Pyramid Melamine Acoustic Foam

  • Size:80*80*5cm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



Our pyramid melamine acoustic foam has special shape, it can decorate room,mainly our melamine foam soundproofing panel has high soundproofing effect, we not only have pyramid shape, rectangle but we can customize different shape upon your request.
Our pyramid melamine foam can be used as a decoration. Melamine sponges can be used for soundproofing in studios, stadiums, conference rooms and KTV venues.

The Advantage of Pyramid Melamine Acoustic Foam

The melamine foam which combines many advantages, our pyramid melamine acoustic foam plays an important role in many fields thanks to its porous structure formed by foaming. The large blister body of melamine is very light in weight and has an internal opening ratio of up to 98%. It has natural resistance to bacteria and hinders combustion, and has an ideal effect on thermal insulation. When the sound wave enters the sponge, it will be absorbed and consumed, thus greatly reducing the propagation of noise. This pyramid melamine acoustic foam has a beautiful shape and can be used as a decoration. Our company's pyramid melamine acoustic foam can be used for soundproofing in studios, stadiums, conference rooms and KTV venues, so that pyramid-like quadrangular pyramid melamine acoustic foam can make sounds more dynamic and diffusive, and have significant acoustic properties. The installation of the pyramid melamine acoustic foam is also very convenient.

melamine foam panel
White melamine foam acoustic panel

Pyramid Melamine Acoustic Foam for House Soundproofing

It is a cool thing to set up the audio-visual room in the family. You can be alone or with friends watch several movies that is wonderful. Light and sound insulation will have a good audio-visual experience, so the key to making a home audio-visual room is to create a separate sealed space for sound insulation.

gray pyramid melamine acoustic foam
Melamine foam soundproofing panel for home

The sound insulation of the room can be achieved by soundproofing the ceiling, walls, doors and windows and the floor. Our company's pyramid melamine sponge has a multi-faceted sound absorption due to its exquisite design, and can be used as a unique ornament to achieve the effect of two-way. It is recommended to install a pyramid melamine acoustic foam on the wall. The coverage area should not be too large, because if the entire room is covered by our pyramid melamine acoustic foam, the sound from the speaker will have no sense of space and reduce the overall sound. One of our pyramid melamine acoustic foam is used as a filler (such as between the wall and the keel of the frame). These two methods also apply to the audio-visual room door.

pyramid melamine acoustic foam
Pyramid melamine acoustic foam

Pyramid Melamine Acoustic Foam for Broadcast Room Soundproofing

The broadcast room needs to be kept quiet so that the announcer can clearly spread the sound through the microphone. In order to save space, the small broadcast room can directly install sound absorbing materials such as pyramid melamine acosutic foam on the wall. The non-falmmable melamine acoustic foam has an active performance in the sound absorption of the broadcasting room, which can absorb the noise well, not only has a shock absorption effect but takes up little space.

high pyramid melamine acoustic foam
High soundproofing melamine acoustic foam


Why does Broadcast Room Use Our Pyramid Melamine Acoustic Foam?

Pyramid melamine acosutic foam may not have been heard by many people because it is a new environmentally-friendly sound insulation material with many excellent features, such as sound absorption, flame retardant, heat preservation, fireproofing, corrosion resistance and easy processing. For great sound insuration of broadcasting room chooses pyramid melamine acoustic foam that is a good choice.

Melamine Acoustic Foam for Lay Pipes Soundproofing

It is necessary to lay pipes in the floor. These intricate sewer pipes affect both the appearance and the snoring noise in the room. Especially when sleeping at night, the sound of pumping will affect our rest and increase troubles. It is an indispensable part of home decoration. pyramid melamine acoustic foam has very good sound insulation. Since the interior of the melamine foam acoustic panel presents a three-dimensional mesh shape, the sound will be absorbed and consumed in the melamine foam, and the noise reduction coefficient can reach 0.95, which can effectively reduce the noise. We no longer have to worry about the huge sound in the water pipe.

multifunctional melamine acoustic foam
Multifunctional acoustic  melamine foam panel

The Reason that Choose Our Melamine Acoustic Foam

Pyramid melamine acoustic foam is an environmentally friendly new material that does not contain halogen or heavy metal flame retardants and does not emit dust. Many pipes are made of metal, so the insulation materials used are non-toxic and have no corrosive effect on metals. Our open cell melmaine foam meet the above requirements.

Why Choose Pyramid Melamine Acoustic Foam of ENDA?

ENDA is a professional manufacturer of pyramid melamine acoustic foam. It is made of all kinds of sound insulation melamine foam and cleaning sponges. We can customize different shape, sizes, packaging,ect.Our samples are free, you can test the quality of our all products,Mainly we have quality guarantee:
1.Our melamine foam acoustic coefficient:0.95 NRC
2.Our melamine foam thermal conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
3.Our basotect acoustic foam working temperature:-190-240
4.Fire Rating:class B1

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