Melamine Foam Sponge

  • Size:10*6*2cm/ 10*7*3cm /11*7*3cm or Customized
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Effective: our melamine foam sponge cleans grimes, dirt and marker easily and effectively.
2. Multi-purpose: Enworld melamine foam sponges can be used for kitchen cleaning, office cleaning, car cleaning and appliance cleaning.
3. Eco-friendly: we adopt high-quality and nontoxic melamine foam. On the other hand, you can use these melamine foam with only water.
1. Room cleaning: kitchen, bathroom, office room, living room and classroom cleaning.
2. Car cleaning: car seats, car tyres and car windows.
3. Furniture cleaning: tables, washing machines, refrigerators, chairs and cabinets.

Melamine foam sponge is a new kind of dirt cleaning tools. ENDA melamine foam supplier produces high-quality melamine foam sponges with the characteristics of nontoxic and eco-friendly. With the pursuit of the conception of clean and environment protection, melamine foam sponges will be more and more popular in kitchen cleaning, room cleaning, office cleaning and car cleaning all over the world.

melamine foam sponge
melamine foam sponge

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The Advantages of 2× Bigger ENDA Melamine Foam Sponge

ENDA melamine foam sponges are much larger than the other ordinary melamine sponges blocks. 2× bigger ENDA melamine foam sponge can clean more areas at a time.2× larger melamine foam sponges are more durable. So, a block of ENDA melamine foam sponge is almost equal to the normal size sponges. Thus, 2× bigger melamine foam sponges makes cleaning much more easily.

Melamine Foam Eraser Sponge With Scouring Pad

ENDA melamine foam eraser sponge with scouring pad has the property of strong cleaning power. The scouring pads scrub things like stubborn oil dirt quickly and easily. In fact, melamine foam eraser sponge with open cell structure has powerful dirt absorption performance. Melamine foam eraser sponge with scouring pad time comes, it is time to say goodbye to grimes, dirt and stains.

melamine foam sponges

Pink melamine sponge

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Melamine Foam Cleaning Sponge With PU

ENDA melamine foam cleaning sponge with PU is another composite sponge type. This kind of melamine foam is not only utility but also good in appearance. PU composite sponges are always high density and high-density magic sponges clean dirt and grimes well and quickly. This is the product with high performance ratio.

Yellow Melamine Foam Sponge

With the popularity of melamine foam sponge, more and more colors of melamine foam eraser sponge come out. White melamine foam sponge is the ordinary foam color. In addition, pink and gray magic melamine eraser foam sponges are also popular. Yellow melamine foam bulk is used less and small demand. More colors and sizes demands can be put forward and satisfied.


melamine foam supplier

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Melamine Foam Sponge Price

With the demands of magic sponge, the ingredients melamine foam sponge price is higher and higher. ENDA is professional melamine foam supplier and becomes a huge supplier company to offer high-quality melamine foam all over the world. For one thing, we have the most reliable melamine foam and the competitive price. We are the direct manufacturer, for our clients, they can save the agent fees. On the other hand, in every festivals we put forward different discount, more order quantity means more discount.

Floor Cleaning Magic Sponge Melamine Foam Pad

Different palces may need different sizes of magic sponge melamine foam pads. When we use these magic sponges at home, 10inches is enough and 17 inches floor cleaning magic sponge melamine foam pads are more popular in various places like restaurant, large mall and living room. Floor cleaning magic sponge melamine foam pads are easy to install for daily uses.

floor cleaning pad
Melamine foam pad

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Melamine Foam Sponge Suppliers

ENDA is one of the most famous melamine foam sponge suppliers in China. As the leading melamine foam manufacturer, we offer the most competitive price and premium melamine foam quality. Helping our clients make more money is the ultimate purpose of our melamine foam business.  

Do ENDA Melamine Foam Sponges Work As Well As Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?

Yes! There are two very important points that you should know. For one thing, and melamine foam actually is the same thing. Magic eraser is just another name of melamine foam and is made of melamine foam. Then, the functions of melamine foam and magic erasers are the same. Second, some hot-selling brands in America are very expensive and is not very cost-effective for a long time using. ENDA melamine foam supplier offers high-quality magic eraser melamine foam sponge and competitive price. In fact, China is the big country exporting the original ingredients melamine foam to all over the world. ENDA melamine foam supplier is the leading brand in China. When it comes to high performance ratio melamine foam, ENDA is the first option for the distributors and customers across the world.


 magic eraser

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How We Use ENDA Melamine Foam Magic Eraser

The most common uses of melamine foam bulk vary. Here are the listing of melamine foam application. First, some pets lovers are anxious about dogs slobber on the windows. Second, dirt, grimes and grease marks are big trouble all the time. Third, dust in tight corners is difficult to clean. Also, dirty fingerprints on the white wall or light switches. All of these dirt trouble can be solved by a box of magic eraser melamine foam. You can use nano sponges clean anywhere dirt like rooms, offices and bathroom.

