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  • Size:10x6x2cm,11x7x4cm or upon your request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



Relatively complete infrastructure;

Quality test processing;

Production mould;

Careful service;

Household cleaning;

Constructures needs;

Official equipment;

Dirty places;

ENDA - Legislative and Formal Melamine Foam Sponge Manufacturer

ENDA, as one of leading brand (melamine foam cleaner brand) melamine foam manufacturers in China, we belonging to a high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development, production, processing, sales, as well as foreign trade of melamine foam new materials. In terms of the legitimacy of the melamine foam manufacturers, as early as the establishment of Puyang ENDA New Material Co., Ltd, our company has already registered with the considerable authoritative institution - Administration for Industry and Commerce. From this point, our ENDA company is a formal and authoritative melamine foam manufacturer among all melamine foam manufacturers.

melamine foam manufacturers

Melamine foam manufacturers

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Basic and Necessary Information about ENDA Melamine Foam Cleaning Blocks Manufacturer

Nowadays, although there are a large number of melamine foam manufactures have been springing out the whole melamine foam cleaning blocks’ industry, our ENDA melamine foam sponge manufacturer can stand out in the whole melamine foam manufactures team. It is prove that to a large extent, our ENDA melamine foam manufacturers have their own competitive advantages. For examples, in ENDA, you can get a clear and direct impression of our melamine foam manufacturers’ plant size, production throughput, the production process, technology standard and melamine foam cleaner’s performance.

melamine foam manufacturer

Melamine foam manufacturer


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The Competition of ENDA Melamine Foam Bulk For Cleaning Manufacturer

We ENDA melamine foam manufacturers have autonomy, professional, large-scale plant size, a variety of departments for doing tasks that research and development, producing and sale of melamine foam sponges, factory direct sales to provide ultra-low and economical prices. I want to express my own thoughts that: If you are willing to look for high density or best quality melamine foam manufacturers in China, or want to try to a cross international exchanges and cooperation, our ENDA melamine foam manufacturers are expecting your consultations and welcome friends to guide and discuss cooperation about melamine resin foam sponge.

In addition to melamine foam manufacturers, now the factory of ENDA melamine foam sponge manufacturer have already have its own processing and sale - and so on each link is equipped with corresponding high-quality talents.

melamine foam safety

Melamine foam safety

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The Factory Plant Size of ENDA Melamine Foam Bulks Manufacturer 

Our ENDA melamine foam manufacturers’ factory has 2000 square meters of foam processing workshop. Melamine foam manufacturers have advanced automatic processing machines, such as automatic foam cutting machine, foam straight cutting machine, foam heat compressor and so on. Our melamine foam manufacturers company has an advanced sponge foam production line with independent research and design. We have professional researchers and precise quality testing instruments. In our melamine foam manufacturers’ advanced factories, we have a full range of foam conversion machinery, including cutting and slicing, die cutting and CNC cutting, hot pressing and embossing, and laminating machines to ensure that the best flexibility of sizes, shape and density, as one of important melamine foam manufacturers, we can make different mould to supply any shape you want.

melamine foam infrastructure

Melamine foam infrastructure

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All Kinds of Melamine Foam

We have many different related cleaning products, and now we have cooperated with more than 32 countries, our melamine foam soundproofing panels and our melamine foam manufacturers cleaning products are famous at home and abroad, we melamine foam manufacturers have ourselves brand, our big clients from different countries can also help us spread in their market, we melamine foam manufacturers are appreciate every friends for their trust on us, we melamine foam manufacturers supply the cheapest price and high quality products to our clients, our  melamine foam manufacturers’ factory has a detailed investigation on site selection, cost, logistics, machinery, ect. As melamine foam manufacturers, it is important to plentiful raw materials and conditions of transportation, and our low cost shipping and high effective sales service, so we can stand out from competition.

melamine foam manufacturers' selling

Melamine foam manufacturers' selling

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Why Choose Us?

Why do so many customers choose ENDA melamine foam manufacturers? First of all, we are melamine foam manufacturers. We communicate directly with our customers. The price of melamine foam manufacturers will be applied directly to the boss. However, for some agents, we need to add shipping fees, advertising fees, agency fees and all kinds of fees, which we do not have. Yes, the same quality is cooperating with our customers at the most affordable price. Secondly, we accept customization. As a large melamine foam manufacturers, we have our own factory. We have very professional experience in packaging. ENDA melamine foam manufacturers help our customers establish their brand and let them have a large market in their country. ENDA melamine foam manufacturers are also very proud of it.

Hot-Selling Melamine Foam Cleaning Sponges

As a type of melamine foam manufacturers,we have a wide range of cleaning sponges, including ordinary sponges, excellent water absorption, easy to cut, cheap and durable cleaning sponges, not only for cleaning tableware, but also shoes, sofas, walls, office supplies, etc, are highly efficient cleaning, leaving no scratches. And as melamine foam manufacturers, our high-density sponge, high hardness, wear consumption is less, ordinary sponge practical to the end will become very small can not be used, compression sponge hardness is much higher, wear to a very small can also be used, so compared to ordinary sponge extended service life. Is a more durable new product, the surface has indentation, very good distinction, comfortable feel, for cleaning heavy stains is a very good choice. As melamine foam manufacturers, we strictly require quality. Melamine sponge is made by high-temperature foaming, and there is no residual free formaldehyde. And its hygiene can meet the requirements of food hygiene level.

melamine foam sponges for sale

Melamine foam sponges for sale

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ENDA Melamine Foam Bulks Manufacturer Can Offer You Free Samples For Melamine Foam Sponges

On the basis of ENDA melamine foam manufacturers, we can offer our customers friends not only the hardware facilities and basic infrastructures, but also manage to make our users, distributors even cooperative partners satisfy. Considering this objective factor, our ENDA melamine foam manufacturers made a good decision that we can send the samples of melamine foam sheets, melamine foam pads as well as melamine foam boards directly to buyers. And that the samples fees of flexible melamine foam sponges are free. Generally speaking, it is convenient for you to test the quality of melamine foam sponges.

Great Business Opportunity from Melamine Foam Manufacturers

These two types of clean sponges are adequate for most households. As melamine foam manufacturers, we know the market very well. Our many clients can order mass quantity to sell, So successful business, why try it? we can supply any help as melamine foam manufacturers. In addition to cleaning purposes, there are many customers who order a large number of special applications, for example, there are many large customers who will specialize in sponge cleaning machines, and viscose needs to be evenly smeared, will use our sponge as penetrating material, because our sponge is homogeneous, durable and can work more. So we have accumulated a lot of customers you can not imagine, only you can not imagine, we can not do.

melamine foam factory

Melamine foam factory

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