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Are Melamine Magic Eraser Terrible For The Environment?

Are Melamine Magic Eraser Terrible for Environment?

I want to know if you have ever used a "cleaning tool" called a cleaning sponge. It is said that from expensive wallets to stainless steel cutlery, the decontamination effect is very strong. Stains can be removed immediately, the most amazing thing is that it does not require detergent at all! But some people say that this magical clean sponge is made of melamine, which is toxic! And it contains formaldehyde, which has a bad influence on the human body and the environment. Is this rumor true? What kind of cleaning product is this?

Whether Do You Also Think Melamine Magic Eraser Terrible for Environment?

This white sponge is a nanosponge, also known as a magic sponge eraser melamine cleaner. It is said that this new environmentally friendly cleaning product adopts the physical decontamination mechanism and relies on its internal capillary opening structure to automatically absorb the stain on the surface of the object. It not only has ultra-clean effect, but also is soft and durable, and is popular among the public. Products related to everyone's health always cause controversy, especially for new products. Leading to a lot of doubts about this product, then we have a deep understanding of some of this product, mainly to explore whether our melamine sponge has a bad impact on the environment.

melamine magic eraser
Magic melamine foam sponge

The Trues Features of Raw Material of Melamine Magic Eraser

The main material of the melamine magic eraser is melamine resin, The melamine trait is pure white monoclinic crystal, tasteless, extremely insoluble in water, low in toxicity, stable under normal conditions, and free from toxicity after curing. "Unless you eat it into your stomach." Expert classroom theory believes that melamine is not very toxic to humans because of its low water solubility. If the human body is afraid of water-soluble substances, if it is soluble in water, the human body will have a lot of water and blood, then people are easily poisoned. Of course, this kind of thing is insoluble in water because it is difficult to be absorbed, so melamine itself is no any impact for the human body. And after processing and compressing with this raw material, it is almost insoluble in water. Even if you cook a melamine cleaning blocks for several hours in boiling water, the composition of the water will not differ much. Such a raw material has no bad influence on the environment, so what are you worried about?

melamine foam sponge
Magic white nano sponge eraser


Are The Formaldehyde of Melamine Magic Eraser Terribel for Environment?

The melamine resin actually uses melamine as a raw material, reacts with formaldehyde, and then condenses. In the process of production, because of the high temperature compression, the residual formaldehyde in the sponge is almost the same, and can be compared with the formaldehyde content in the fruit. Such a cleaning new product will not have any impact on the environment.

The Test of Melamine Magic Eraser

The mouth said nothing, only through testing, everyone will be convinced,the material of our basotect melamine foam, in addition to melamine, and formaldehyde as raw materials, in the experiment, the staff used  melamine foam magic eraser to clean the container, and then test the residual formaldehyde in the water and The concentration of melamine. The results showed that melamine was not detected in the solution and formaldehyde was detected, but the concentration was less than 0.4 ppm. According to national food packaging standards, the amount of formaldehyde delivered per unit should not exceed 2.5 ppm. Therefore, the concentration is completely within the safety standard. Our clean white sponge is colorless and odorless, and contains low concentrations and does not go to the air. There are toxic substances in the middle. Now, do you think the melamine sponge has any effect on the environment?

melamine foam white sponge eraser
White high quality melamine foam sponges

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