Melamine Cleaner On Fruit Cleaning

  • Size:10*6*2cm/ 10*7*3cm /11*7*3cm or Customized
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Eco-friendly
2. Nontoxic
3. Strong cleaning performance

1. Waxed fruits cleaning
2. Dirty and waxed vegetables

What can melamine cleaner do for fruit cleaning? As we know, dirty or waxed fruits and vegetables are not easy to clean such as apples, oranges, cucumbers, lemons, peach and tomatoes. You may be headache with these food health security issues. A piece of melamine cleaner bulk can solve your problems. It’s that easy.

melamine cleaner

Melamine cleaners
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The Principle of Melamine Cleaner On Fruit Cleaning

Melamine cleaner on fruit cleaning is a kind of fruits and vegetables cleaning product. It adopts physical detergency mechanism, which is very different from traditional cleaning products. ENDA melamine cleaner remove dirt and grimes relying on nano cell structures. This new cleaning product melamine cleaner can absorb dirts and grimes on the surface automatically, when you wipe and scrub.

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Melamine Cleaner On Muddy Fruits

The first step is old routine that get the melamine sponges wet. Then, in case that the water of melamine cleaner overflows, you should squeeze out the exccess water. Finally, wipe the surface of your muddy fruits and vegetables. The very obvious mud can be cleared by hand and water, but the subtle dirt may not be discovered by naked eyes. We can use melamine cleaner to scrub the peels.
melamine foam cleaner
Compressed melamine foam cleaners

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What Can Melamine Foam Sponge Do On Waxed Fruits And Vegetables

For boom business, it is probably that many sellers will polish the the apples and other fruits with wax. Waxed fruits and vegetables are much lighter and fresh on the appearance. Many people like to buy the waxed one. So, there will be more and more waxed fruits and vegetables appearing. Melamine cleaner with fine pore can easily remove the wax. By simple wiping and rinsing fruits and vegetables with wet melamine sponges.
melamine cleaner on fruit
White melamine cleaners

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What Makes Melamine Cleaners Work?

Melamine cleaner adopts nano melamine foam, which is the same material as Children melamine tablewares. Its special three demision net work can form nano cell after wetting. When wiping, melamine cleaner can absorb the waxed material automatically without detergent. At the same time, our sponges can remove the pesticide residue. Thus, ENDA melamine melamine cleaner is a kind of ideal non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning supplies for fruits and vegetables.

Application of Melamine Cleaners

Melamine sponges are applicable to various fruits such as apples, peaches, plums, guajava, nectarine, pears, lemon, carambola, oranges and mango. Also, you can clean the vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers.

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Why Choose ENDA Melamine Cleaner Sponge

ENDA melamine foam sponge manufacturer specializes in melamine foam for more than 9 years. Our company has independent manufacturing base, complete manufacturering equipments, professional talents and many new innovative products. Our magic melamine foam sponges can easily remove the fruit wax, residues of banned pesticides and dirt on surface.
melamine foam
Melamine cleaner on fruots cleaning

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What Is The Advantages of ENDA Nano Melamine Cleaner

First, ENDA melamine foam sponges adopt nano technology to remove the wax and industrial wax. Second, our sponges are eco-friendly and healthy, which can easily remove pesticide residue. At last, magic foam sponges are easy to use. They can remove dirt only wiping after they get wet.

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