Melamine Foam For Sale

  • Size:10*7*3cm, 11*7*3cm,10*6*2cm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Eco-friendly
2. Nontoxic
3. Free of fiber
4. Cheap enough
5. Superior quality

1. Kitchen cleaning
2. Thermal insulation
3. Fire resistance
4. Sound insulation
5. Teeth Cleaning

Puyang ENDA New Material Co., Ltd puts forward some discounts of melamine foam for sale regularly especially on holidays. ENDA specializes at the research and development of melamine foam. With strict standard requirements, our melamine foam for sale is premium and desirable strictly. Quality is the fundation of long-term cooperation between customers and melamine foam suppliers. Thus, ENDA attaches great importance to the quality of melamine foam for sale. Each melamine foam for sale online or below the line must meet the criterion. We have various melamine foam sponges for sale, acoustic melamine foam for sale, fire resistant melamine foam for sale and melamine foam thermal insulation for sale.

melamine foam for sale
White melamine foam for sale

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Melamine Acoustic Foam For Sale

The acoustic coefficient of our melamine acoustic foam for sale is 0.94 NRC. The ordinary foam is 0.85 NRC. Compared with the polyurethane foam, ENDA melamine acoustic foam for sale has more prominent soundproofing performance. High open porosity melamine acoustic foam is beneficial to sound absorption. With excellent sound absorption performance, ENDA melamine acoustic foam is suitable for opera house, multi-purpose room, KTV, conference room and transportation field with strict sound insulation requirements.

Melamine Foam Insulation Sheet For Sale

ENDA melamine foam insulation sheet for sale has excellent property of withstanding high temperature and extreme low temperature at the range from -180℃ to 240℃. This kind of melamine foam insulation sheet can adapt to industrial thermal insulation like engine cover and hot tank. Our melamine foam insulation sheet has more advantages with the sound and thermal insulation performance in some special areas like aerospace and high-speed transportation.

compressed melamine foam for sale
Compound melamine foam for cleaning

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White Melamine Foam For Sale

The most popular item in ENDA is white melamine foam for sale. White is the ordinary color of melamine foam. White melamine foam for sale is widely used for magic cleaning sponge all over the world. ENDA white melamine foam has open cell structures, which is very important for magic foam sponges to absorb dirt and stains. The mature nano technology and three dimension structure make our white melamine foam for sale more flexible and not easy to break and crumble.

The Water Absorption of ENDA Melamine Foam For Sale

Strong water absorption performance is the special characteristic of ENDA melamine foam for sale. The water absoption of melamine foam for sale comes from its three dimension structures. ENDA melamine foam for sale is more than 99% open cell percentage. High open cell ratio is beneficial to absorb water and grimes.

melamine foam price
Compressed melamine foam for cleaning

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Melamine Foam Rubber For Sale

Our melamine foam rubber for sale is including the melamine foam scouring pad. One side is used to scrub the hard-to-clean stains and dirt. The other side can help you clean the residue and grimes more easily. Melamine foam rubber for sale in ENDA is a new cleaning tool with high performance ratio.

Melamine Foam Sponges For Sale

We can customize the sizes of melamine foam sponges for sale. The most hot-selling melamine foam sizes for sale are 10*7*3cm, 11*7*3cm and 10*6*2cm. In addition, high-density melamine foam sponges are more popular because it is more durable and thicker. High-density melamine foam sponges for sale in ENDA include 12kg/m3, 16kg/m3 , 18kg/m3 and 20kg/m3. ENDA melamine foam sponges for sale  can be white, gray or pink. We can customize different sizes, density and color for your specific requirements. In addition, our factory supports melamine foam OEM. If you have your own brand, we can add your logo on the package or customize your  own packing bags.


melamine foam sponges

Different packaging of melamine foam

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The Characteristics of Melamine Foam Bulk For Sale

ENDA melamine foam bulk for sale is often used for kitchen cleaning. We sell melamine foam in bulk and melamine foam bulk wholesale is much cheaper than retail. Melamine foam bulk for sale in ENDA is very eco-friendly, nontoxic and free of fiber.  We advocate the concept of green consumption and healthy life. Thus, we insist on adopting the eco-friendly melamine foam ingredients.

Melamine Foam Teeth Whitening For Sale

Melamine foam is now involved in cleaning field especial kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning and  toys cleaning. Now, teeth cleaning is the new usage of melamine foam cleaner. ENDA has high-quality and qualified melamine foam teeth whitening for sale. Melamine foam teeth whitening is a more gentle way to clean your teeth. Since 2011, we started our melamine foam foreign trade business. We focus on the development and innovation of melamine foam.

melamine foam manufacturer
ENDA melamine foam factory

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Melamine Foam Price In China

China is the other big country of producing melamine foam. We are the professional melamine foam supplier in China. We can control every details of producing melamine foam. Therefore, melamine foam price in China is very  competitive and much lower than the others. We export our melamine foam blocks to more than 36 countries. However, in the future, we want more and more countries to know our products. So, there is no doubt that we will offer you a more reasonable price. Long-term cooperation is very precious for each other. We can ensure the quality of melamine foam strictly to help you and I expand a broader market and win more potential for the future development.

Melamine Foam Buy In ENDA

ENDA is the leading melamine foam manufacturer in China. When it comes to where to buy the best melamine foam, the answer is supposed to be that your melamine foam buy in ENDA. Buy melamine foam, whether in quality or price, ENDA melamine foam supplier will not let you down. We have the best melamine foam for sale and wait for your coming and cooperation.

buy melamine foam

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