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Are Magic Sponge Erasers Just Melamine Foam?
We know Enworld magic sponges erasers clean dirt easily and many people are Enworld magic sponge erasers big fans. Are magic sponges erasers just melamine foam? The answer is “Yes”. Magic sponges erasers are small pieces of melamine foam. Cut the melamine foam into 10*7*3cm, 11*7*4cm. It will have another name “magic sponges”, “magic eraser sponge” or “ magic sponges”.

magic sponges erasers
Magic sponges erasers

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Why Melamine Foam Is Called Magic Sponge Erasers?

First, melamine foam is a general name of magic sponge eraser. Earlier, multi-functional melamine foam is widely fittable for sound insulation, thermal insulation and fire retardance. Now, when it is used for cleaning, melamine foam is what we call magic sponge erasers. It is just the difference of melamine foam functions. Second, why melamine foam Is called magic sponge erasers? When use melamine foam for cleaning, people find it magic performance in dirt removing. So, we call it magic sponge erasers.

What Is In Magic Sponge Erasers That Makes It Work?

As we said before, magic sponge erasers are small pieces of melamine foam. Foam sponge ingredient is melamine. Then, what is in magic sponge eraser that makes it work? It’s melamine foam. Although melamine foam sponge is soft hand-feeling for us, it has rigid structure like glass. With abrasive surface, melamine foam behaves excellent cleaning power in various fields such as smooth leather cleaning, kitchen cleaning, office cleaning, bathroom cleaning and car cleaning.
magic sponges
Composite magic sponges erasers

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Magic Sponge Erasers Special Uses

Magic sponge erasers have three dimension open cell structures. It can absorb the dirt and grimes as much as possible. When you rinse it with water, it's easy to flush the dirt and grimes in melamine foam structures. Due to its high open cell percentage, melamine foam magic eraser has great performance of dirt absorbing and is also easy to rinse the dirt away without blocks.

Is Melamine Foam Magic Sponge Erasers Toxic?

Melamine foam magic sponge erasers are nontoxic and eco-friendly. On the one hand, Enworld melamine foam magic sponge erasers are all made from melamine foam ingredient, eco-friendly material. On the other hand, when you use melaine foam magic sponge erasers, you only need to get it with water. No chemicals, and no detergents. In addition, melamine foam magic sponge erasers are very mild without any pungent smell.

magic sponges eraser
Magic sponges erasers for kitchen cleaning

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Is Magic Sponge Eraser Safe On Glass?

Magic sponge eraser can clean smooth surface such as tiles and glass. It’s not harmful to the glass surface. First, you should get the magic eraser sponges wet. Then, it’s easy to wipe the dirt away from the glass. Do not wipe with dry magic sponges erasers. If you don’t get magic sponge erasers wet, it can’t perfom well in cleaning. Magic sponge eraser is safe on glass.

Can You Reuse A Magic Sponge Eraser

Magic sponge is just like an eraser. With the increasing of using times, magic sponge erasers will get smaller and smaller until it is too small to use. Nevertheless, magic sponge erasers are reusable. for example, you can use a piece of 10*7*3cm magic sponge eraser to clean the whole kitchen. It is no problem to clean the whole kitchen including the pans, bowls, forks and knifes by using a Enworld magic sponge erasers, Only if there is not much heavy oil.

magic sponge erasers
White magic sponges erasers

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Are Magic Sponge Erasers Safe?

Magic sponge erasers are safe. As we all know, magic sponge eraser is something foam-like. Moreover, magic eraser sponges melamine foam ingredient consists of formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer. Sompe people may be scared of the word “formaldehyde”. In fact, magic sponge erasers ingredient is melamine foam not the thing “formaldehyde”. Melamine foam is nontoxic and no health risks for human.

magic sponges

Magic erasers sponges for car cleaning

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Are You Supposed To Get Magic Sponge Eraser Wet?

Magic sponge erasers can sweep off the solid scum, when it is dry. In another way, you can get the sponges wet. Wet magic sponge erasers are easy to remove the grimes and dirt, because the abrasive open cell structures can absorb the dirt easily. Thus, getting magic sponge erasers wet is the most common usage for us. You can DIY more usages.

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