Melamine Foam Thermal Insulation

  • Size:
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1.Flame retardant grade: DIN4102—B1, UL94-V0, BS6853, NFF16—101, DIN5510, GB/T8624-2006—B1

2.Enworld melamine foam adopts eco-friendly and nontoxic ingredients without any flame retardants.

3.Enworld Fireproof melamine foam board is burnt without producing drops











1. Our melamine foam for thermal insulation is widely used in transportation such as aerospace field and high-speed trains,

2. Enworld melamine foam thermal insulation can be used in many public places such as sports venues, concert halls and airports.

3. Our products also is suitable for the thermal insulation of industrial equipment such as engine cover.

Why Melamine Foam Thermal Insulation?


ENDA melamine foam thermal insulation is the thermosetting plastics. That because In the process of the remanufacture of ENDA melamine foam, the hardness of this kind of copolymer can reach the same degree as that of glass. It can be said to be the highest hardness commercial plastic. Also, ENDA melamine foam thermal insulation has a high three-dimensional network. Compared with polyethylene and polystyrene thermoplastic materials, melamine foam thermal insulation has higher thermal stability and aging resistance than polyurethane materials with lower interlinking ratio.


melamine foam thermal insulation

Melamine foam roll


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ENDA Melamine Foam Working Temperature


ENDA melamine foam thermal insulation can work under the condition of -240℃ to 220℃. Moreover,our fireproof melamine foam for thermal insulation can work longer time at 150℃. And it can work in a short time under the condition of 180℃ without volatilization and deformation. The phenomenon of volatilization is obvious only when the temperature is above 400℃ The working temperature of polyolefin, polystyrene, polyurethane and other foamed plastics is only in 80℃, and deformation and volatilization occur when the temperature exceeds 80℃.


melamine foam insulation

Flexible melamine foam insulation


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Melamine Foam Thermal Insulation


ENDA melamine foam thermal insulation is a very lightweight material with a density of only 8-10kg/m3. The opening rate of these open cell foam is up to 99%. The three-dimensional grid structure of melamine sponge has a good block for the convection heat transfer of the air, and the thermal stability of the melamine foam thermal insulation, making it as a light thermal insulation material which is difficult to replace. SGS testing thermal conductivity: 0.034w/(m.k) by the standard GB/T 10295-2008.


melamine foam sheet thermal insulation

Melamine foam sheets for thermal insulation


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Chemical And Hygienic Resistance


The melamine foam thermal insulation is made of high temperature resistance foam and has no residual free formaldehyde; its stable chemical structure and crosslinking system make it have a unique chemical stability, and its hygienic nature can meet the requirements of food hygiene. These characteristics make it widely used in daily necessities, interior decoration and traffic noise reduction and decoration.


buy melamine foam thermal insulation

White melamine foam for thermal insulation


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Melamine Foam Thermal Insulation Application


Because ENDA melamine foam thermal insulation is one kind of heat resistant, moisture resistant, heat resistant, flexible, high temperature resistant nano super fine fiber foam plastic. So ENDA melamine foam thermal insulation in mainly used in the inner wall, roof, seat, side wall insulation, floor and other places of the car must be drained and the periphery of the engine. The safety of the turning is improved and the energy consumption is reduced. Also melamine foam thermal insulation can serve as heat insulation material of automobile engine, noise reduction and heat insulation cotton for gas pipelines, air pipes, hot water stoves, air conditioners and workshops.


melamine foam thermal insulation manufacturer-enworld

High-density melamine foam for thermal insulation


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Aeronautical, Spaceflight And Navigation Applications


ENDA melamine foam thermal insulation as a low density thermal insulation materials (thermal conductivity 0.034w/ (m.k), class A flame retardant material). The melamine foam thermal insulation has been widely used in air seat, Passenger ships cabin, warship launch engine room, low temperature liquefied gas vessel and artificial satellite. The ultra light property of ENDA  melamine foam thermal insulation (2-8kg/m3 ) reduces the weight of the whole aircraft cabin while reducing noise. As a non fiber product, no fiber will fall off during the flight. The melamine foam thermal insulation is filled in the cabin of the aircaft. ENDA melamine foam has an effective heat insulation function. At the same time, melamine foam thermal insulation also can withstand high temperature 220 degrees, low temperature -240 degrees, and can maintain its elasticity. It is an excellent aircraft noise reduction and thermal insulation material.

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