Melamine Foam Heat Resistance

  • Size:80*80*5cm, 100*100*5cm or upon request
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



It is a low bulk density, high density structure, high open porosity, excellent flame retardancy, sound absorption and heat insulation, moisture and heat stability, hygienic safety and good secondary processing.
Construction and industry, vehicle construction, automotive industry, factory building and building insulation engineering, rail vehicles, aerospace applications, acoustic laboratory or recording studio, cleaning field.

Why Choose ENDA Melamine Foam Heat Resistance?

The melamine foam is made by high temperature foaming, and no residual formaldehyde remains. Our melamine foam heat resistance sponge has good thermal insulation properties, flame retardancy, sound absorption and noise reduction, safety and health, mechanical processing and other properties. Compared with other plastic foams, it has obvious advantages and is expected to replace foams such as polystyrene and polyurethane. 

melamine foam
Grey melamine foam heat resistance


The Role of Melamine Foam Heat Resistance

Melamine foam is a flexible, flexible open foam made from melamine and is characterized by a fine three-dimensional network structure. The thermal insulation properties of melamine foam make melamine suitable for use in various fields such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, rails, walls and sky shields, acoustic partitions, studio sound insulation, theater sound absorption, aerospace thermal insulation, and others. Leisure place. It can be used as a lining, power generation industry and many automotive devices. Currently, ENDA melamine foam heat resistance has an irreplaceable position in life.

melamine foam insulation
Customized melamine foam insulation sponges


Compare Our Melamine Foam Heat Resistance

Melamine foam has good performances such as thermal insulation and heat insulation, and has been rapidly developed in the field of thermal insulation materials in recent years. The opening ratio is up to 99%. The three-dimensional grid structure can effectively block the convective heat transfer of air. According to GB/T 10294-2008, the thermal conductivity is 0.0346W/(m·k), which can be long-term at 200-240°C.

melamine foam heat resistance blocks
High quality heat insulation melamine foam

The Market of Melamine Foam Heat Resistance

The general plastic foam is required to be added with a flame retardant because it is flammable. Many of the flame retardants will liberate toxic gases that can be put to death at high temperatures, causing secondary disasters and environmental pollution. Now our melamine is widely used in various pipe insulation. The excellent effect has been paid attention to by many people, and there is no so-called service life. It can be used continuously under the continuous work of high temperature. Therefore, the market prospect of green, safe and economical thermal insulation materials is superior to traditional foam insulation materials. Relevant experts predict that the future melamine foam will grow at an average annual rate of 20%.

fireproofing melamine foam
Fireproofing melamine foam sponges

The Data of ENDA Melamine Foam Heat Resistance

Our open cell melamine foam heat resistance is suitable for long-term operation at 200-240 degrees Celsius, and there is no decomposition and deformation below 400 degrees Celsius. Some people are worried about the temperature of spontaneous combustion. Our melamine has a high ignition point. It can reach GB8624-2006 standard B-s2, t2 level without adding any flame retardant (equivalent to German DIN 4102 B1, US UL 94-96 V). -0 grade high flame retardant material standard,) No need to add any flame retardant medium after contact with open flame, the flame retardant grade can reach B1 grade specified in GB/T8624-2012. Basotect melamine foam will automatically coke immediately under open flame conditions without generating dripping, only producing harmless N2 to prevent burning. It is currently a new high-tech fireproof material recommended by the public security department of China. The surface of the frontal combustion body forms a dense coke layer to block the combustion, no dripping, no toxic fumes, no burning, and self-extinguishing from the fire.

high quality melamine foam
High quality melamine foam heat resistance

This new type of insulation, heat insulation, fireproofing, sound absorption, and clean melamine board, the relevant person said that the market will become bigger and bigger every year in the future. Choosing a good manufacturer will have a direct impact on your development. We provide samples. Please contact us as soon as possible.

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