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  • Size:
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Famous brand:

Our products sell best in China Tmall platform. Enworld is famous for producing melamine foam.

2.Competitive price:

We are the direct melamine foam manufacturer. From the raw material to the product finishes, we produce the melamine foam by ourselves. Thus, we can provide you the best price.

3.Quality guarantee:

Product production is controlled entirely by ourselves without any external procurements. Also we have the individual department of Quality Assurance, and every part of cargo will be tested more than 3 times to make sure the product quality.

4.Guaranteed Delivery time:

First, we can control the whole process of product producing. With 2000 square meters' production plant, Enworld factory has 10000m³ total output annually.


Our melamine foam meets the standard of MSDS, CRS, SGS.

1. Cleaning: our melamine sponges can easily remove grimes, crayon and dirt. Enworld melamine eraser sponges are always used for kitchen cleaning, car washing and room cleaning.

2. Sound insulation: our melamine foam, with more than 99% open cell ratio, has strong sound absorption.

3.Thermal insulation: Enworld products have the property of insulating high temperature.

4. Fire resistance: our products are burnt without drops falling. The working condition is from -200 to 240℃.

To buy melamine foam is also a science. When you buy different sizes of melamine foam, you can have some recognition ability for high quality melamine foam. If you want to buy melamine foam with high quality, ENDA melamine foam supplier is the optimal choice. ENDA melamine foam manufacturer specializes in various melamine foam sizes.


buy melamine foam

Various colors of melamine foam


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Where to Buy Melamine Foam?

Where to buy melamine foam with high performance cost ratio is the question that every distributors want to know. ENDA manufacturer is devoted to researching and manufacturing melamine foam for 5 years. Making melamine foam, we are professional. ENDA can offer you higher quality and more durable melamine foam. If you ask where to buy melamine foam, it must be ENDA melamine foam manufacturer.

Buy Melamine Foam Sheets

How to buy melamine foam sheets? When you buy melamine foam sheets, you may find that some inferior melamine foam sheets are dirty, shapeless and smelly. To choose the right melamine foam brand is the first step to buy melamine foam sheets with high quality. ENDA is a famous China brand foam supplier. Our products sell well at home and abroad.


buy melamine foam sheets

Melamine foam sheets


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Buy Melamine Foam Square



ENDA manufacturer is the most suitable company for you to buy melamine foam square. To buy melamine foam square with high performance cost ratio, you have to know how to recognize the premium melamine foam squares. ENDA melamine foam is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and high flexibility. Buy melamine foam square, believe ENDA quality!

Buy Melamine Foam Sponge

Where can I buy melamine foam sponge? ENDA! ENDA manufacturer is the professional melamine foam sponge brand. When you buy melamine foam sponge in bulk, you should know that premium melamine sponges are not easy to crumble. ENDA produces larger and thicker melamine foam without any toxic ingredients. Buy melamine foam sponge, ENDA is your best choice.



buy melamine foam sponges

Melamine foam sponges


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Buy Melamine Foam Board

If you want to buy melamine foam board, it is very necessary to make sure the melamine foam board is non-toxic. ENDA melamine foam board adopts eco-friendly ingredients with high quality. In this way, we can ensure the customer satisfaction, when they use or buy melamine foam board in ENDA.

Buy Melamine Foam Pads

Where can you buy melamine foam pads ? ENDA manufacturer produces high density melamine foam pads. ENDA high-density melamine foam pads have strong power of floor cleaning. Buy melamine foam pads in ENDA, you will find cleaning floor is easy and relaxed. After you buy these melamine foam pads, you can install them in your floor cleaner easily. Just get these melamine foam pads attached to your floor cleaner.

buy melamine foam insulation

Different melamine foam shapes


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Buy Hydrophobic Melamine Foam

When the oil spill accident occurs, you may need to buy hydrophobic melamine foam. Hydrophobic melamine foam can absorb oil without taking water in. Thus, this kind of hydrophobic melamine foam can be used in many fields involving water insulation and oil absorption. Buy hydrophobic melamine foam, choose ENDA melamine foam supplier.

Buy Melamine Foam Magic Eraser

Where can I buy melamine foam magic eraser ? ENDA melamine foam magic eraser clean desks, table, wall, leather and shoes easily and efficiently. Only wipe with water, you will find almost everything is easy to clean. If you want to buy melamine foam magic eraser, ENDA will satisfy your every requirements.


buy melamine foam roll

Melamine foam roll


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Where to Buy Melamine Foam In China

If you ask where to buy melamine foam in China, you must be puzzled about finding excellent melamine foam suppliers. ENDA is a famous china brand melamine foam manufacturer. We produce and export high-quality products. We introduce the most advanced technology, only to offer you the best quality service.

Buy Open Cell Melamine Foam

To buy open cell melamine foam with high quality, you can test the our products that whether they are flexible enough or not. If they are easy to crumble, these melamine foam may not meet the standard. ENDA produces high-quality open cell melamine foam. Buy open cell melamine foam, ENDA is your best choice.


buy open cell melamine foam

Open cell melamine foam


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Little Tips to Buy Melamine Foam Online

Many people like to buy melamine foam online. When you buy melamine foam online, you should master the knowledge about the how to recognize the melamine foam. See the flexibility and shape of melamine foam. Whether it is uneven and flimsy.

Buy Melamine Foam Sound Absorber

Where can I buy melamine foam sound absorber ? ENDA melamine acoustic foam is high-quality and eco-friendly. If you buy melamine foam panel sound absorber, you can use it in many fields such as walls in factories, air condition vent pipe and every hot wind pipes.

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