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Is melamine foam toxic?

Application of Melamine Foam

Melamine foam have excellent sound absorption, flame retardancy, heat insulation, moisture and heat stability, health safety and secondary processing and so on comprehensive properties. These characteristics make our melamine foam widely used in construction, industry, vehicle manufacturing, factory construction, thermal engineering, equipment, air conditioning systems, aerospace and navigation fields, electronic products, daily cleaning and the other fields. In our life, we can find melamine foam everywhere, but there has been a lot of criticism, that is melamine foam toxic? We have made a special in-depth exploration of melamine today.

non-toxic melamine foam
Eco-friendly melamine foam

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Is Melamine Cleaning Foam Toxic?

In the cleaning field, Melamine foam is known as the “magic sponge”by the world-famous commodity manufacturers for its magical effects of innocuity and sanitation and remove stubborn stains. It is popular all over the world. Nano sponge is also called melamine foam, magic eraser or magic sponge.The main ingredient of nano sponge is melamine, which is different from traditional cleaning sponge in physical opening structure in the melamine foam to automatically absorb the surface stains during the wiping process. It does dot contain any chemical cleaning agent, has strong efficacy, fine material, does not hurt the skin, and environment protection, melamine foam is further processed by special technology,improve product density and physical properties: high density, congeneric products twice; the high density melamine foam has better toughness, our melamine foam can directly knead moisture; strong wear resistance, cleaning effect is more obvious. completely independent of any chemical detergent to help degradation.For the melamine foam just use water to clean, Is melamine foam toxic? I believe you have a clear idea.
melamine foam physical cleaning priciple
When the melamine foam cleans stains, Only 30-40% water consumption of traditional cleaning method can be used, greatly reducing sewage discharge, saving water resource, it is suitable for household cleaning, Although it is stressed that melamine is eco-friendly and safe, these are many people doubt: Is melamine foam toxic? Experts say the melamine is inert and doesn’t react with many thinks, so it’s no harm to make cleaning sponge.

melamine foam bulk
Melamine foam cleaning sponge

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Scientifically Verified: Is Melamine Foam Toxic?

However, these can not completely convince all people, is melamine sponge toxic? This topic has been heated all the time. Melamine foam is not toxic,because it has good physical stability and not insoluble in water, but no toxicity does not mean that can eat. In fact, while melamine itself is not allowed in water,  if a man eat a large amount of melamine, will make digestive system imperfect resulting in forming stones. It's like cotton that is no poison. If you eat it too much, you'll have problems,like: indigestion, malnutrition and even death. Some people don’t guess“is melamine foam toxic”, in fact, they think it may exceed the standard of formaldehyde, but after a series of experiments show that the melamine foam does not exceed the standard of formaldehyde, the parameters are in line with environmental standards, for melamine foam is only used to clean stubborn stains, not to eat it,as long as the correct use, the melamine foam will not hurt the human body, so melamine foam is safe to use.
The scientists are also paying attention to this problems.A large number of experiments havebeen carried out to verify " Is melamine foam toxic?” ,Studies have shown that the acute half-lethal dose (LD50) of melamine sponges is greater than 1 g / (kg body weight). Using sheep, rabbits and rats as experimental subjects, no kidney toxicity was found. Moreover, there is evidence that melamine is not metabolized by the liver in mammals. According to a lot of experimental and statistical data from scientists, I can tell you clearly, for “is melamine foam toxic”--it is not toxic!
enworld melamine foam lab
Non-toxic melamine foam is non-toxic

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Is Melamine Foam Soundproofing Panel Toxic?

For soundproofing panel is made of melamine, this kind of melamine foam soundproofing panel have the fully open three-dimensional network structure, its opening rate is more than 97%, makes the sound wave easily and effectively enter the deep layer of the melamine foam blocks, and the sound vibration is transformed into the grid vibration, can be consumed and absorbed early. The high aperture ratio 3D mesh structure can effectively eliminate the reflected wave.but many people start guess:is melamine foam toxic? And whether can the melamine release formaldehyde or toxic substances? We completely use environmental foaming agent, melamine sponge made by high temperature foaming, no residual free formaldehyde; its stable chemical structure and cross-linking system to make it unique chemical stability, its hygiene canmeet the requirements of food hygiene level. It fully meets the national green environmental protection standards in the fields of interior decoration, daily necessities, and noise reduction of vehicles.

melamine foam acoustic panel
Melamine foam soundproofing panel

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Our company melamine foam is famous brand in the China, and we cooperated with many big clients all over the world, we stand for independent innovation, our melamine foam technology in the production of melamine foam modification, our products have different structure and feathers, and our mainly products include melamine soundproofing foam,melamine fireproofing foam, sound-absorbing insulation, heat preservation and heat insulation construction and household cleaning melamine foam and other fields, like scouring pad sponge, bamboo cloth, floor cleaning pad, ect. Enworld melamine foam is the 21st century has great prospects for development of new environmental protection materials. For your any demand, please contact us.
melamine foam company
Melamine foam manufacturer

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