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Is Melamine Foam Dangerous?

Is Melamine Foam Dangerous?

Melamine sponges are widely used in all areas of life, but many people don't understand what melamine foam is? how about it? Is the effect good? Can it be toxic and polluted? Is melamine foam dangerous? Experts say that the chemical nature of melamine is inert and does not react with many things, so the melamine makes cleaning sponges without much harm. According to different product structure and characteristics, can be widely used in acoustics, sound insulation, construction Insulation and household cleaning products and other fields are new environmentally friendly materials with great development prospects in the 21st century.

round basotect melamine foam

White melamine foam sponges

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Theorecical Explanation of melamine foam

Theoretically speaking, basotect melamine foam is not too toxic to humans because it is very low water soluble. In the human body, what is most afraid of water-soluble things, if dissolved in water, the human body has a lot of water and blood, then people will be easily poisoned at this time, of course, this thing is not very soluble in water, so it is difficult It is absorbed by humans, so the toxicity of melamine itself to the human body is not too great.

melamine foam sponges
Melamine foam pad

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Professional Test of Melamine Foam

Many people have resistance to melamine sponges. The magic sponge eraser melamine cleaner is tested by SGS and have been confirmed by the Food and Drug Safety Agency of Korea Research Institute (KOLAS) (No. 99-8). Harmless to the human body, We just  use melamine foam magic eraser to clean stubborn stains, not eating it. As long as it is used correctly, it will not hurt the human body, so don't worry.There are also people worried that melamine will decompose formaldehyde. In fact, melamine sponge is made by high temperature foaming, and there is no residual free formaldehyde. Its stable chemical structure and cross-linking system make it have unique chemical stability, and its hygienic properties can reach food hygiene level.

eco-friendly melamine foam

Eco-friendly melamine foam sponges


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Animal Experiments of Melamine Foam

In addition, professional researchers have done experiments, animal experiments show that after the injection of a lethal dose of the strongest toxin toxin, the new treatment can greatly increase the survival rate of mice. Liver biopsy performed several days after injection showed no damage, indicating that the melamine foam cleaning pad along with the toxin accumulated in the liver has been safely digested. So melamine foam is not dangerous.

melamine foam new products

Melamine foam sponge new product in 2019


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Our High-quality Melamine Foam for Cleaning

Our melamine foam by special process, deep processing again, improve product density and physical characteristics: high density melamine foam has better toughness, can directly dry moisture, wear resistance and cleaning effect is more obvious. The high density magic sponge adopts the mechanism of physical decontamination, relies on the nano-scale capillary opening structure in the sponge, and automatically adsorbs the stain on the surface of the object during the wiping process, and does not rely on any chemical detergent to help degrade.

melamine foam
Cut Melamine foam sponge

In particular, even if melamine is not dangerous, it is not edible, and do not wipe the skin, because strong friction may scratch the skin.If the skin is red and swollen, it is entirely because of the friction. If it is slightly red, the skin will repair itself soon. If it is serious, go to the hospital to get some anti-inflammatory drugs. There is not much problem, don't worry.

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