Non-flammable Basotect Acoustic Foam

  • Size:80*80*5cm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1.High sound absorption coefficient
High fire performance
3.Safe, hygienic, and non-poisonous.
4.Good heat insulation
5.Easy to install
1.Workplaces in high noise environments: heavy mechanical engineering and metal processing plants, etc.
2.Air conditioning system
3.Electrical and electrical equipment soundproof cover

 Test Indicators of Non-flammable Basotect Acoustic Foam

Our company's basotect acoustic foam is pretty high quality, and the detection coefficients of all aspects far exceed the testing standards:

1.Sound absorption: The noise reduction coefficient is 0.95 by SGS (test standard: ISO 354:2003)
2.Thermal resistance: The thermal conductivity coefficient detected by SGS is 2.310 (m3.K)/W (test standard: GB/T10295-2008)
3.Flame retardant: B1 grade of GB/T8624-2006 (German grade DIN4102 is B1 grade;UL94-V0 flame retardant material certification of the United States; B1 grade of EU DIN5510)
4.Heat resistance: The thermal conductivity coefficient detected by SGS is 0.034W/(m.K) (Testing standard: GB/T10295-2008)

melamine foam
Non-flammable basotect acoustic foam bar

The Applications  of Non-flammable Basotest Acoutic Foam

The high sound absorption and fire resistance of melamine foam acoustic panels make them widely used in these fields. Decorative melamine foam acoustic panels greatly improve sound absorption.Now the melamine foam sound insulation blocks have led to many interesting designs.The sleek sound-absorbing panels of the new style are made of melamine foam acoustic panels, our non-flammable basotect acoustic foam has a very light weight in nature, which is convenient to install, it makes the noise of workplaces exposed to high-noise environments to a tolerable level. In addition, the application of non-flammable basotect acoustic foam in the shooting range is growing not only because of its strong sound absorption but  its superior fire performance.

Non-flammable basotect acoustic foam is used in air conditioners for excellent sound absorption and reliable fireproofing. It is an extremely important advantage of melamine sound absorbing sponge, which can be used as impeller soundproofing material in air conditioning equipment and ventilation equipment. The inner wall of the fan shroud is lined with a melamine foam sheets to reduce noise levels. Its low thermal conductivity and high long-term operating temperature are key factors in its application in solar collectors.

non-flammable basotest acoustic foam
High quality melamine foam acoustic panels

Non-flammable Basotect Acoustic Foam

In addition to outstanding acoustic engineering properties, ENDA non-flammable basotect acoustic foam has also highly resistant to heat, high fire safety, good anti-fog and chemical resistance, and low weight of products are of high value in the automotive industry. Thus, in all fire tests conducted so far, our class A rated acoustic melamine foam has reliably met the requirements for maximum flame propagation speed. And our fire retardant acoutic foam is rapidly carbonized in the event of an open flame, producing a large amount of inert gas--nitrogen, which blocks oxygen. Our company's melamine foam has a smoke density of less than 15, which is far lower than similar products.
non-flammable melamine foam
High standard non-flammable basotect acoustic melamine foam


The Role in Car of Non-flammable Basotect Acoustic Foam

The non-flammable basotect acoustic foam is used in vehicles to make melamine foam acoustic and firproof insulation sponge, which can ideally meet the growing demand for sound insulation in vehicle manufacturing. We as prefessional non-flammable basotect acoustic foam manufacturer, our melamine foam sound absorber for rail and automotives indust.The acoustic properties of inserts made with non-flammable basotect acoustic foam reduces the noise level in truck cabs and agricultural machinery. Therefore, the such inserts make an important contribution to protecting the health of the operator and improving road safety.

Because of its light weight compared to other materials, non-flammable basotest acoustic foam also improve energy efficiency in transportation services.  In addition, the weight of the wall and ceiling areas is reduced, which shifts the center of gravity of the vehicle and thus increases the safety of the curve during operation.

basotect acoustic panel
Round non-flammable basotect acoustic foam


Pipe Thermal Insulation Non-flammable Basotest Acoustic Foam

Our non-flammable baste are particularly important for narrow gauge railways in wall and ceiling applications. Its high temperature resistance and flame retardancy also enable it to meet the requirements of some technically demanding insulation projects. Melamine foam pipe thermal insulation effect is pretty perfect, so it can also be applied to the protection of hot water tanks and equipment. Based on the softness of the melamine sound absorbing sponge, it provides a proven system solution that allows the complete application of insulating material throughout the tank wall. This will reduce the chimney effect of the conventional half-shell insulation that everyone is familiar with.

basotect acoustic melamine foam
Non-flammable basotest acoustic foam

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