Some Useful Secrets For Lasting the Service Life

Our melamine foam cleaners have strong flexibility. You can cut these magic sponges into different sizes of blocks. Each block can last for some time. In this way, your sponges can last for a long-time using. In addition, it’s better to use your magic erasers to wipe in a direction.

 magic sponge
Cleaning sponge

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The Cleaning Effect of ENDA Melamine Foam Sponge Bulk

Melamine foam sponge bulk is a strong multi-functional cleaner and can removes grimes and dirt with only water. In addition, ENDA melamine foam sponge can clean dirt from narrow corners because our melamine foam can be cut into different sizes. In this way, the service life of melamine sponge bulk can last much longer. The fine open cell structures of melamine foam sponges have strong performance of dirt absorption.

Multi Purposes of Melamine Foam Sponge

Melamine foam sponges have a really wide application. For example, ENDA melamine sponge blocks are suitable for office room, kitchen room, tiles, car cleaning, cloth washing machine and any other appliances. Without acrid smell, our melamine foam sponge package is professional enough and high-standard. These packages can be reused for many times.

What Is Melamine Foam Sponge?

Melamine foam, a foam-like material, is a popular cleaning product. ENDA melamine foam cleans dirt and grimes more effectively and easily. This is a eco-friendly product. When you use ENDA melamine foam, you will discover that our melamine foam sponges don’t have bad smell and odour. Use them on the smooth surface to clean the dust and dirt in rooms, houses, offices and bathroom.

The Characteristics of Melamine Foam Sponge

Use ENDA melamine foam, you don’t have to use the chemical detergents. Get ENDA melamine foam wet with only water, then wipe on the surface to clean various grimes and stains. Melamine foam sponges are very flexible, durable, and not easy to crumble. Moreover, ENDA open cell melamine foam bulk is anti-moisture and high-performance. These different-sized melamine foam blocks are suitable for soundproofing, fireproofing and thermal insulation.

melamine sponge
Composite melamine sponge

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Where Can You Use These Melamine Foam Sponges

First, ENDA melamine foam sponge can be used for kitchen cleaning. ENDA melamine foam sponges clean boilers, bowls, pans, plates, dining tables and water faucet. Second, magic eraser sponges are suitable for various furniture and appliances like wardrobes and washing machine. Third, some daily goods like toys, sports shoes, wall and floors. Finally, melamine foam cleaner is suitable for car applicants such as car leather seats, glasses windows and car tyres.

Cleaning Method of ENDA Melamine Foam Sponge

ENDA melamine foam sponges don’t have the chemical impacts but physical functions. That’s because our melamine sponge bulk has strong absorption for dirt and grimes. Open cell structures make these melamine sponges high absorbing performance. Open cell melamine foam absorbs water and dirt efficiently. If you want to use the melamine foam sheets for oil absorption, it can be achieved by special processing of the melamine foam.

The Advantages of Melamine Foam Cleaning Sponge

Melamine foam cleaning sponges are the innovation in cleaning field. Different from the traditional cleaning sponges, melamine foam cleaning sponges are good at cleaning dirt and stains. Only with water, melamine foam cleaning sponge wipes easily and conveniently. Melamine foam cleaning sponge can clean in more different ways such as tea stains, soap stains, grease, crayon and marker.

Best Melamine Foam Sponge For Sale

As a professional melamine foam sponge manufacturer, our company has as long as 11 years of production experience. The every production link of premium melamine foam is very smooth and skilled, thus we can easily deal with a variety of customized problems about melamine foam cleaning sponges. We take the quality control of premium melamine foam as center, never and ever produce bad quality and semi-finished melamine foam for sale. Our factory's professionals are always not delivery unqualified melamine foam magic erasers with strong cleaning power until we ensure that the goods to be exported are in good condition.

where to buy melamine foam sponge manufacturer

Where to buy melamine foam sponge


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