Bamboo Fibre Sponges For Dishes Cleaning

  • Size:14x8cm or customized
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



Natural water paulownia fiber,

Soft and skin-friendly,

Safe and healthy,

Green environmental protection

Enworld bamboo fiber sponges can be used in family,

kitchen utensils,


Hotels and other places.
In modern society, every one should in want of a large number of useful household cleaning products - ENDA bamboo fiber sponges. In particular, every customer ought to prepare some ENDA bamboo fiber sponges for his kitchen utensils cleaning. Our company has been taken responsibility for making bamboo fiber sponges to help each family to solve the problem of residual stains and grease on tableware.

What Kind of Bamboo Fiber Sponges Are Healthy?

What kind of bamboo fiber sponges are good? The answer is that bamboo fiber sponges from ENDA supplier. It’s common that bamboo fiber sponges are very easy to accumulate dirt and bacteria because of long-term contact with oil. So, in order to ensure hygiene, many people will choose to wash and sterilize bamboo fiber sponges regularly. There are so many different materials about bamboo fiber sponges nowadays. But you can choose the best bamboo fiber sponges with excellent performance, which is not only convenient for washing kitchen utensils, but also more convenient for cleaning bamboo fiber sponges.
bamboo fiber sponges

Bamboo fiber sponges

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What Are the Product Information of ENDA Bamboo Fiber Sponges ?

These ENDA bamboo fiber sponges belonging to non-stick oil products and they will never deform and broken, on the whole theses bamboo fiber sponges feel very good. Because our bamboo fiber sponges are made from bamboo fibers, our products will not have the problem of breaking and corroding over time like traditional cotton dishtowels, so ENDA bamboo fiber sponges very durable. You use our products for a long time will not produce odor, ENDA bamboo fiber sponges are very healthy and environmentally friendly products. Please identify ENDA bamboo fiber sponges when you buying bamboo fiber sponges for kitchen utensils cleaning.

different colors of bamboo fiber sponges

Different colors of bamboo fiber sponges

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The Types of Dishcloths Including Bamboo Fiber Sponges

The new analysis of all kinds of dishcloths data suggests that, at present, the materials of dishcloths are five categories: Pure cotton material, bamboo fiber sponges material, chemical fiber dishcloth material, natural loofah sponge and steel wool. According to the above materials of the dish cloths, it is best to use bamboo fiber sponges. Among them, bamboo fiber sponges for dishes cleaning are very good at hydrophilicity, oil repellency, water absorption and air permeability, and are easy to clean. Especially bamboo fiber sponges are very good, but because of the high manufacturing cost of wood fiber sponges, compared with bamboo fiber sponges, the price is also high.

bamboo fiber sponges supplier

Bamboo fiber sponges supplier

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Why Do We Advise You to Use Bamboo Fiber Sponges ?

Only bamboo fiber sponges can quickly and efficiently clean kitchen utensils and will not breed bacteria. The characteristics of ENDA bamboo fiber sponges are natural antibacterial and antibacterial. In addition, many scientific experiments have confirmed that bacteria will not only grow on bamboo fiber sponges, but they will also be eliminated. Therefore, bamboo fiber sponges are the kind of best seller household cleaning product absolutely environmentally friendly. Wood fiber dishcloths are relatively expensive, so bamboo fiber sponges are the products that are both easy to use and cost-effective.

The Best Advantage of ENDA Bamboo Fiber Sponges Compete with Traditional Dishcloths

Compared with bamboo fiber sponges, use a common dishcloth to wash dishes without detergent, but no matter how to wash again, the dishcloth still has greasy and can cause a large number of disease-causing bacteria. From other aspects, traditional dishcloths cause pollution of tableware very easily. They are not more healthy than ENDA bamboo fiber sponges. Our ENDA’s bamboo fiber sponges cleaning products are not ordinary dishwashing cloth, they use natural water paulownia fiber, soft and skin-friendly, safe and healthy, green environmental protection. The important thing is that you can use ENDA bamboo fiber sponges to remove oil stains without using detergent.

bamboo fiber sponges cleaning principle

Bamboo fiber sponges cleaning principle

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What Materials Are ENDA Bamboo Fiber Sponges Made of ?

ENDA bamboo fiber sponges are made from best  quality bamboo fibers and super soft melamine foam cleaning blocks, which are super durable and have excellent deodorant and oil removal ability. And that, our bamboo fiber sponges don’t need any detergent at all.

Bamboo fiber sponges are of high quality and elastic, and won’t be out of shape after long-term use. The main disadvantage of ENDA bamboo fiber sponges is that they are too durable, so you will not have a replacement plan for a long time, worried about the seller.

bamboo fiber sponge in kitchen utensils.

Bamboo fiber sponge in kitchen utensils

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What Are the Characteristics of ENDA Bamboo Fiber Sponges ?

The functions and characteristics of ENDA bamboo fiber sponges:

1.The wet gas absorption, the special super fine pore structure of ENDA bamboo fiber sponges makes they have strong adsorption ability. Bamboo fiber sponges can absorb the harmful material such as formaldehyde benzene toluene ammonia in the air, and to eliminate bad smell.

2.Antibacterial deodorant insecticide, radiation protection and long term using of bamboo fiber sponges

3.Bamboo fiber sponges have tensile and rub resistance, wear-resisting and do not cause fluff.

4.ENDA bamboo fiber sponges are easy to clean and remove all objects of oil pollution, no detergent can rinse clean with clear water only.

best bamboo fiber sponges

Best bamboo fiber sponges

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What Are the Other Information of ENDA Bamboo Fiber Sponges ?

ENDA company is a supplier and producer with all kinds of bamboo fiber sponges for kitchen utensils cleaning, melamine foam cleaning blocks and scouring  pads. Our company has complete and scientific quality management system. ENDA bamboo fiber sponges integrity, strength and product quality recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and have business negotiation with our ENDA company.

What Are the Kindly Reminds about ENDA Bamboo Fiber Sponges ?

In a world, after choosing the most practical material of bamboo fiber sponges, you should take care of ENDA bamboo fiber sponges when you using. In particular, you should put bamboo fiber sponges in a ventilated place after using, to avoid odors remaining on bamboo fiber sponges. ENDA bamboo fiber sponges can be used in family kitchen utensils, restaurants, hotels and other places.

high quality bamboo fiber sponges

high quality bamboo fiber sponges

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How to Clean Dirty Kitchen Utensils with ENDA Bamboo Fiber Sponges ?

First, clean up the remaining residue in the tableware, rinse it with water to make the tableware soaked; Then take a piece of ENDA bamboo fiber sponges and wet bamboo fiber sponges with a small amount of water, and then use ENDA bamboo fiber sponges to wipe the tableware surface; Finally will wipe the tableware with water rinse clean, the entire using process of ENDA bamboo fiber sponges is so simple and clean.

bamboo fiber sponges structure

Bamboo fiber sponges cleaning

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