Melamine Foam Price List

  • Size:1250 * 1250mm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Competitive price list
2. High-quality melamine foam
1. Cleaning
2. Thermal insulation
3. Sound insulation
4. Fire resistance

Melamine Foam Price List In China

Melamine foam price list in China is much more concerned, because melamine foam in China is very popular since years ago. China melamine foam is not only superior in quality but also more competitive in melamine foam price list. Satisfied with melamine foam price list and quality, many famous melamine foam brands choose to cooperate with China melamine foam suppliers. What’s more, with premium product and competitive melamine foam price list, Enworld melamine foam supplier always ranks first on Tmall shopping platform. As a leading company, Enworld is not only popular in China but also welcomed by foreign countries. Our melamine foam exported to more than 36 countries these years.

melamine foam italia
Melamine foam delivered to Italia

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Melamine Foam Price List 2018

Compared with melamine foam price list 2017, melamine foam price list 2018 is more acceptable for clients. This year, melamine foam becomes more popular all over the world. Melamine foam can be used for cleaning, sound insulation, thermal insulation and fire resistance. We have different melamine foam density and different usages are suitable for different densities. Moreover, different density indicates different melamine foam price list. For example, 0.8 kg/m³ melamine foam is the most common melamine foam density in the all four using fields. 0.8 kg/m³ melamine foam market price is 260-320USD/m³. However, Enworld melamine foam manufacturer can offer you much cheaper and more competitive melamine foam price list.

40mm Melamine Foam Price List

40mm melamine foam and 50mm melamine foam sheets are both very common and popular thickness for melamine foam cleaners or melamine foam sheets. 40mm melamine foam price list is at the range of 230-350USD/m³. Melamine foam price list relates to the quantity you purchase. More you buy, less you can pay and more discount you can enjoy. Our melamine foam price list is much more competitive for our customers.

melamine foam price list


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Enworld Melamine Foam Price List In Malaysia

Our melamine foam in Malaysia is also cheap. Enworld melamine foam price list in Malaysia is pretty competitive because we have many regular clients there. Our melamine foam bulk and melamine foam panels for fire resistance and sound insulation are very popular. Enworld melamine foam manufacturer is the direct supplier, our clients in Malaysia don’t need the extra agency fees. In addition, we would like to spread our products to all over the world. At the same time, we want more and more businessmen can afford our melamine foam and share our melamine foam to more and more countries. Thus, our melamine foam price list will be affordable and worthy.

Magic Eraser Price List

Melamine foam is the original name of magic eraser. Magic eraser is very common in our daily kitchen especially in US, Janpan, Korea, China and some European countries. So, people pay much attention to the magic eraser price list. Magic eraser price list in Enworld is more competitive than the others. Help our clients earn more money is our ultimate goal. We hope our cooperation is based on the win-win principle between us. Thus, our magic eraser price list is low enough to satisfy your requirement. In addition, we promise that our melamine foam quality is superior

melamine foam price lists
Melamine foam sheet
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Melamine Foam Sheet Price List

Multipurpose melamine foam sheet is suitable for sound insulation, fire resistance and thermal insulation. Enworld melamine foam sheet price list is at your acceptable ranges. 0.8kg/m³ melamine foam sheets are greatly welcome, because this low-density melamine foam block is suitable to many industrial uses like sound insulation, engine cover, tools cleaning, large mall fire resistance and hot tank insulation.

Where to Get Melamine Foam Price List

Enworld manufacturer is the professional melamine foam supplier in China. Our melamine foam price list is very competitive. For one thing, we are the direct manufacturer without any agents. For another, Enworld manufacturer has our own producing line and we can offer you cheaper products. We will update our product list annually and put forward different discounts in different holidays. Enworld supplier is the professional melamine foam company where to get melamine foam price list and where you can look forward to further cooperation.
melamine foam price
Melamine foam delivered to the US

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Melamine Foam Price List In USA

USA is one of our main melamine foam markets. The melamine foam price list in USA we offer is pretty acceptable. We have many regular customers in America. Our melamine foam goes deep into thousands of American homes for kitchen cleaning, bath cleaning and floor cleaning.

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