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What is melamine foam insulation?

What is Melamine Foam Insulation?

Melamine foam is a kind of foam with ultra-high opening ratio structure. It is the most light cleaning products, fine in material, good in toughness and easy to process. It has excellent properties such as sound proofing, flame retardant and high temperature resistance. It is used in architectural acoustics, household cleaning, and aerospace navigation, rail transit, industrial insulation, electronic appliances, wall decoration have a wide range of applications.

melamine foam insulation
White melamine foam insulation


What is Melamine Foam Insulation Soundproofing Panel?

The structure of the melamine foam insulation with a 98% open cell ratio can effectively absorb sound waves, so that the sound waves are reflected in the melamine sponge, and it is continuously consumed, thereby achieving the effects of soundproofing, noise reduction and shock absorption. The acoustic proofing capacity of melamine foam is tested by the physical laboratory of Tsinghua University, and its sound proof coefficient can reach the first level requirement. We can fill the melamine foam to the wall or make a ceiling, which can be used in recording studios, restaurants, theaters, stadiums and other places. It is a new type of noise reduction material.
white melamine foam acoustic insulation
Soundproofing melamine foam insulation

What is Melamine Foam Insulation for Cleaning?

The special internal structure of melamine foam can produce strong stain adsorption force just use water, and it can be easily decontaminated by physical means. Melamine foam is also known as nano cleaning sponge, or magic eraser, magic sponge,melamine cleaning blocks, etc. As a new arrival cleaning product, melamine foam can be used to wipe glass, ceramic, plastic, metal and other objects, with good cleaning effect. Does not damage the material. The same applies to automotive interiors or industrial molds.
cleaning melamine foam insulation
Cleaning melamine foam insulation

Space navigation and rail transit:Melamine sponges have been widely used in aerospace navigation and rail transit, but these applications are less exposed to daily use, so they can't feel it. The melamine sponge is light in weight and high in temperature resistance. It can not only reduce the weight of the fuselage, but also play a role of heat preservation. It can be said to be a very practical and economical material, and the general material cannot be replaced. As a manufacturer of melamine sponges, Enwald can be customized to meet different installation requirements.
melamine foam
Acoustic melamine foam insulation

What is Melamine Foam Fireproofing Insulation? 

Due to the high internal opening ratio of the melamine foam, it can effectively block the convective heat transfer of the air. It is a good industrial thermal insulation material with a high temperature peak of 240 ° C and is not easily deformed under high temperature conditions. After sampling, the melamine sponge will form a dense coke layer on the surface of the combustion body after contact with the open flame to block the combustion. During the period, no toxic fumes or dripping will be generated, and it will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire source, which can achieve the flame retardant requirement, so it is a safe insulation material. Enworld can combine melamine foam with aluminum foil or non-woven fabric to meet various industrial applications.
magic melamine foam insulation

What is Melamine Foam Insulation for Wall Decoration?

Although the decorative sponge is not widely used, because the basotect melamine foam is easy to process, we can cut it into various shapes and sizes, even painting on it, and then hanging it on the roof or wall, in addition to being artistic, it also has soundproofing and thermal insulation. Many artists look for different new materials to complete their creations, the melamine foam of our company will be the best choice.
beautiful melamine foam insulation
Magic melamine foam decoration

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