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As we all know, melamine foam is a common soundproofing melamine foam, so what is the soundproofing effect of melamine foam?

The soundproofing effect of melamine foam can reach more than 95%, which can be said to be very good. And soundproofing melamine foam is very suitable for cutting off human voice, guitar sound and piano sound, and installating in places with high standards for soundproofing, such as recording studio, high-speed rail, subway, office, restaurant and home.

Why the soundproofing effect of melamine foam can reach more than 95%?

Because the opening pore rate of melamine foam reaches 99.9%, and this open and dense pore structure acts as a natural soundwave absorber and prevents noises from reverberating off hard surfaces like walls, floors and ceilings.

Soundproofing melamine foamSoundproofing melamine foam

Different shapes of soundproofing melamine foam have different soundproofing effects, because the shapes are different and the internal sound reflection tracks are different. The best effect is the pyramid-shaped soundproofing melamine foam, followed by wedge-shaped soundproofing melamine foam, and then ordinary and suspended soundproofing melamine foam.

soundproofing melamine foamPyramid-shaped soundproofing melamine foam

In addition to its excellent soundproofing effect, melamine foam also has excellent properties such as fire prevention, heat insulation, and thermal insulation. This makes melamine foam superior to other soundproofing foams and be one of the most cost-effective soundproofing acoustic foams on the market.

As a professional manufacturer of soundproofing melamine foam, Enda can customize soundproofing melamine foam in various shapes and sizes for you. When you need sound-absorbing solutions, welcome feel free to consult us.

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