Compressed Bathroom Magic Eraser Sponges

  • Size:10*7*3cm and 12*7*2.5cm
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



Longer service life
Stronger cleaning effect

Enworld bathroom magic sponge cleaner is suitable for mirror cleaning, bathroom shower cabin cleaning, floor cleaning, glass door cleaning, tiles wall cleaning, cabinet cleaning, marble walls cleaning.
As we all know, bathroom magic eraser has magic cleaning power, but some people find their bathroom magic eraser sponges are very easy to be crumbled. ENDA compressed bathroom magic erasers are very durable and 2* stronger than ordinary melamine sponges. Our compressed magic sponges are suitable for bathroom mirror cleaning, wall cleaning and flooring wiping.

magic eraser bathroom
Compressed bathroom magic eraser

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High-quality Bathroom Magic Eraser Sponges For Sale

ENDA specializes in the development of bathroom magic erasers. Our bathroom cleaning melamine foam sponges for sale are multi-purpose and durable. Almost one piece of bathroom magic eraser sponges can clean the whole bathroom. No need scrubing and no more acrid odour. Only a piece of magic bathroom sponge, you’ll fall in love with cleaning.

bathroom magic sponges
Bathroom cleaning magic sponges

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The Advantages of ENDA Bathroom Magic Sponges

Magic bathroom sponge has abrasive surface but feels soft. Therefore, the cleaning effect of magic bathroom sponge is equal to the combination of a piece of scouring pad and an ordianry sponge. Then, where can we clean by using these sponges? ENDA magic sponge bathroom cleaner is suitable for mirror cleaning, bathroom shower cabin cleaning, floor cleaning, glass door cleaning, tiles wall cleaning, cabinet cleaning, marble walls cleaning.

bathroom magic eraser sponge
Magic sponges for bathroom cleaning
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Magic Melamine Foam Bathroom Cleaning Pads For Shower Cabin

For health, shower cabin is where we need to keep clean. ENDA magic melamine foam bathroom cleaning pads have strong cleaning effect. A piece of magic bathroom sponge can easily remove the yellow rusty stain, dirt and soap stains in your shower cabin. Moreover, our melamine foam bathroom sponge bulk for cabinet cleaning is high-density 16kg/m³. Many colors are available for you like pink, blue, grey, white and off-white. 

magic foam sponge bathroom cleaning pads
Magic sponges for bathtub cleaning

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Melamine Foam On Bathroom Floor Cleaning

Our bathroom floors are easy to get dirt when more than 5 people lived in your house. Floor cleaning is probably a frequent and tiresome thing for you. Especially, when you come home from work, the floor looks not tidy at all. You will be tired of your bathroom cleaning. Bathroom floor cleaning melamine sponge pads will make you fall in love with cleaning. Our bathroom floor cleaning melamine sponges are 2* stronger compressed magic sponges with density 16kg/m³. Compressed magic melamine sponges are more durable and anti-abrasive.

Melamine Sponges On Bathroom Glass Cleaning

Glass doors are always full of vapour and soap stains, which makes glass dirty. Although you can’t remove the stains by scrubbing cloth, ENDA bathroom cleaning melamine sponges are powerful on removing soap stains. Only with water, ENDA bathroom glass cleaning melamine sponge easily removes the soap stains. You don’t need to add any chemical detergents. If your bathroom glass is rough and has figuratus, you may need our super desnity 4* strong 24kg/m3 bathoroom magic melamine sponges.
magic sponge for wall cleaning
Magic sponges for walls cleaning

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Magic Bathroom Sponges On Walls Cleaning

Our melamine sponge is used a lot for bathroom walls cleaning. Bathroom walls are alway made of tiles. ENDA magic bathroom sponges are 16kg/m³ and 24kg/m³. The sizes 10*7*3cm and 11*7*3cm are more popular. Higher density and larger sizes may cost more. Melamine sponges clean stubborn stains with physical method, which means you only need wet the melamine sponges. Then, magic bathroom sponges easily remove various dirts, grimes, soap stains and markers on the wall. In addition, although the bathroom walls material is ceramic tile.  bathroom magic eraser can clean the latex walls and glass walls.

Bathroom Melamine Sponges Supplier - ENDA

ENDA specializes in the development and research of magic eraser sponges. Recent years, we are top 1 magic foam sponge supplier in China. Our customers are from more than 40 countries including the USA, the UK, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Korea and Australia. Due to its powerful cleaning effect and physical cleaning principle, our bathroom magic sponges are very popular. We are looking forward to more reliable distributors to join us. At the same time, we hope we can help more and more enterprises in their magic sponges business.

bathroom cleaning melamine sponge

Magic sponges for wash basin

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Bathroom Magic Sponges Density

ENDA bathroom magic sponges have different densities from 8-24kg/m³. In general, we alway use 16kg/m³ and 24kg/m³ for bathroom cleaning. Higher-density bathroom cleaning magic sponges have longer service life. The ordinary density 8kg/m³ magic sponge eraser is alway fit for kitchen cleaning such as dish cleaning, bowls cleaning and pots cleaning.

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