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The nano cleaning sponge is actually a magic sponge, that is, a melamine sponge. These three names refer to a foam sponge made of melamine resin.

Why is it called nano cleaning sponge?

The name of the nano cleaning sponge is related to its own structure and characteristics. Nano cleaning sponge is a special open-cell structure foam developed by new nanotechnology. Each small particle inside the nano cleaning sponge is smaller than one ten thousandth of a hair, like nano-micro molecules. In addition, nano cleaning sponge is also a new type of eco-friendly cleaning products in the 21st century, so the magic melamine sponge is called nano cleaning sponge.

nano cleaning sponges erasersNano cleaning sponges

Uses of nano cleaning sponge

The biggest difference between the nano cleaning sponge and the traditional cleaning sponge is that the nano cleaning sponge adopts a pure physical decontamination mechanism. Relying on the nano-scale capillary opening structure in the sponge, it can automatically absorb the stains on the surface of the object during the wiping process. It is simple and convenient to use.

• Nano cleaning sponge can be used for household cleaning, such as to clean kitchen utensils, home, walls, floors, etc.

• Nano cleaning sponge can be used for office cleaning, such as to clean desks, chairs, printers, computers, keyboards, etc.

• Nano cleaning sponges can be used in cars, such as to clean car windows, wheels, seats, interiors, etc.

nano cleaning spongesThe uses of nano cleaning sponges

Enda nano cleaning sponge classification

Enda nano cleaning sponges are mainly divided into ordinary density nano cleaning sponges and high density nano cleaning sponges. The ordinary density nano cleaning sponges are extremely soft to the touch. Compared with ordinary density nano cleaning sponges, the high density nano cleaning sponges are more flexible and more durable, both of which can be used for the clean uses introduced above.

In addition, Enda nano cleaning sponges can also be composited with other materials, such as wood pulp cellulose, scouring pads, non-woven cloth, etc. Each composite nano cleaning sponge has its own featuers, with different cleaning characteristics and advantages.

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