Melamine Foam Bulk

  • Size:10*6*2cm/ 10*7*3cm /11*7*3cm or Customized
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Strong cleaning power
2. Multiple uses
3. Competitive price
4. Direct Manufacturer
1. Kitchen cleaning
2. Office cleaning
3. Furniture cleaning
4. Car cleaning
5. Leather cleaning

Enworld larger melamine foam bulk has advantages of thickness and length. A number of melamine foam bulks are very small and friable. In view of better cleaning experience, Enworld invents the twice the size of the ordinary melamine foam bulks.

melamine foam bulk for sale high-quality and reasonable price

Melmaine foam bulk


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The Advantages of 2× Bigger Enworld Melamine Foam Bulk

Due to the considerable thickness, our melamine foam bulk is not easy to smush and crack. Moreover, this kind of larger melamine foam bulk makes cleaning easily and better. With superior quality, our melamine foam bulk removes dirt and grime much more easily. The larger melamine sponges bulk covers larger area. Thus, the double longer and wider designs help you clean quickly and efficiently.

Simply Three Steps of Using Enworld Melamine Foam Bulk

Our melamine foam bulk cleans only with water. Take away various chemicals and decolorizers with pungent odour and serious corrosivity. You just need three steps to start your Enworld cleaning travel. First, get your sponges wet. Second, squeeze out the extra water. Third, to start wiping. No endless rubing and scraping of stubborn dirt. No smelly odour and toxic liquid detergent.


double sizes larger melamine foam bulk
Larger melamine foam bulk


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Multi-purpose Enworld Melamine Foam Bulk

Enworld multi-purpose melamine foam bulk has many different uses. Firstly, Enworld melamine foam bulk cleans the doodles like crayon and marker easily. Children always make the wall or table in chaos and disorder painting. While, the parents may be crazy about the disturbing scratching. At this time, a block of Enworld melamine foam bulk is enough to erase all of these paintings. Second, Enworld melamine foam bulk can erase dirt and scuff mark. Are the floor and your furniture alway dusty? Our product melamine foam bulk makes your world clean again. Third, these melamine foam bulk can easily clear the soap scum.

The Applications of Enworld Melamine Foam Bulk

What conditions you may need Enworld melamine foam bulk? When you move into a new house, our melamine foam bulk will be the most useful scrubbers. When you move to a new office, Enworld melamine foam bulk will reduce your cleaning pressure. In addition, our melamine foam bulk can clean your rooms, cars, desks,washroom or toys. All in all, if you want to clean something, you won’t miss a box of Enworld melamine foam in bulk.

multi-purpose melamine foam bulk melmaine foam in bulk

Multi-purpose melamine foam bulk


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Unique Characteristics of Enworld Long-lasting Melamine Foam Bulk

Our melamine foam bulk has superior ductility. Great ductility allow you to cut the melamine sponge bulk into different sizes to meet your specific requirements. For example, when you clean the small gaps on the floor, you can cut a part of melamine cleaning sponge. In this way, you can make full use of the whole melamine foam bulk and save your money. A high-efficiency scrubbers are equal to saving money for you. Enworld melamine foam bulk, also called nano sponge, consists of a number of ultrafine units, which have the same size of 1/10000 of one hair. This is the reason why our melamine foam bulk has so strong power of cleansing.

Enworld Melamine Foam Bulk For Sale

Our products sell best in Tmall and are famous in many other countries such as America, the UK, France, Spanish, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Russia. Our melamine foam bulk for sale is high-quality, nontoxic and environmentally friendly. You won’t miss the best melamine foam bulk for sale.

melamine foam bulk wholesale

Melamine foam bulk wholesale


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Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale - Enworld

Enworld specialize in melamine foam for 6 years. We have the advanced product line and our annual output of melamine foam reaches 10000 m3. Enworld melamine foam bulk wholesale is devoted to spread our products all over the world. We offer high quality and best price for you. We welcome any long-term partnership around the world. Any question, please send us email. We are looking forward to firm and longer agent cooperation.

melamine foam bulk wholesale, melamine foam bulk for cleaning

Melamine foam for cleaning


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Melamine Foam In Bulk

Enworld is the famous melamine foam manufacturer in China. Our customers always buy our melamine foam in bulk. The most important thing is that our melamine sponges in bulk are pretty high-quality and cheap enough. In addition, when customers buy our melamine foam in bulk, we will pack their melamine sponges up with carton.

melamine foam in bulk

White melamine foam in bulk


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Melamine Foam Bulk For Shoes

Are your white fashion shoes easy to get dirty with dirt and scuff marks? Enworld has the magic melamine foam bulk for shoes. Only get the melamine sponge bulk wet. Then, squeeze out the extra water. Next, wipe your shoes gently. Finally, you will find your shoes with a completely new outlook.

30 Bulk Pack Cleaning Magic Sponge Eraser Melamine Foam

30 bulk pack cleaning magic sponge eraser melamine foam is popular among many cutomers. First of all, we have 30 bulk pack cleaning magic sponge eraser melamine foam. Also, we can customize other bulk pack melamine foam such as 1400 packs, according to your different requirements.


best melmaine foam bulk in enworld
Different colors of melamine foam bulk


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Melamine Foam Bulk For Cleaning

Melamine foam is multi-purpose. The melamine foam bulk for cleaning is the main purpose in our daily life. The majority of our customers use our melamine foam bulk for cleaning. You may use them clean your room, shoes or bathroom.

Melamine Foam Bulk Fire Rating

Our melamine foam bulk fire rating is concerned by our customers. Our melamine foam bulk fire rating is B1. In addition, this melamine foam bulk fire rating means you can use it to your wall and floor. Moreover, our flame resistance melamine foam bulk can totally meet your normal requirements of fireproofing without any risks.

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