Melamine Foam Fish Tank

  • Size:10X6X2cm,10X7x3cm or upon your request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. High density, 2 times of similar products;

2. Better toughness, can directly dry the water;

3. The texture is tight, wear-resistant and durable;

4. High hardness, more obvious cleaning effect;

5. The cleaning effect is more obvious, no smell, more environmentally friendly and so on.

6. Remove stubborn stains only need clear water, free of detergent, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, do not hurt the hand.

1. Office supplies: computers, telephones, fax machines, photocopiers, office furniture, etc.

2. Home appliances products: air-conditioning festival, refrigerator, fan, microwave oven, washing machine, TV, DVD, etc.;

3. Stainless steel appliances/aluminium alloy appliances: such as faucets, wash dishes, dishes, pendants, handles, etc.;

4. Bathroom appliances: bathtub, tile, toilet, ceramic surface, etc.;

5. Household articles: tea sets, glassware, plastic products, porcelain, coffee cups, dishes, sofas, tables and chairs, doors and windows, switches, wallpaper, sneakers and other old dirt.

In a literal sense, melamine foam fish tank from Enworld company is designed to clean a fish tank. Without Enworld melamine foam fish tank, are you still struggling with how to clean your fish tank at home? Are there many ways you can not keep your fish tank clean for a long time? Yes, our melamine foam fish tank stains removal product can remove all the cleaning problems of the fish tank very well. If you have our melamine foam fish tank product, you do not have to worry about those annoying fish tank cleaning problems. Now, let us talk about this kind of melamine foam fish tank cleaning product together.

Melamine Foam Sponge In Fish Tank Cleaning

Our company’s melamine foam magic erasers are used as an magic tool in the cleaning industry. Melamine foam fish tank can not only be used to clean common places, such as kitchen equipment, bathroom sinks, etc., but also to remove the stains of the fish tank. That is the expression of melamine foam fish tank I am talking about. Let me tell you a little bit about how our melamine foam fish tank clean up those stains that attach to the fish tank. From now on, you will not smell fishy odour; when you use melamine foam fish tank, you will not touch the sticky residual stains of fish tank.

Fish Tank Cleaning Tool - Melamine Foam Fish Tank Sponge

Love fish friend probably will face the problem of cleaning tank, glass fish tank top adhesion scale dust extremely easily, and from the inside of the fish body out of dirt, the dirt in the daily clean, today teach you a simply cannot again simple cleaning methods: only a boon ward melamine foam fish tank points minutes to remove the glass fish tank is difficult to clean of white scale.

melamine foam fish tank

Melamine foam fish tank


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The Necessity of Cleaning A Fish Tank With A Piece of Melamine Foam Block

First of all, I personally think it is necessary to clean the fish tank with this kind of product melamine foam fish tank because it is like the filtration of the fish tank, and then how strong, there will always be some moss or algae on the tank wall at this time to affect our ornamental. Therefore, we need to clean the fish tank regularly with Enworld melamine foam fish tank. Actually, for most fish friends, these cleaning problems can be divided into different situations. First of all, it depends on how big our fish tank is. Or is it just a bare tank for large ornamental fish?

The Basic Steps to Clean A Fish Tank With A Piece of Melamine Foam Cleaning Blocks

Melamine foam fish tank sponge descaling effect is strong, can be replace cleaners and steel wire ball of a new generation of clean artifact, only water decontamination, a melamine foam fish tank to wipe the net can be easily wiped the incrustation glass fish tank, specific use process is as follows:

1.Pour the water in the tank, remove large particles of sundry.

2.Please squeeze melamine foam fish tank out water, after fully absorbing water slightly wet can keep.

3. With melamine foam fish tank to wipe glass fish tank, a clean wipe the scale.

melamine foam cleaner for fish tank

Melamine foam cleaner for fish tank

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The First Case of Cleaning Fish Tank With Melamine Foam Bulk For Cleaning

Let us talk about two cases simply about Enworld melamine foam manufacturer's melamine foam fish tank, the first case is the water straw tank.That general meeting raises water grass crock in the home, should also not too big, should not exceed 1 meter. It is easier to clean. Since the water straw tank itself is covered with sand, the sand is also a natural bed of nitrifying bacteria, which can help purify the water.When you use melamine foam fish tank, the main task of cleaning the fish tank is to clean the walls of the fish tank.Some of the moss and algae on the sides of the tank are simply removed with an algae knife. And then, with a hose, using the principle of siphoning, the whole piece of moss that comes off is sucked out.Finally fill the water, as well as the tank for a simple change of water. This melamine foam fish tank completes a clean, probably once a week clean.

The Second Case of Cleaning Fish Tank With Melamine Foam Bulk For Cleaning

The second case is the bare cylinder. The bare cylinder is not as simple as the grass cylinder because everyone wants to clean it up a bit cleaner. So I will do a lot of things and increase our workload. In fact, I do not think it is necessary. If you have bare cylinders, there are some  melamine foam fish tanks on the Internet. You can buy some melamine foam fish tank brushes directly in the aquarium and scrape them off. Then, with the same cooperation, change the water once a week, that is, using the adsorption method of the melamine foam fish tank itself, the fish manure at the bottom of the fish tank can be pumped away.

pink melamine foam cleaning block

Pink melamine foam cleaning block

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Other Usage Of Melamine Foam Sponges Elsewhere

In addition to the scale found in glass tanks, Enworld amazing melamine foam fish tank are also great for cleaning up the scale, rust and tea stains on surfaces such as teacups and bathtubs. Melamine foam fish tank is a multi-purpose related cleaning product. It can quickly wipe away many difficult places at home, which is safe, environmentally friendly and sanitary.

A Clean Coup With Melamine Foam Fish Tank That You Must Know

Melamine foam fish tank as a cleaning tool, after people finish wipe glass fish tank with melamine foam fish tank,  you had better on the need to use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe off the surface of water again, such as scum, so it has better effect to use in combination with the melamine foam fish tank with nano level of open pore structure, material and fine and smooth, not scratches, can remove stubborn dirt gentle but strong.

melamine foam  eraser manufacturer

Melamine foam  eraser manufacturer

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