Melamine Cleaning Sponge With Best Price

  • Size:10*6*2/10*7*3/11*7*3 cm, or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



2. Non-toxic
3. Free of fibre
4. Cheap
5. Durable

1. Kitchen cleaning
2. Shoes cleaning
3. Car cleaning
4. Glass cleaning
5. Leather cleaning

Melamine cleaning sponge is a new cleaning sponge which clean floors, kitchen and tiles very magically. This kind of sponge is a innovation in the field of cleaning. The usage of these melamine cleaning sponge is that there is no need to use the toxic chemicals or detergent. Only need water, melamine foam cleaner cleans magically and easily.

melamine cleaning sponge
White melamine cleaning sponge


The Application of Melamine Cleaner Sponge Magic Eraser

Our melamine cleaner sponge magic eraser is suitable for many uses in cleaning field. Kitchen cleaning is the first popular usage of melamine cleaning sponge such as kitchen utensils cleaning, cooking bench cleaning and water faucet cleaning. Also, round melamine cleaning sponge pad is fit for the floor cleaning. Strong cleaning performance will make cleaning much more effective and easy to install. In addition, melamine cleaning sponge is available for glass cleaning, leather cleaning, teeth cleaning, car cleaning and toys cleaning.

The Functions of Melamine Sponge Cleaning Eraser

Melamine sponge cleaning eraser is made from an open cell material melamine foam. This foam has three dimension with more than 99% open cell percentage. Open cell melamine cleaning sponge can absorb dirt and grimes to an extreme. Melamine cleaning sponge can absorb the water in soap boxes. So you can put a piece of melamine sponge cleaning eraser to the bottom of the soap container.

melamine cleaning sponge for sale
Melamine cleaning sponge for sale


The New Market of Melamine Sponge Teeth Cleaning

Melamine sponges clean teeth in a more gentle way. You can pick a small piece of melamine cleaning sponge and use the tweezers clip it. Then, wipe teeth stain gently. These melamine cleaning sponge is easy to clean dirty and black spots. Our melamine cleaning sponge is food grade product with the certificates of SGS, CRS and MSDS. In addition, we adopt nontoxic and eco-friendly melamine foam ingredient. There is no harm for human daily use and household usage.

Why Melamine Foam Cleaning Sponge So Magic

Melamine foam cleaning sponge, also called magic sponge, is very different from the tradition sponge. This product melamine cleaning sponge adopts physical decontamination principle. Relying on capillary tube open cell structure, melamine cleaning sponges can absorb the stains on the surface. You don’t need to use chemical detergents to help the dissolution of stains. Melamine cleaning foam is insoluble in water. Thus, when put the melamine foam cleaning sponges in the water, the stains on the sponges will fall off. Finally, reuse melamine cleaning sponge again and again.

melamine cleaning sponge supplier
Melamine cleaning sponge scouring pad


Melamine Magic Nano Cleaning Sponge

Due to the strong cleaning performance, melamine magic nano cleaning sponge can clean the traditional dirt, especially the stains on rugged surface. The magic detergency can bring endless convenience for our daily life. Magic melamine sponge cleaning eraser cleaner is designed for the stubborn blot, water stain and soap stains. Without any chemicals, only need to squeeze the excess water and finish your cleaning.

Wholesale Melamine Cleaning Sponge

We are professional melamine foam manufacturer and we wholesale melamine cleaning sponge in bulk. In the other hand, whosaling magic cleaning eraser sponge melamine foam is much more cheaper and the more you purchase, the more discount you may enjoy. When it comes to the most famous manufacturer of melamine cleaning sponge in China, the first you can trust is ENDA melamine foam manufacturer. We specialize in the field of melamine cleaner sponge magic eraser for 5 years. ENDA attaches great importance to the development and innovation of melamine cleaner sponge pads. For these years, our company attracts many talents and skilled workers for the research, development and manufacturing of melamine magic nano cleaning sponge. Wholesale melamine cleaning sponge, ENDA supplier is your best choice and we never let you down.

melamine cleaning sponge price
Melamine cleaning sponge OEM


Melamine Cleaning Sponge For Sale

Our melamine cleaning sponge for sale is quite cheap and superior quality. Especially our regular customers, we often put forward some discounts for different festivals. With good reputation, we build long-term cooperation relationship for more than 36 countries. Our product melamine cleaning sponge sells top 3 in China. The output and sales volume can be the first these years. We are looking forward to more like-minded partner to expand and strength our melamine cleaning business together. Whether you are old or new friends, we welcome more and more advice and ideas to complete our products and service.

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