic foam suppliers play a vital role in business success. Finding reliable melamine foam acoustic foam suppliers is the fundamental for melamine acoustic foam business. Reliable melamine foam manufacturer has the important features that they don’t only value what profit they get, but what their customers get. ENDA melamine acoustic foam supplier insists the business principle of “win-win cooperation and integrity management.”

melamine acoustic foam suppliers
Melamine foam blocks

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Famous Melamine Foam Sound Absorber Supplier – ENDA

ENDA melamine foam sound absorber supplier started melamine foam foreign trade business since 2011. In these five years, we gather rich experience in the field of melamine foam. Our huge melamine foam industry attracts many talents and professional workers. Mature technology makes ENDA melamine acoustic foam supplier attract a lot of customers around the world.

How To Find Qualified Melamine Foam Acoustic Panels Supplier

How can you find excellent melamine foam acoustic panels suppliers? Before you make sure whether the melamine acoustic foam suppliers are suitable for you, you should check the melamine acoustic foam quality. There are three steps to ensure the melamine foam quality. First, see whether the melamine foam blocks are intact or broken. Second, see if the melamine foam colors are authentic. Third, bend the melamine foam panels and observe its flexibility. Only flexible and durable melamine foam can be the qualified products in the long run. ENDA melamine acoustic foam supplier offers high-quality and durable melamine foam bulk.

melamine acoustic foam supplier
Melamine foam sheets

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Acoustic Foam Manufacturer In USA

ENDA acoustic foam manufacturer exports a large number of products melamine foam in USA. In USA, our company melamine foam acoustic foam is very popular. Due to our high-quality melamine acoustic foam and competitive price, USA is one of the major markets of ENDA melamine acoustic foam suppliers. ENDA melamine acoustic foam manufacturer in USA is a reliable direct melamine foam supplier. With trustworthiness and honesty, ENDA melamine acoustic foam suppliers will export more and more melamine foam to all over the world.

Melamine Foam Sheet Supplier

ENDA melamine foam sheet supplier offers high-quality products. Our melamine foam sheets have great sound absorption performance. The sound insulation coefficient is 0.95NRC. In addition, our melamine foam sheets are multi-purpose. It means these melamine foam panels are suitable for not only sound absorption, but thermal insulation, fire resistance and cleaning. ENDA melamine foam sheets perform well in some extreme weather conditions and aerospace field. As leading melamine foam sheet supplier, ENDA will pay more attention to the product melamine foam itself. We attach great importance to melamine foam quality testing, quality security and melamine foam innovation.

Melamine Foam Panels Supplier

A professional melamine foam panels supplier in China can offer you many suggestions to guide you to know how to recognize the most durable melamine foam panels. ENDA melamine acoustic foam suppliers produce superior-quality open cell melamine foam sheets. Our melamine foam sheets have high porosity with more than 99% open cell ratio. High-quality open-cell melamine foam board has amazing performance of sound absorption. The multi-purpose acoustic foam also is suitable for all kinds of thermal insulation and fire resistance. Moreover, ENDA melamine foam panels supplier is famous for the product quality and good business reputation.

acoustic foam suppliers
Melamine acoustic foam

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White Melamine Acoustic Foam Suppliers

White melamine acoustic foam is very popular among our customers. We ENDA white melamine acoustic foam suppliers launch the new superior-quality white melamine acoustic foam. The melamine acoustic foam has more durable characteristics and better sound insulation performance. As one of the famous white melamine acoustic foam suppliers, we can say that white melamine acoustic foam is one of the most popular items. We can make melamine foam with different materials such as textiles, silver paper and felts. In addition, according to the specific requirements of customers, we can customize different colors of these materials.

Melamine Acoustic Foam Tiles Supplier

Melamine acoustic foam tiles are very fit for theaters, opera house, multipurpose rooms, meeting rooms or Aerospace fields. The best melamine acoustic foam tiles supplier in China ENDA exports high-quality multipurpose open cell acoustic foam to more than 36 countries. In the future, we will continue to expand the melamine foam market and share our products to all over the world. ENDA melamine acoustic foam suppliers welcome more and more clients with excellent reputation to build long-term cooperation.

melamine foam suppliers
Pyramid melamine acoustic foam

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Melamine Acoustic Foam Insulation Suppliers

As one of the most famous melamine acoustic foam insulation suppliers in China, ENDA melamine acoustic foam insulation has excellent performance of sound insulation. The melamine foam sound insulation coefficient reaches 0.95 NRC. The advantage of our melamine foam is that our products can adapt to high working temperature from -190 to 240℃. It means our melamine foam sheets are also suitable for aerospace sound insulation and fire resistance. We think melamine acoustic foam suppliers should value the melamine foam quality and improve business service, in order to satisfy our customer trading experience.

Open cell Melamine Acoustic Foam Supplier

ENDA open cell melamine acoustic foam supplier thinks that open cell melamine acoustic foam is a kind of irreplaceable material of sound insulation. Open cell structures involve the principle of physics. You can just understand the special principle like the ”sound of diffuse reflection”. The sound enters the open cell melamine foam insulation and high open-cell melamine foam panel absorbs the high frequency noise immediately. As the leading open cell melamine acoustic foam suppliers, we provide the most lightweight foam plastic. Thus, our acoustic foam blocks themselves can reduce the transportation weight if use these melamine foam to be the seats. The lightweight characteristic is beneficial to aircrafts and high-speed rail.

melamine acoustic foam manufacturer
Melamine foam thermal insualtion and sound insulation
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Pyramid Melamine Acoustic Foam Supplier

When it comes to melamine acoustic foam, pyramid melamine acoustic foam is the most popular type. ENDA pyramid melamine acoustic foam supplier provides acoustic foam customization including sizes, colors and shapes. Pyramid melamine acoustic foam is more effective in absorbing noises. The pyramid design makes the whole melamine foam acoustic panel more functional. Pyramid melamine acoustic foam is not only good-appearance but also useful in insulate all kinds of sound waves. Thus, pyramid melamine acoustic foam is one of the most popular items for ENDA melamine acoustic foam suppliers.

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