Melamine Foam Erasers

  • Size:10*6*2cm,11*7*4cm,10*7*3cm, 12*7*2.5cm and costomized sizes
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



High cleaning effects
Economic price
Kitchen cleaning
Shoes cleaning
Office cleaning
Furniture cleaning
Bathroom cleaning
Toys cleaning
Wall cleaning

What Are the En-world Melamine Foam Erasers?

En-world melamine foam erasers are a type of multipurpose, environment friendly and high efficiency cleaning products. Our products are also named magic erasers, melamine foam cleaner or magic sponge. The magical and secret point is that melamine foam erasers products merely follow the principle of “physical decontamination”, and get rid of the usage of chemical detergents. The unique characteristics of these melamine foam erasers make this kind of product rank into the global cleaning product field.

melamine foam erasers
Diffferent colors of melamine foam erasers

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Do You Want to Know More about Melamine Foam Erasers?

The melamine foam erasers are given a scientific name nanometer sponge. These melamine foam products are a new material with high opening rate and three-dimensional mesh structure. Their unique chemical structure and three-dimensional network cross-linking system make the melamine foam erasers have unique chemical and physical stability. Even though the melamine foam erasers are in a weak acid and alkalescent environments, and our melamine foam erasers products will not burn-in, decompose, and will not retain any free formaldehyde.

melamine foam magic erasers manufacturer
Princeples  of melamine foam erasers

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What Are the Advantages of the Melamine Foam Erasers?

Melamine foam erasers merge with strong cleaning effect, lightness and portability and simple operation. Now I will take some examples to prove their main features. Firstly, the impressive cleaning advantage of our melamine foam bulk is that the ingredients are made up of adsorption purification particles. After soaking in water, the internal capillary opening structure can automatically absorb stains on the surface of objects. In addition, the melamine foam eraser itself can dissolve in water, so the stains would naturally fall off into the water when washed the magic eraser. Furthermore, it’s ensure that this kind of product is non-toxic and pollution-free for its antibacterial property. Secondly, the melamine foam eraser is a pure color simple sponge. The touch of the sponge is very soft and light. It’s convenient for users to carry it on or make use of it. Thirdly, the method of melamine foam erasers application is easy to master. The only matter the users need is water, cut into pieces of small parts before using it, then soak into the water and squeeze the water out. At this time the users can scrub the surface of dirty objects.

melamine foam erasers manufacturer
Advantages of melamine foam erasers

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What Are the Melamine Foam Erasers Used for?

As a kind of cleaning product, our melamine foam erasers almost apply to everywhere. In our daily life, the application range of the melamine foam erasers mainly refer to seven categories. Such as ceramics, plastic wood products, office equipment, electric equipment, leather products, glass and hardware products. In a word, the melamine foam eraser can not only remove the dirt or ashes on the surface of , but also play an important role in the hard and smooth surface of instrumentals. Due to the shape of the melamine foam eraser is flexible, so it can be randomly cut into different size for the sake of customers on different objects or range.

melamine foam erasers supplier
Applications of melamine foam erasers

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How to Use the Melamine Foam Erasers?

Although melamine foam erasers are convenient for users to use, the users need to learn about the basic method for control. On the one hand, as I mentioned earlier, the melamine foam erasers can remove dirt through washing without any chemistry compounds or additions. The melamine foam erasers aim at adopting a method of completely physical purification. And also it won’t result to do harm to people’s health and our environment. It is certain that melamine foam erasers are both economical and eco-friendly. On the other hand, this product belongs to consumables, so it’s a common phenomenon that the foam blocks will become smaller and smaller with using. The foam eraser should in a moderate humidity environment if the users want this product works well. When using this product, just gently wiping with a small piece of melamine foam erasers.

melamine foam eraser for sale
Melamine foam erasers using method

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What Should We Notice about the Melamine Foam Erasers?

Similar to other products, our melamine foam erasers also have crucial precautions instruction before using them. In view of this, our company has draw a conclusion that six fundamental notices. The  customers should notice is that the melamine foam erasers are not suitable for human’s skin. Generally speaking, this product can’t be regard as the common facial cleaning puff we often used. The second thing the users need to know is that the foam erasers must keep away from the source of fire and electric source to safeguard yourself. Thirdly, you should pay attention to is that if the users wants to wash foodstuffs by using this melamine foam eraser, the users must wash the appliances once again after using them. In order to those appliances into a cleaner position. Then we emphasize our melamine foam erasers should be used with water, hence this products don’t apply to those use electrical products that are not suitable for touching water. If these products are used on rough surfaces or wipes too hard, it may cause fracture. Furthermore, do not use bleach or hot water to detoxify the sponge. This will cause the sponge to turn yellow and terrible. Last but not least, on account of the high efficient cleaning of the melamine foam eraser , please wipe the inconspicuous surface of the leather products that fades easily with a little piece of sponge. If the object is intact and obvious effective as it is going to employ our magic melamine foam product, then the sponges can put to use by other parts of the leather products as well as the varnished surface of the objects. Please scrub the fragile epidermis surface of the objects.

The melamine foam eraser fully meets the national green environmental protection standards in the fields of interior decoration, daily necessities and noise reduction of vehicles. The three vivid nontoxic, eco-friendly and innovative properties made the melamine foam eraser an environmentally friendly foam material with great prospects for development in twenty-first Century. Only in these proper methods the manufacturers mentioned, can the customers be satisfied. Welcome all of you at home and abroad to have a try.

melamine foam erasers sponge
Cleaning effects of melamine foam erasers


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