Is Melamine Foam Abrasive?
Is melamine foam abrasive? Yes, I am sure that all kinds of melamine foam sponges including Enworld melamine foam manufacturer’s melamine foam sponges are abrasive. First of all, there is no doubt that the abrasive property of melamine foam sponge. As a matter of fact, the abrasive property of magic melamine sponge with strong cleaning power mainly has an effect on the cleaning effect of melamine foam cleaning sponge. For example, It is often said that Enworld melamine foam sponge is famous for its prominent feature on cleaning dirty surfaces on different kinda of objects. In the final analysis, because our melamine foam cleaning products have better abrasive property. Well, for this question “ Is melamine foam abrasive”, I have a lot of words to say.

Do Enworld Melamine Foam Cleaning Blocks Have Abrasive Property?

Is melamine foam abrasive? Do Enworld melamine foam cleaning blocks have abrasive property? Of course, the abrasive property of Enworld melamine foam supplier’s melamine foam for sale is one of the most important advantage for using. So what is the definition of abrasive property belongings to compressed melamine foam blocks. Generally speaking, the abrasive property of Enworld company’s melamine foam bulk for cleaning means the density, tenacity, toughness and abrasive resistance of melamine foam cleaner have the advantage in all abrasive cleaners or magic sponge eraser melamine cleaners from other brands.

abrasive melamine foam cleaner

Abrasive melamine foam cleaner

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Why Melamine Foam Cleaning Blocks Have Abrasive Property?

Why is melamine foam abrasive? When you finished reading the following content, you will get it. It is a recognized fact that melamine foam panel is abrasive, and its unique abrasive property makes compound melamine foam sponge occupy the main position in the field of cleaning. I intend to analyze the reason why melamine foam board is abrasive in the following three aspects:

The Microporous Structure of Melamine Foam Cleaner

First and foremost: According to Wikipedia, our best quality melamine foam bulk for cleaning has a special microporous and cellular open-cell structure. At the same time, this kind of melamine foam cleaner contains 99 percent fractional hole area, this special structure allows magic melamine sponge cleaning eraser to absorb almost every tiny bacterial particle. In addition that, melamine foam cleaning sponge’s polymer material is very hard, so when used these melamine foam cleaning sponges for cleaning, it acts like a kind of very fine sandpaper, through entering tiny grooves and pits in the object being cleaned. This is the first reason why is melamine foam abrasive.

Enworld melamine foam sponge

Enworld melamine foam sponge

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The Cleaning Principle of Melamine Foam Magic Eraser

About the question that: Is melamine foam abrasive? We have to talk about its cleaning principle of melamine foam sponge with abrasive property.The biggest difference between our melamine foam sponge and the traditional cleaning sponge is that the whole cleaning process is very environmentally friendly. The cleaning principle of melamine foam adopts physical decontamination and relies on the nano-level capillary hole structure inside melamine foam panel to automatically absorb the dirt on the surface of the object in the wiping process.

1.99.9% natural antibacterial, without any chemical cleaning agent, super efficacy, fine material, no harm to the skin, clean and environmentally friendly;Suitable for cleaning concave and convex surface, deep stubborn dirt, easy to do, no scratches;

2.Easy to use, decontamination only requires water, no need for any detergent, do not cause new pollution to the environment;

3. Cleaning only requires 30-40% of the water consumption of traditional cleaning methods, which can greatly reduce sewage discharge, save water, and be environmentally friendly for modern society.

The Distinctive Attribute of Enworld Multi Cleaner Melamine Foam For Sale

Our company’s melamine foam sponges, especially in premium melamine foam sponges, the density of melamine foam bulk for cleaning is as twice as original melamine resin foam eraser. As we all know, a small piece of high density multi cleaner melamine foam for sale is stronger than a low density flexible melamine foam. If you want to know more about the real using feelings about our best quality melamine foam bulk for cleaning, you had better select a piece of melamine foam eraser pad to clean stains. To sum up, compared with other ordinary melamine foam in bulk, our melamine foam sponge can be used more than one time, it is not a disposable cleaning product. This is the third reason why is melamine foam abrasive.

Does Melamine Foam Bulk For Cleaning Leave Scratch Residue?

In other words, the abrasive property of melamine foam cleaning sponge determines that Enworld melamine foam cleaner brand’s melamine foam for cleaning is a kind of high efficient abrasive cleaning product. Is melamine foam abrasive? Yes, melamine foam sponge have the property of abrasive, but our melamine foam sheets scratch off those stubborn stains on the dirty surfaces will not leave scratch residues.

On the contrary, our Enworld melamine foam sponge manufacturer’s cheap melamine foam sponges are the new accessory products for household cleaning. Our melamine foam bulk wholesale is made of compressed melamine foam cleaning pads with superior cleaning effect.

melamine foam sponge with abrasive property

Melamine foam sponge with abrasive property


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What Surfaces Can Melamine Foam Eraser Clean?

As I said before, faced with “ Is melamine foam abrasive ” this question, melamine foam eraser has strong cleaning effect on most surfaces of objects. For instance, most offices use wooden office desks and chairs. It is easy to accumulate a lot of dirt that is hard to remove in the texture of these wooden desks and chairs. You only need to wipe the water with Enworld melamine foam magic sponge to remove it easily. It is suitable for clean those uneven surface of objects, only using a small piece of melamine foam cleaner at the invisible surface, then you can use it on the dirty surfaces at will.

The Precautions of Melamine Foam Cleaner With Abrasive Property

For the moment, I think you probably will not ask that question —— Is melamine foam abrasive again. I believe that you must have learned a lot about the abrasive property of our melamine foam cleaner. Although our the series of melamine foam sponge is very abrasive, and it has strong force of surface friction, there are still some cleaning precautions you should know. Do not use melamine foam bulk for cleaning and other abrasive cleaners or chemical solvents as they may damage the delicate surfaces of objects. The melamine resin foam eraser may be left a rougher surface than sandpaper once you using it. As a result, melamine foam sponge has a lot of friction and correspondingly a plenty of stain removal power, so please be careful to use melamine foam roll or other categories of melamine foam cleaning sponges on any objects that might damage the surface.

Enworld Company’s Melamine Foam For Sale

Enworld melamine foam bulk for cleaning using a new type of micro-grinding technology, deep inside the micro-holes, quickly clean stubborn stains, just using clean water, without damaging the surface gloss of the object. I conclude that this kind of multi cleaner melamine foam for sale micro-grinding, no scratches; just water, easy to clean. It is suitable for cleaning the surface of dirty objects. For the dirt hidden in the uneven surface, our magic melamine sponge with strong cleaning power can also be easily handled without scratches. In short, it is an ideal replacement household cleaning product.

abrasive melamine foam cleaning sponge for sale

Abrasive melamine foam cleaning sponge for sale

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