Melamine Foam on Car Cleaning

  • Size:10*7*3cm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



3.Wide application
4.Using easily

1.Car interiors, leather chairs, mirrors, dashboard, seats, steering wheel,ect.
3.Office cleaning
4.Leather cleaning and care


The Note of Melamine Foam on Car Cleaning

Do not use a circular motion to clean the car with melamine foam. Move it back and forth to reduce the chance of scratching, and the basotect melamine foam should have sufficient humidity.In addition, there should be no fine fibers falling off during the wiping process, so ordinary towels can not meet the requirements, and it is best to use magic sponges, so that the damage to the paint surface is also small. When wiping, gently wipe it from top to bottom in the direction of water flow. Do not draw circles and wipe horizontally.

melamine foam
Magic melamine foam on car cleaning


The Impact of Frequent Car Washing


At present, when cleaning interiors and car leather seats, general beauty shops use the brush, so long-term use will make the leather tarnish, elastic more and more hard. The brush is used for decontamination, but the brush will remove the color and peeling of the sofa skin, which is extremely harmful to the interior of the car.The important thing is frequent car wash which will accelerate the oxidation of the body paint. The car does not wash for a long time, due to the erosion and adhesion of harmful substances such as dust and acid gas in the air, it will accelerate the aging and damage of the paint surface, which will cause the car to be damaged earlier, but wash the car once a week, which is still very time-consuming and costly.

magic sponge
Magic melamine foam sponge

The Applications of Melamine Foam

Cars with a long time, the interior will be stained with grease, spots and other stains, odor, The front windshield is often a place that everyone ignores. When driving for a long time, the windshield will become blurred due to the adhesion of exhaust gas and dust, so remember to wash it with cheap melamine foam sponges.our melamine foam on car cleaning is professional cleaning new product, you can quickly remove the long-term deposits in the gap between the seams.and then use leather lubricant for better maintenance. At the same time, it is suitable for cleaning the dirt of leather products such as sofas, leather goods and travel shoes. There is no damage to the leather.

magic eraser
White melamine foam on car cleaning


The Features of Melamine Foam on Car Cleaning

1.The original material of our magic sponge eraser melamine cleaner is melamine, it is soft and easy to use, we can car wash fast, save time and water. there is no scratch.
2.Our melamine foam on car cleaning has strong water absorption, the most important point is our melamine foam bulk for cleaning can absorb stains, and there is no any scratch.
3.Our melamine foam on car cleaning have special net structure, it can produce a large of foam that makes wash car more easily.
4.Melamine foam on car cleaning can be washed and dried naturally after cleaning, but don’t bleach.

magic eraser nano sponge
High quality melamine foam on car cleaning


Why Choose ENDA Melamine Foam on Car Cleaning

ENDA as melamine foam supplier, we can customize different sizes, shape and packaging, and the price of our melamine foam cleaning new ideas is pretty competitive, our cheap melamine foam sponge is not only durable but high quality.

1.Save water, Magic sponge can be used to clean without chemical detergent, pure physical principle decontamination, it’s enough to only use water.
2.Eco-friendly and safe. Magic eraser is known as a new type of eco-friendly protection cleaning material in the 21st century, because it has a good physical cleaning adsorption, reducing the secondary pollution of chemical harmful substances to the water source, and magic sponge is a consumable, Frequent replacement can also be more hygienic and inhibit bacteria breeding.
3.Protecting the interior. Using our melamine sponge blocks to wipe the car leather seat can remove the deep dirt in the seat gap, there is the magic cleaning effect, and don’t have the harm to the leather, our melamine foam on car cleaning is the gentle automobile cleaning supplies.

cheap melamine foam
Magic melamine foam on car cleaning

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