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  • Three 20'' Containers Melamine

    In April 12, 2019, Our Turkey clients reorder the magic sponge of three containers, total quantity is 734400pcs, and customized themselves packaging, its beautif

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Enworld Melamine Foam walked into Africa

Enworld Melamine Foam walked into Africa

  • Size:10*6*2CM,10*7*3CM,12*7*2.5CM,11.8*6.1*2.6CM
  • Density:7-24kg/m3
  • Color:white/ light gray/ pink
  • Acoustic Coefficient:0.95 NRC
  • Thermal Conductivity:2.31(m³*k)/W
  • Working Temperature:-190-240
  • Fire Rating:class B1



1. Famous brand:
Our sales are always in the Top3 at China in the sponges field, Most time at Top1 Place.

2.Competitive price:
Because not only we have raw material cost low advantage, but also from raw materials to products, every part produce by ourself.

3.Quality guarantee:
Product production to be controlled entirely on ourselves.Also we have the individual department of Quality Assurance,and every part of cargo will be tested 3times, then shipping. We have passed MSDS, CRS, SGS authentication.
Ceramics: dishes, tableware, tea sets, toilets, bathtubs, mops, urinals, mosaics, tiles and other stains.

Plastic products: stains of plastic tables and chairs, plastic steel windows, shower rooms, children's toys, plastic slippers, plastic trash cans and so on.

Office equipment: such as office desk, computer (keyboard), printer, duplicator, fax machine, telephone, pen, ink and other surface stains.

Electrical appliances: TV, fridge, washing machine, air conditioner, microwave oven, fan, rice cooker, disinfecting cupboard and other stains.

Glass products: windows and doors glass, decorative glass, vases, lamps and stains.

Leather products: stains of cars and their interior, leather furniture, sofa, leather bags, tourist shoes and so on. After cleaning, they need to be maintained with leather lubricants.

Hardware products: locks, switches, sockets, wires, knives and other stains.
13th. Nov, 2018 to 15th. Nov, 2018. Enworld joined The Landmark Exhibition in Nigeria, Here our melamine foam get great praise.

melamine foam in africa
melamine foam in africa

Enworld as an import and export enterprise, melamine foam products which are sold in many countries and regions of the world. This time the exhibition has aroused great interest among African friends. And getted great praise. Only half a day, all of our melamine foam products were sold out, no any surplus.

melamine foam hot sell
melamine foam hot sell

Which melamine foam packages hot sell at africa?

1.Orginal density 8kg/m3 melamine foam, size at 10*6*2cm and package color in Rose red & green, also melamine foam color at white, gray and pink Individual packing:
melamine foam 10*6*2cm package
melamine foam 10*6*2cm package
2.Orginal density 8kg/m3 melamine foam, size at 12*7*2.5cm, package color in Rose red & green, also melamine foam color at white, gray and pink Individual casing:
melamine foam 12*7*2.5cm
melamine foam 12*7*2.5cm

3.Orginal density 8kg/m3 melamine foam, size at 10*7*3cm 3pack for every bag wrap up, here have rose red & green packing, white, gray and pink color of melamine foam
melamine foam 10*7*3cm
melamine foam 10*7*3cm

4.Orginal density 8kg/m3 melamine foam, size at 10*6*2cm(White, gray & Pink) 80pack for every bag packing
5.Orginal density 8kg/m3 melamine foam, size at 10*7*3cm(White, gray & Pink) 50pack for every bag packing
6.Orginal density 8kg/m3 melamine foam, size at 11.8*6.1*2.6cm(White, gray & Pink) 50pack for every bag packing
melamine foam 11.8*6.1*2.6cm 50pack
melamine foam 11.8*6.1*2.6cm 50pack


Also we have higher density, more stronger and durable sponge: 10kg/m3, 12kg/m3, 16kg/m3, 24kg/m3,32kg/m3...melamine foam sponge(White, Gray and Pink color), Any size which less than 2500*1250*300mm can do.
melamine foam 10*7*3cm 50pack
melamine foam 10*7*3cm 50pack

Enworld company as one meamine foam manufacturer, we not only produce the melamine foam sponge, but also can custom OEM packaging according our clients’s special requirement.
customer OEM melamine foam package
Customer OEM melamine foam package

Enworld melamine foam have passed the SGS, CRS, MSDS certificted. And exports a huge quantity of melamine foam to the United states(USA), England(UK), Mexico, Canada, UAE, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, France, Portugal, Italy and so on for every year.

Enworld melamine foam are almost all over the world.Enworld is seeking melamine foam agent, That because much african consumers are very like enworld melamine foam, so they strongly demand. If you are interested, welcome your any news at our email address: We will give you answer within 24hours.

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