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How to Clean Door Knobs with Melamine Foam Magic Eraser?

Nowadays, people pay more attention to the thorough cleaning of the home because of viruses and flu. In household cleaning, we will not forget the cleaning of easily overlooked items, such as door knobs, light switches. In fact, we are constantly opening and closing doors every day, the grease on hands will stick to door knobs, which also leads to the door knob is easy to get ash. It can be said that the door knob is one of the dirtiest places in our house. Then, do you know how to clean door knobs? There's no doubt that the melamine foam sponge is the perfect product for cleaning door handles. It has a strong cleaning power, allowing you to quickly say goodbye to the stains on the door handle.


use melamine foam sponge to clean door knobs

 Door knob


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Best Product for Cleaning Door Knobs: Melamine Foam Magic Eraser

Why using the melamine foam sponge is a good choice? We can get the answer from the following description. Generally speaking, most door knobs are made of metal. The door knob cannot be completely cleaned with only towels, and chemical detergents are needed. But chemical detergents are corrosive, they will corrode the surface of door knobs and make door knobs tarnish. However, the melamine foam magic eraser has strong cleaning power. It only needs water to effectively remove dirt, grease, and fingerprints on door knobs, no chemical detergent is needed. Moreover, the melamine sponge has 99.9% natural antibacterial effect. In contrast, melamine foam magic erasers are safer and healthier.


melamine foam magic eraser for cleaning

Melamine foam magic eraser for cleaning


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How to Use Melamine Foam Magic Eraser to Clean Door Knobs?

One of the most remarkable features of the melamine foam cleaner is that it is easy to use. Using it can save a lot of time and energy in our door knobs cleaning work. As for how to use the melamine foam magic eraser to clean door knobs, it is very simple. First, we need to wet the melamine foam sponge in water and squeeze out most of the water. A small amount of water can stimulate the super cleaning power of the sponge, making it your best cleaning helper. Next, gently wipe the door knobs. The melamine foam sponge is porous structure, it can get into tiny grooves and pits in the door knob for deeply cleaning. Finally, we can use alcohol wipes to disinfect.


melamine resin foam eraser on door knobs cleaning

Melamine resin foam eraser on door knobs cleaning


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Is It Safe to Use Melamine Foam Sponges to Clean Door Knobs?

We all know that door knobs cannot be cleaned with polished materials and chemical detergents. Then, Is the melamine foam eraser pad an abrasive? Does it contain a detergent? As a professional melamine foam manufacturer with ten years of experience, En-world company can give you the most professional answer. Although the melamine foam sponge is known as an effective abrasive cleaner, its interconnected small holes make it soft, so it will not cause damage when wiping the door knob. In addition, the melamine foam cleaning sponge does not contain any chemical detergents, and its strong cleaning power is due to its physical properties. Therefore, the melamine foam sponge is absolutely safe and meets people's requirements for the safety of cleaning products.


high quality melamine  foam nano sponge

high quality melamine  foam nano sponge


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