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The item TikTokers are using to whiten their teeth is magic eraser. As we all know, the magic eraser is made of melamine resin and has incredible cleaning power. Generally speaking, the magic eraser is used to clean things, so is it really safe to use the magic eraser to whiten teeth?

The answer is yes, it's very safe to whiten teeth with magic eraser. First of all, the raw material of whiten teeth magic eraser does not contain any harmful substances to human health. Second, studies have shown that magic erasers are effective and safer in whitening teeth.

magic eraserMagic eraser

The study found that "magic erasers were more effective and less invasive at removing stains from tooth surfaces than conventional toothbrushes."

It is worth mentioning that you need to be extra careful when using the magic eraser to whiten your teeth.

✔ Because the magic eraser itself has strong abrasiveness, the frequency of using the magic eraser every week should not be too high, 2 time once week is fine, and do not use too much force to avoid injury tooth enamel.

✔ The magic eraser is easy to fall off, avoiding pieces of magic eraser entering the mouth, and avoiding using whiten teeth magic eraser for children.

Do the above points, you can rest assured to use the magic eraser to whithen your teeth.

teeth cleaning magic eraserTeeth cleaning magic eraser

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