Melamine Foam Price

  • Size:
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Cheap: Our melamine foam price is lower than the ordinary price because we are the direct melamine foam manufacturer.

2. High performance ratio: with competitive price, our melamine foam is high quality and durable.

1. Cleaning field: Our magic eraser sponges are widely used for car cleaning, kitchen cleaning and room cleaning.


2. Thermal insulation: Our melamine foam roll and melamine foam sheet can be used to insulate high temperature.


3. Flame retardant: Melamine foam resists fire effectively without adding fire retardants.


4. Sound absoption: Enworld melamine acoustic foam can effectively absorb low-frequency noise.

ENDA melamine foam price is very reasonable. Our company offers high-quality melamine foam blocks with low price. ENDA manufacturer is concerned about not only our melamine foam quality but also the melamine foam price. We want to offer our distributors the affordable melamine foam price because we believe the win-win mode is the best way to last mutual cooperation.


melamine foam price

Soundproof melamine foam


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Where to Buy Melamine Foam Cheap

Where to buy melamine foam cheap is almost every distributors want to know. ENDA , a professional melamine foam manufacturer, is the best place where to buy melamine foam cheap. ENDA cheap melamine foam is double larger size of the ordinary melamine sponges.

ENDA Melamine Foam Wholesale Price

ENDA is a big melamine foam supplier in China. Our melamine foam wholesale price is greatly accepted by our customer. ENDA manufacturer don’t have agent fees. Our melamine foam wholesale price is affordable and reasonable. Contact us for the best price.


melamine foam wholesale price

Melamine foam wholesale


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Wedges Melamine Foam Price


We have various shapes of melamine foam such as wedges melamine foam and pyramid melamine foam. Our wedges melamine foam price is very lower than that of other melamine foam manufacturers. However, our melamine foam is still high quality because our company values the product quality greatly.

Open Cell Melamine Foam Price

Open cell melamine foam price is also affordable because we often sell our melamine foam at a discount. If you are our regular customers, you can also enjoy our extra welfare benefits of melamine foam. So, as for melamine foam price, our product price is much lower than the other manufacturers in general.


open cell melamine foam price

Open cell melamine foam roll


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Melamine Foam Price List

We have our own melamine foam price list because different melamine foam sizes have different melamine foam prices. Our melamine foam price list contains our various melamine foam prices. In addition, different quantities of melamine foam you want, different melamine foam price you will have.

Melamine Foam Price of White

Melamine foam price of white is much lower than melamine foam price of grey and pink because white melamine foam is the original color of melamine foam. White melamine foam don’t need to the further color processing. In general, melamine foam price of white is more affordable.


melamine foam pad manufacturer

Melamine foam pad


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Melamine Foam Price Quotes

When you ask for the melamine foam price quotes, you may expect a piece of proper price quote. Our melamine foam is cheaper than the other manufacturers. If you are interested in our products, send us email for melamine foam price quotes.

Melamine Foam Thermal Insulation Price

Melamine foam thermal insulation price is very reasonable in ENDA. We have low-density melamine foam and the melamine foam price is suitable for customers all over the world. We want more people to know our melamine foam, whether you are in developed countries or developing countries. ENDA can offer you the best melamine foam price.


melamine foam in bulk

Grey melamine foam panels


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Melamine Foam Price In Bulk

Melamine foam price in bulk is lower. In China, our customers always buy our melamine sponges in bulk because our melamine sponges are easy to use and have strong power of cleaning and sound insulation. Sometimes, melamine foam price depends on your amount of purchase. Large amount of purchase can make you have more product discount.

Melamine Foam Engine Cover Price


ENDA manufacturer offers you proper melamine foam engine cover price. Our company believes that customer first. We stick to the win-win strategy because we want our distributors to get more money from melamine foam business. The most important thing is that we want to reduce the melamine foam cost for our distributors as much as possible, so that our customers can spare more money to invest. Our melamine foam engine cover has the characteristics of thermal insulation, sound control and fire retardant. If you are interested in our products, email us for the best melamine foam engine cover price.


melamine foam insulation price

High-density melamine foam


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The Melamine Foam Price of Famous Chinese Brand

ENDA is famous Chinese melamine foam brand but we won’t raise the melamine foam price. We offer superior-quality melamine foam but low price. In this year, we hope spread our melamine foam market to more and more countries. We want all of the melamine foam sheet distributors to make more money together with us. Thus, maybe our melamine foam price is not lowest, but the performance cost ratio of our melamine foam must be highest.

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