Melamine Foam Squares

  • Size:1250 * 1250mm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Powerful cleaning characteristics
2. 0.95 acoustic coefficiency
3. High thermal insulation
4. Competitive price
1. Construction sound absorption
2. Various places which need fire resistance such as shopping mall, multi-purpose classroom and large meeting rooms.
3. Industry thermal insulation such as engine cover, hot tank and air conditioner.

ENDA melamine foam squares have stronger power of cleaning. Only need water to get melamine foam squares wet. Then, the magic surface of melamine sponges can adsorb dirt and grime quickly and easily. You will find that cleaning is not so rebarbative. With our melamine foam squares in hand, cleaning becomes a pleasant work.


melamine foam square

Melamine foam square

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Melamine Foam Squares Manufacturers

ENDA is one of the best melamine foam squares manufacturers. We are the best-famous brand in China. Among the online melamine foam squares manufacturers, we rank the first place in China. We know that professional melamine foam squares supplier is the key factor of a long cooperation relationship. ENDA, the famous China melamine foam squares brand, is your optimal choice.

Different Sizes of ENDA Melamine Foam Squares

Our melamine foam squares have different sizes and multiple uses. What different sizes we have? One the one hand, here we have three different sizes of melamine foam squares for cleaning. They are 10*6*2cm, 10*7*3cm and 11*7*3cm. On the other hand, we can customize the melamine foam squares sizes to meet your different needs. In addition, the maximum size that we can make is 2500*1250*300mm.

different sizes of melmaine foam square

Different sizes of melmaine foam square


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Melamine foam Squares For Sale

ENDA focuses on making melamine foam. We have different melamine foam squares for sale with different functions. ENDA melamine acoustic foam squares, fire retardant melamine foam, magic cleaning eraser and thermal melamine foam insulation are the main categories in ENDA.

Multi-purpose ENDA Melamine Foam Squares

Our melamine foam squares are versatile. First, you can use our small size melamine foam squares to do cleaning. This kind of melamine foam squares are also called magic eraser sponges, nano sponges and magic cleaning eraser sponges. Second, we also sell melamine foam squares thermal insulation, melamine acoustic foam squares and fireproof melamine foam squares.


multi-purpose melamine foam squares
Multi-purpose melamine foam square


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Melamine Foam Squares White

White is the original color of melamine foam squares. Our melamine foam squares white color have many different uses. It depends on the different melamine foam squares sizes. Customers often use our smaller white melamine foam squares to clean and the bigger sizes to fireproof and soundproof.

Melamine Foam Squares Grey

ENDA can make different colors of melamine foam squares. Grey melamine foam squares are one of the most popular colors. Our melamine foam squares grey have four main functions such as melamine foam squares thermal insulation, melamine foam squares for cleaning, acoustic melamine foam squares and fire retardant acoustic melamine foam squares.


melamine foam squares grey, melamine foam squares white
White melmaine foam squares


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Melamine Foam Squares Wholesale

ENDA has the best-quality melamine foam squares wholesale. Our melamine foam squares are very popular among our customers. We are very honored to have so many ENDA melamine foam fans. We will continue to offer you high-quality melamine foam squares. Also, we will sticks to make innovation in the melamine foam field. We will make sure to keep forward and keep the leading position.

Melamine Foam Squares Eraser Sponge

Our melamine foam squares have many other names such as magic eraser, magic eraser sponges, nano sponges, melamine foam cleaning eraser sponge. Our melamine foam squares eraser sponge is high-quality, durable, environmentally friendly and economical. These advantages make your cleaning work high-efficiency and easy. What’s more, you will gradually find that you fall in love with our magic melamine eraser sponges.


melamine foam squares eraser sponge
Melamine foam squares eraser sponge


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Melamine Foam Squares In Bulk

Our melamine foam squares in bulk have different packs such as 30 packs, 500 packs or more than 1000 packs. In addition, we can customize the other melamine foam squares packaging you need. If you want different packaging with the other languages. Just need you offer the draft with specific data.

En-world Melamine Foam Squares Wholesale Value Packs

We have various melamine foam squares value packs such as total 58 pcs value pack. We can customize different melamine foam squares value packs for you. Furthermore, we can make the melamine foam squares magic eraser packs with different languages, according to your different requirements. If people want a domestic cleaning, office cleaning or a new house cleaning, make sure you have enough sponges in stock.


melamine foam squares in bulk
Melamine foam squares in bulk


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Melamine Foam Squares Large Sheets vs Magic Eraser

We know that there are other famous brand magic erasers. Many people want to know that melamine foam squares large sheets vs magic eraser, which will win? Actually, melamine foam and the magic eraser are the same thing. Moreover, our melamine foam squares large sheets have ability of sound insulation. Our melamine foam squares high density has great effect on soundproofing.

Where can you Buy Melamine Foam Squares

Our melamine foam squares are welcomed by our customers at home and abroad. Our melamine foam squares ingredient is very environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Melamine foam squares won’t burn because our fire retardant melamine foam has B1 fire rating. Some people may be concerned about melamine foam squares environmental impact and melamine foam squares health risks. It’s worth mentioning that our melamine foam squares has no health risks and no bad environmental impact, because they are nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

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