Free Samples for Melamine Foam Sponges

  • Size:10*7*3cm,12*7*2.5cm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1.Our melamine foam sponges are high quality kitchen cleaning new products,our certifications have SGS,CRS,MSDS,ect.We supply free samples for melamine foam sponges,you can test the quality first.
2.Our melamine foam sponges are eco-friendly and durable, just use water to clean stains.
3.There are too many applications.
4.Cheap price.
5.We support OEM.

Our melamine foam sponges are suitable for household items, office supplies (such as computers, telephones, photocopiers, office furniture, etc.), home appliances (such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, TVs, VCDs, etc.), stainless steel products (such as washing dishes, washing dishes). , bathroom supplies (such as bathtubs, tiles, toilets, etc.), laminate flooring, glassware, porcelain, coffee cups, dishes, sofas, tables and chairs, doors and windows, wallpapers, etc., dust, water stains, ink stains in the home environment , hand stains and other dirt.

Type of Free Samples for Melamine Foam Sponges

Our melamine sponge is a thermosetting polymer based on melamine resin. The product of this open cell foam is characterized by its three-dimensional network structure. Using melamine resin as a raw material, melamine sponge has flame retardancy, high temperature resistance and thermal stability without adding a flame retardant.And we supply many free samples for melamine foam sponges, but this doesn’t mean that we supply all samples,we can supply many stock we have, and we can also supply different sizes,but like customizing different shapes,it’s no problem for supply samples right now, we need to make the mould first, but we can supply samples before producing all products order.
basotect melamine foam
Melamine foam sponges stock


Free Samples for Orginal Melamine Foam Sponges

Our original melamine foam sponges have high water absorption, we have different density melamine foam sponges, there are different applications for different density, our original melamine foam sponges have high water absorption and pretty soft, The physical properties of this sponge are like an eraser, which wears out during the cleaning process.We recommend this kind original melamine foam sponges clean windows and doors glass, decorative glass, vases, lamps and stains. Our original melamine foam sponges are cheap and you can test the quality first.
free samples for melamine foam sponges
Free samples for melamine foam sponges


Free Samples for High Density Melamine Foam Sponges

High density melamine foam sponges are also called compressed nano sponge, 4th-generation nano sponges, compressed melamine foams.Our high density melamine foam sponges have more different shapes and textures.High-density melamine foam sponges are more tough than ordinary density nano sponges and have higher durability. They are compression sponges made by hot pressing technology. Melamine foam sponges cleaning blocks can only be flat, while high-density melamine foam sponges can suppress patterns, and there are many properties that ordinary density melamine foam sponges do not have.

High density melamine foam sponges can be used to clean tea cups, wash dishes, polish shoes, clean the switch panel stains, etc., especially in automotive interior cleaning applications. High-density melamine foam sponges can be used to clean car interior leather, steering wheel, instrument panel, car glass and wheel hub, clean and efficient decontamination.

high density free samples for melamine foam sponges
High density melamine foam sponges


Free Samples for Melamine Foam Sponges Scourer

Our melamine foam sponges scourer is made up of melamine foam sponges and scouring pad. ENDA composite products are tested by high-temperature water and oil to ensure that the composite will not be disengaged. Our company can produce and process the sponge products you need according to your requirements. Welcome to sample and order the products.
The splicing of the composite melamine foam sponges make it more wear-resistant, more durable, no slag, no oil, and can achieve double-sided cleaning effect (composite scouring surface: suitable for cleaning stubborn stains; cleaning sponge surface: Suitable for cleaning oil stains). One side of the sponge is soft and the other side is medium, and the two are combined into one for convenient use.

free samples for melamine foam sponges scourer
Melamine foam sponge scourer

Free Samples for Melamine Foam Sponges Acoustic Panel

Using melamine resin as raw material, melamine foam has superior flame retardant function without adding flame retardant. Melamine foam also has excellent heat resistance and thermal stability.The three-dimensional structure of the opening exhibits excellent sound absorption, heat insulation, low density and simple processing properties of the melamine sponge.Because of the unique three-dimensional mesh open structure, it plays a very good sound absorption effect.We have different shapes, like rectangle, pyramid, and others, and also have many different kinds, we also supply free samples for melamine foam sponges acoustic panel.
melamine foam sponges acoustic panel
Melamine foam sponges acoustic panel bulk

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