Melamine Foam Sponge For Teeth Cleaning

  • Size:5*1*1cm
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Easy to carry
2. Reuse
3. Mild
4. Fresh taste
Quickly remove stubborn stains, tooth stains such as stubborn smoke, black stains, yellow teeth, plaque, etc. caused by smoking, tea/coffee/red wine, chewing betel nut, food coloring and water quality.

Why You Need Melamine Foam Sponge Teeth Cleaning

Why you need melamine foam sponge teeth cleaning? All people want to have a bright white teeth, especially for a beautiful girl. However, many people are troubled by a big yellow tooth, and it looks embarrassing when smiling. The tartar is mainly composed of a mixture of food residue, epithelium of the oral mucosa, mucus in saliva, and bacteria. The tartar is soft when it is formed, and can be brushed off by brushing, but it is not easy to remove it after a long time. The calculus is mainly formed by accumulating mineral salts on the basis of teeth stains, such as the deposition of calcium salts. As we all know, the calculus is relatively hard, and the adhesion to the teeth is very tight. The general brushing can not be brushed off, and it must be scraped off with a dental instrument. Mainly the problem of tartar not only affects the aesthetic problems of our teeth, but also causes inflammation of the gums and oral problems, so tartar can not stay!In order to have a white tooth, some people often go to the clinic to clean their teeth in order to keep their teeth bright, which leads to many oral problems. So how do you whiten your teeth?

melamine foam sponge teeth cleaning teeth stains
Melamine foam sponge teeth stains cleaning

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Why Choose ENDA Melamine Foam Sponge Teeth

Our melamine foam sponge is very soft and has much better effect than a toothbrush. The special open-cell structure melamine foam developed by the fourth generation of new nanotechnology is a new environmentally friendly cleaning product in the 21st century. The melamine foam sponge teeth has odorless, non-toxic and harmless properties. Pure white is the main color of the "melamine foam cleaner". Using the mechanism of physical decontamination, relying on the nano-scale capillary opening structure in the melamine foam sponge teeth, it automatically adsorbs the stain on the surface of the object during the wiping process, and does not rely on any chemical detergent to help degrade.

The side effects of washing teeth are obvious. This hard shock, when washed away from the underarm calculus, will also form a wound. Therefore, it is usually easy to bleed when washing teeth. It is no doubt that the frequent washing of the teeth causes loss of teeth and gums. The principle of cleaning ENDA melamine foam sponge is different from the way the dentist washes the teeth. The cleaning of the teeth is to remove the dirt accumulated on the surface of the teeth. The damage to the teeth is relatively large, and the teeth are washed more and thinner. However, the melamine foam magic erasers are manufactured using nanotechnology: internal nanocapillary (each particle is smaller than one ten-thousandth of the hair, many times smaller than the toothpaste molecule), and the dental sponge simply absorbs the stain on the tooth surface and can be easily attached to the tooth. Tooth stains in the pores of the teeth, quickly remove the stubborn stains which are stubborn smoke, black stains, yellow teeth, plaque, tea/coffee/red wine, chewing betel nut, food coloring, etc.

melamine foam sponge teeth
Melamine foam sponge teeth cleaning product

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Advantage of Melamine Foam Sponge Teeth

Teeth stains are not formed in a day. Everyday eating habits, coffee, smoking, red wine, and cola may cause us to form tooth stains and make the teeth yellow. However, if the residue of these foods can be removed in the first time, it is equivalent to eliminating the possibility of tooth stain formation in the first time, and the teeth can naturally continue to white.But we can't go out with a toothbrush and toothpaste every day. Even with a portable mouthwash, we can't find a pool anytime, anywhere, and the light mouth is limited to the beauty of the teeth. So this melamine foam sponge teeth comes into being. Now! It is super convenient to use, and can be used in places without water. Each small sponge is individually packaged. Take out the melamine foam sponge teeth from the package anytime and anywhere, and wipe the teeth clean.The discoloration can be cleaned up, and the surface of the teeth will be smooth and the dirt will not adhere easily.Just getting it will feel a bit ordinary, but don't underestimate this small sponge, but it has five patented technologies. The first use, fade the stains. Repeated use, tooth dirt is swept away.
melamine foam sponge teeth
Beautiful melamine foam sponge teeth

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Melamine Foam Sponge Teeth for Children 

Nowadays, children are more and more fond of eating sweet. In addition, long-term children do not like to brush their teeth, so that the baby's teeth become very yellow and severely black, so in life, mothers must pay more attention to their diet. Let the children brush their teeth in the morning and evening. Do not have serious consequences before you regret it. But for children they can't brush it a few times a day, so it's not good for children and the gums. Children will get tired of brushing their teeth. For those little babies, and the toothpaste is easy to be swallowed by children, so that the body of the child is also not good, so the correct way to clean the teeth, our magic eraser is clean, natural and durable, and can be made into different sizes, there are many special uses. ENDA melamine foam sponge teeth is suitable for the majority of people including children.

melamine foam  sponge
White melamine foam sponge teeth
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Let you keep your teeth clean and bright, fresh breath, and laugh out when you are busy! With the increasing awareness of dental care, the tooth whitening era has arrived, and the market calls for a healthy, convenient and effective dental cleaning products – the magic melamine foam sponge teeth cleaning effect of whitening and cleaning teeth, which will become a revolutionary dental product and household standing items.

melamine foam sponge eraser
Magic melamine foam sponge teeth eraser

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