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Where Is Melamine Foam Acoustic Panel Used?

As a kind of good sound absorption and heat preservation material, the melamine foam sheet has received widespread attention. Its sound absorption coefficient is as high as 0.95. In terms of sound absorption performance, it is ahead of most sound absorption materials. So, where is the melamine foam sound insulation board used? It seems that many people have a misunderstanding about this problem, thinking that the melamine foam insulation can only be used in some professional places. However, it is not. Today, I will summarize some uses of melamine foam insulation boards to help you make better use of melamine foam sheet.


melamine acoustic foam for sound absorbing

Melamine acoustic foam for sound absorbing


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How Does Melamine Foam Acoustic Panel Work?

Before we understand the uses of the melamine foam insulation, let's see how they work. The melamine foam insulation is three-dimensional network structure with high open cell. Its 99% open cell structure makes the inside of the melamine foam acoustic panel filled with interconnected tiny pores. Thus, the melamine foam panel is a kind of dense porous material. Generally speaking, sound waves are easily absorbed by porous materials and reflected by hard surfaces, which is why thick carpets absorb noise, while walls reflect it, causing reverberation. In the same way, when noise comes into contact with the melamine foam insulation, it is easily absorbed by the melamine foam, and is constantly reflected and rubbed inside the sponge until it is consumed, which also achieves the effect of noise reduction and sound absorption.


melamine foam acoustic panels for sale

Melamine foam acoustic panels for sale


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The Wide Application of Melamine Foam Acoustic Panel

With high sound absorption power, the melamine foam acoustic panel has a wide range of uses. To ensure that the work is presented to the best effect, many people use the melamine foam acoustic panel in their recording studios to reduce noise and and reverberation. In addition, the melamine foam acoustic panel is widely used in muffler rooms, offices, classrooms, restaurants, theatres, gymnasiums, industrial assembly lines, etc. In recent years, with the continuous increase of urban noise, people have begun to use melamine foam sound insulation boards in their homes in order to have a comfortable and quiet environment. The results show that the melamine sound insulation board can effectively solve the noise problem, as long as you post it on walls, ceilings, and other places.


the application of melamine foam panels

The application of melamine foam panels


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Where to Buy Best Melamine Foam Acoustic Panel?

Where to buy best melamine foam acoustic panel? It is can be said that En-world company is a good choice. En-world company has specialized in the production and sales of melamine foam for ten years and enjoys a good reputation in the industry. Our melamine foam products are rich in variety and exported to more than 40 countries. We have an independent factory, so we have an advantage in terms of price. Moreover, before the product enters the market, we will inspect three times to ensure the quality of the product. If you have any needs, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with customized services according to your needs. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry.


high quality melamine foam sheets

High quality melamine foam sheets


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