Scourer Sponge

  • Size:10*6*2/10*7*3/11*7*3 cm, or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1.Its antibacterial effect is 99.99%.

2.Our scourer sponge are good at cleaning stubborn stains that are hard to clean in corners.

3.Precision combining, high temperature resistance.
It is suitable for removing the dirt on the smooth surface of ceramic tableware, stainless steel products, copper, aluminum products and wood products.

Introduction of ENDA Scourer Sponge

The most common use of our scourer sponge is cleaning utensils. We offer different sizes, shapes, and densities, and you can also customize your logo, and packaging. The side of the scourer sponge can efficiently clean stains, thick dishcloth, not stick hands, and our scourer sponge can't hurt the surface of the dishware. The cotton face is soft and elastic and it can better absorb the oil stains on the tableware. combine with each other and wash the dishes quickly. Customers from over 36 countries have wholesaled different types of scouring pad sponge from our company.

scourer sponge
Colorful pu scourer sponge

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Introduce of Single Scouring Pad

All of our scouring pad are made of high-quality degreasing particles, porous open fiber structure to absorb more dirt. This structure is easy to wash with water, avoid mildew and odor, degreasing effect is more efficient and sanitary, effective degreasing stubborn dirt, enhance degreasing efficiency, using high-tech connection technology. The cleaning particles are evenly and deeply distributed in the scouring pad, and the high strength is fixed on the fiber, thus greatly prolonging the service life of the scouring pad.

PU Scourer Sponge

PU scourer sponge is the most common household cleaning product on the market. PU is a very soft material, so it can absorb water very well. Our pu scourer sponge has strong decontamination, so we can save a lot of water. So this pu sourer sponge is suitable for removing dirt from smooth surfaces of ceramic tableware, stainless steel products, copper and aluminum products and wood products. It is not easy to scratch objects and utensils while removing dirt.

scouring pad melamine foam

Green scourer pu sponge

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General Melamine Scourer Sponge

Compared with PU scourer sponge, Our melamine sponge scourer is more durable. And ENDA melamine foam scourer sponge has good decontamination effect, stable chemical substances and physical decontamination mechanism, so our melamine scourer sponge can degrade stains independently. It has special cleaning effect on uneven stains. Our scourer sponge can be used in conjunction with a variety of cleaners and hot water during the cleaning process, without any chemical reaction to produce odors and toxins, with more reassurance.
original melamine scourer sponge
ENDA melamine scourer sponge

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High Density Melamine Scourer Sponge

We can provide different high-density melamine detergent scourer sponge, this kind of scourer sponge is the most high-quality scouring pad sponge, the higher the density, the tighter the sponge, super durable, and then glue our high-quality scourer sponge,  Our high-grade practical kitchen cleaning products, not easy to deformation, and not easy to open glue. For all kinds of stubborn stains in the home, our high-density melamine sponge cleaning bulk can help you solve the problem once.
compress melamine scourer sponge
High density compress melamine scourer sponge

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Bamboo Fiber Towel Scourer Sponge

Our bamboo fiber scourer sponges are very soft, its textiles made from bamboo that have a natural germ control, and our bamboo fiber cloth scourer sponge, they are still softer than the best cotton towels even after repeated washing. Containing our eco-friendly bamboo towel scourer sponge, the soft sponge makes the whole dish washing towel more convenient to use, and has double water absorption and oil absorption effect.
bamboo cloth scourer sponge
Bamboo firber dish washing cloth scourer sponge
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Special Applications of Scourer Sponge

Not only the scourer sponge be used to dish washing, there are many aspects of life can be solved with the scourer sponge. We often forget the pockets of paper, a lot of pants or coats will be sticky on a lot of scraps of paper, it is not easy to clean, in fact, only need a scourer sponge, it's easy to get rid of the annoying scraps of paper. After wetting the scourer sponge with water, gently wipe the surface of the clothes. It only takes a minute for the clothes to be fresh and not to persecute the material of the clothes.

Corners Cleaning Scourer Sponge

Usually there are always a lot of edges and corners of the place can not be erased, and it is not easy to clean up, so we always ignore, but our scourer spone price is cheap, and our scourer sponge can be cut at will, for the narrow corner is very effective. After a long time in the corner of the fan, the surface area of a thick layer of ash, with a towel cleaning very unclean, but it can  waste a lot of time, mainly towel prices are much more expensive than the scourer sponge, so it is too wasteful, but we cut the sponge side into grid, whether it is difficult to clean the window frame or greasy dirt grid, gently wipe, all directions clean.

For durable and eco-friendly scourer sponge, you can wholesale from us at a low price, we have a separate quality testing agency, our quality is up to the food level, high quality and low price of practical cleaning products, what are you waiting for?

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