Melamine Foam Pads

  • Size:17
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Floor cleaning
2. Quick attached and easy to install
3. Competitive price
4. Direct manufacturer
Melamine foam pads are suitable for various floor cleaning.

ENDA melamine foam pads are a kind of magic compressed sponges. We can customize the different sizes of melamine foam pads. We have white melamine foam pads and grey melamine foam pads. Moreover, our materials are environmentally friendly melamine foam sponges. Our melamine foam pads high density are from 9.5kg/m3 to 16kg/m3. Our melamine foam pads have strong effects on cleaning.


melamine foam pads

Melamine foam pads

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Melamine Foam Pads Mop

Our melamine foam pads mop are often used to clean the floor. Get your melamine foam pads wet, you will find that our melamine foam pads mop the floor just like a magic. So easy and clean. We have different sized melamine foam pads mop. Moreover, we can customize the other melamine foam pads mop sizes you need.

Melamine Foam Pads Where to Buy

ENDA is devoted to making melamine foam pads for 6 years. We are professional melamine foam pads manufacturer. We have our own proven product line. Moreover, ENDA is one of the most famous Chinese melamine foam pads manufacturers. In a word, the quality of ENDA won’t let you down.

Melamine Foam Pads For Sale

ENDA offers melamine foam pads for sale, melamine foam squares for sale, melamine foam sheets for sale and melamine foam bulk for sale. Various sizes of melamine sponges, you can find what you need in our melamine foam category. If not, welcome to contact us, we will try our best to satisfy you.

melamine foam pads manufacturer-enworld

Different sizes of melamine foam pads


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Is Melamine Foam Cleaning Pads Bad For Us?

Our melamine foam pads clean your floor without any detergent but water. Nontoxic and non-corrosive. So you don’t have to worry the side effects. Our melamine foam cleaning pads are totally environmentally friendly.

Melamine Foam Pads Price

Our melamine foam pads price is very reasonable. We are ENDA melamine foam manufacturer. You can find us and negotiate with us directly without any intermediary agent. Thus, you can save a large number of money, if you choose to trade with ENDA.

ENDA Melamine Foam Pads Suppliers

ENDA is one of the most famous Chinese melamine foam pads suppliers. We offer melamine foam wholesale in bulk. We stick to make high-quality melamine sponges with premium melamine foam ingredients. We think melamine foam manufacturers are supposed to improve product quality. In this way, we can give our customers and agents more confidence and ensurance in our melamine foam.


melamine foam pads suppliers, melmaine foam pads price

Melamine foam mops

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Melamine Foam Pads Uses

How to use our melamine foam pads? First, get the melamine foam pads wet. Then, squeeze out the extra water. Finally, mop your floor. Actually, our melamine foam pads have many different functions. For example, we have melamine foam pads for cleaning, melamine foam pads for shoes, melamine foam pads sound absorber and fire retardant melamine foam pads. Our melamine foam pads fire rating is B1. According to your different needs, you can choose the suitable melamine foam pads magic eraser.

Melamine Foam Pads Wholesale

ENDA offers superior-quality melamine foam pads wholesale. Our output of melamine foam pads ranks first. You can know that we are the most popular melamine foam manufacturer in Tmall in China. If you want to find a melamine foam pads supplier, ENDA is your best choice in a long run.


melamine foam pads wholesale, melamine foam pad suppliers

The details of melamine foam pads


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Melamine Foam Pads Thermal Insulation

Our melamine foam pads thermal insulation are popular in China. Many customers are concerned about melamine foam pads thermal conductivity and melamine foam pads thermal properties. We tell you in data. High temperature resistance reaches 240 and low temperature resistance is -200. Thus, the high melamine foam pads thermal properties can satisfy your basic need.

Is Melamine Foam Pads Toxic

Our melamine foam pads are made from high-quality ingredients. All of our melamine sponges meet the criterion. We have SDS, MSDS and CRS certificates. If you care about the melamine foam pads environmental impact and melamine foam pads risks, choosing ENDA is your best decision. We can guarantee that our melamine foam pads are nontoxic and environmentally friendly. You may ask melamine foam pad is it safe for us? It is safe. You don’t have to worry about the melamine foam pads health risks. We take responsibility for our product quality and our customers.


melamine foam pads manufacturers
Melamine foam pads


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Melamine Foam Pads High Density

We have the original melamine foam pads and high-density melamine foam pads. Our melamine foam pads high density have stronger power of cleaning, soundproof and fireproof. Buy high-quality melamine foam pads high density, choose ENDA. We will offer you the best quality.

Melamine Foam Pads MSDS

MSDS refers to material safety data sheet. Melamine foam pads MSDS means our products are up to the required standard. ENDA has the melamine foam pads MSDS. Our products are nontoxic and do no harm to your health.

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