Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale

  • Size:
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Reasonable price: The price of melamine foam bulk wholesale is much lower than the ordinary price.

2. Quality insurance:  Enworld manufacturer attaches great importance to product quality.

3. Service quality: We offer all-round product services for 24 hours.

1. Cleaning application: Our melamine foam bulk cleans dirt and grime easily.


2. Acoustic insulation: Enworld open cell melamine foam sheets have excellent performance of sound insulation.


3.Thermal insulation: Our melamine foam is widely used for thermal insulation in aerospace and high-speed rails field.


4.Fire resistance: Melamine foam panels now are often used to resist fire in construction and industry.

ENDA melamine foam bulk wholesale refers a large number of high-quality sponges for sale. Melamine foam is one of the main products in our company. In addition, we sell magic cleaning eraser, acoustic melamine foam, fire retardant foam and thermal insulation foam.


melamine foam bulk wholesale

Different colors of melamine foam bulk


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The Basic Information of ENDA Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale


Our melamine foam bulk wholesale business spreads all over the world. Our melamine foam cleaner is the new environmentally friendly cleaning product. Use ENDA melamine foam, you need only water without any noxious chemical detergent. Then, you can easily remove almost any dirt, scuff marks, grime and soap scum.


melamine foam in bulk wholesale

White high-density melamine foam bulk


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The Secret of ENDA Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale


ENDA melamine foam bulk has strong performances of cleaning, soundproofing, thermal insulation and fireproofing. As to cleaning performance, you can’t imagine how fast it cleans the stains and dirt. The most important thing is not only about its efficiency but about its health and environmental protection. The magic point refers to you can use our magic eraser melamine foam bulk only with water. No detergent and no chemical liquid. These functions offer you and your family healthy and efficient cleaning environment.


The Advantages of ENDA Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale


This melamine foam bulk is also multifunctional. Our melamine foam has many other functions apart from cleaning, such as fire retardant, soundproof and thermal insulation. It means that if you buy our malmine foam, you may use it not only to clean your room but also to keep your food or a space warm. What’s more, you can explore more DIY uses to enrich the functions of ENDA melamine foam bulk.


melamine foam wholesale

Yellow compound melamine foam bulk wholesale


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En-world Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale Price


ENDA melamine foam bulk wholesale price is pretty resonable. We warmly welcome the recruitment agency and distributors. We will offer the best melamine foam bulk wholesale price to you. What’s the most important is that our melamine foam is high-quality and high-efficiency. So, ENDA won’t let you down. We believe that high quality and best price are the basic requirements of the long-term cooperation.


The Direct Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale - ENDA


ENDA is the direct melamine foam bulk wholesale. We offer the high-quality melamine foam wholesale with good price. Our products sell well in both China and abroad. Also, our customers speak highly of our melamine foam. Moreover, ENDA, the direct manufacturer of melamine foam, tends to saving a large number of expenses for our agent and distributors. They can spare these money to expand their business.


melamine foam in bulk

Pink melamine foam bulk


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En-world Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale Online


Our sponges are very popular in China. We are now ranking first in Tmall online shopping in China. That means both our sales volume and the melamine foam review are the best in China. We also have ENDA melamine foam bulk wholesale online here. We are looking forward to a friendly partnership with long term intention and vision.


The Regular Size ENDA Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale


Different melamine foam bulk uses requires different sized foam. The details are as follows. The regular sizes of En-world melamine foam for cleaning are including 10*6*2cm, 10*7*3cm and 11*7*3cm. The max size of melamine acoustic foam is 2500*1250*300mm. We can customize the specific sizes to meet your requirements. Only need you to offer us your draft drawing. In addition, our melamine foam bulk can be cut into different sizes. Clean different things, you may need different sized melamine foam. Just make your own DIY foam sizes.


high-density melamine foam bulk wholesale

High-density melamine foam bulk wholesale


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En-world Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale Outlet


Our company has many outlets, selling our different sponge products. Our melamine foam bulk wholesale outlet can offer high-quality magic eraser sponge to distributors all over the world. We use the nontoxic and environmentally friendly material. Our small sponges have big power to erase any grit, stains and grime. Moreover, our melamine sponges clean things without destroying the surface of your walls, plates and the floors.


melamine sponges bulk wholesale

Grey compound melamine foam bulk


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Fire Retardant Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale


Are you looking for the best fire retardant melamine foam wholesaler? Are you still worried about unstable supply of melamine foam blocks? Are you anxious about the melamine foam wholesale price? ENDA fire retardant melamine foam bulk wholesale offers you superior-quality products with best price.



melamine foam manufacturers in china

Compound melamine sponges for cleaning


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Acoustic Melamine Foam Bulk Wholesale


ENDA is devoted to acoustic melamine foam bulk wholesale. In China, our company is famous for melamine foam producing. Our products are welcomed by the majority of our customers all over the world. The superior effect of soundproofing determines its popularity degree.

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