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Melamine Foam Safety

Is the Melamine In the Foam Safe?

In terms of melamine foam safety, I think it is necessary for manufactures to popularize the common sense of melamine foam safety. To be honest, the main ingredients involved in the melamine foam are melamine and resin. It is suggested that the physical characteristics of the melamine itself is water insoluble, with a good balance of physical property. That's the first reason why customers don't need concern about melamine foam safety. In other words, compared with traditional cleaning sponges or foams, the biggest difference of melamine foam products is that the process of physical decontamination. Relying on the nanoscale capillary opening structure of the sponges, melamine foam itself will automatically absorb the stubborn stains on an array of surfaces of the objects during the wiping. With 99.9% natural antibacterial effect, the series of melamine foam safety products contain no harmful substances such as chemical cleaning agent and so on. Just because of this, the melamine foam products are popular with customers from European and American markets. About melamine foam safety, this kind of melamine foam product has strong cleaning effect and fine material, thus are beneficial to environment. In response to this, our En-world company promises to all new and old customers our melamine foam safety.
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Have Authoritative Certificates about Melamine Foam Safety?

Our En-world melamine foam products have been committed to customers first, melamine foam safety and providing our customers with first-class quality and low melamine foam sponge price. Based on the trust from clients, our company will give our clients an explanation on authoritative censorship about the melamine foam safety. If the customers are curious about our melamine foam safety and other questions, please search the keyword “ En-world melamine foam ” on the Internet or scan our official website to testify the authenticity of our products as well as related certificates such as SGS, CRS and MSDS and so on. According to the official statistics, these certificates are very influential all over the world.
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Are Melamine Foam Safe In Kitchen Utensils Cleaning ?

When it comes to the melamine foam safety, the nationwide Sanlu milk powder incident scandal in the year of 2008 in China springs to people’s mind instantly. It can be taken for granted that the stocking event makes an  indignant impression on tens of thousands of families with infants. As a matter of fact, Chinese manufacturers added thousands of tones of the melamine chemical into milk powder, and thus theses behaviors are extremely unethical and illegal. From then on, our Chinese people from all walks of life have been attach importance on the contamination crisis and the environmental-friendly products. So naturally melamine foam safety has become a big problem. As our enterprise’s staple cleaning product, our enterprise take the problem of melamine foam safety as the center.

In order to assure our customers of melamine foam safety, at here I am pleased to restate the scientific basis on the principle of sponges. Nanometer sponge, or melamine foam bulk, is a kind of nanoparticle developed by Liangfang Zhang, a professor of nanoscale engineering at the university of California, San Diego. The red-cell-coated nanoparticles can remove toxins from human’s body and can be used to fight bacterial infections. The “nanometer sponge” aims at killing cells through digging holes in them. There is no doubt that the fact is overly convincing. Therefore the customers don’t need to worry about melamine foam safety and melamine foam products whether can be used in kitchen utensils or not.

In spite of the misunderstandings the melamine foam safety get from people who are not familiar with or have not used our melamine foam erasers, they’re actually safe to use in your kitchen. The fact-checkers at melamine sponge products have debunked the rumor that the event of melamine foam safety. They confirmed that formaldehyde is a volatile organic compound, or VOC. In the meanwhile these staffs have denied the fallacy that these substances are believed to be carcinogenic.

In case of emergency, if the customers still worry about melamine foam safety, at here I would like to give the clients some considerable suggestions. For one thing, the users can choose to put the melamine foam products into the water in a period (about five minutes) before using; for another thing, the users had better wash the utensils again with clean water after using the melamine foam products. To sum up, there is nothing to tell about the safety of the melamine foam products.

As a company specializing in the sale of the melamine foam cleaning products. We melamine foam manufacturers always adhere to “provide the best service for customers”, once you are going to use our melamine foam products, please in accordance with the correct method to use the melamine foam products as mentioned in our official website long before.

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What Should the Users Know about Melamine Foam Safety ?


Apart from that, the users should learn about that our En-world melamine foam cleaning products are not only suitable for the kitchen field, they are but also the same with the other places or aspects. Here it is:

The melamine foam products are suitable for cleaning rough and uneven surface, and removing deep stubborn dirt. It is not difficult to clean and use, and no scratches remain on the surface of the objects. The users  only need water to decontaminate, without any detergents. In this way our melamine foam products will not have an bad influence on the environment. When the users cleaning the stubborn stains, it only needs 30-40% of the water consumption of the traditional cleaning method, which greatly reduces sewage discharge, saves water resources, and is safe and environmentally friendly for modern household cleaning.

In view of melamine foam safety, most important one is that the series of melamine foam products can not be used as the facial cleaning puff. As we all know, our facial cuticle is thoroughly fragile and thin, while the sponges are very frictional. Hence we don’t advise the users to clean face. Additional, the users should keep kids away from those foam products in case of devouring.

Please use the melamine foam products randomly. We are look forward to establishing a mutual beneficial relation with the customers. We would appreciate if you could contact us immediately.

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