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Introduction to the product

  • Product name: Composite PU Melamine Sponge

  • Material: melamine resin + polyurethane

  • Size: customized

  • Shape: Rectangle, S/Wave-shaped, etc.

  • Density: 8-16 kg/m³

  • Color: white/pink + blue/yellow/orange/brown/etc.

  • Sample: Free,shipping freight by buyer

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Composite PU melamine sponge is a new type of composite sponge developed by our Enda company, which combines the advantages of melamine sponge and polyurethane sponge. It's very popular in the market.

Just like its name composite PU melamine sponge, this product is compounded by melamine sponge and polyurethane sponge. As you know, conventional polyurethane sponges have an average cleaning effect, but composite PU melamine sponges not only have the powerful cleaning ability of melamine sponges, but also feel softer in the hand than melamine sponges. In addition, composite PU melamine sponges are very beautiful, which is hot-selling in Europe and the United States.

composite pu melamine spongeEnda multi-shapes composite PU melamine sponge


2-layer composite PU melamine sponge - melamine+polyurethane;

3-layer composite PU melamine sponge - melamine+polyurethane+melamine


Melamine side-white, pink,

Polyurethane side-blue, yellow, orange, brown, etc.,

(The combination of white and blue composite PU melamine sponge is the best selling.)

Shape: rectangle, S-shaped, wave-shaped,etc.

Best selling size: 10*6*2cm, 10*7*3cm, 11*7*3cm

Hot selling density: 8kg/m3, 12kg/m3, 16kg/m3 (support customization)


Household Cleaning - Sink, Table, Chair, etc.

Kitchen Cleaning - Plates, Bowls, Kitchenware, etc.

polyurethane melamine spongeEnda multi-colors composite PU melamine sponge

In general, whether it is the product packaging of the composite PU melamine sponge or the color, size, density and shape, we provide customized services. Besides, we also provide before service and after-sales service.

Before service:

If you are interested in our ENDA composite PU melamine sponge, you can contact us via e-mail and instant messaging to get free composite PU melamine sponge samples.

After-sales service:

If you have ordered, we will produce immediately to guarantee the delivery time. At the same time, we’ll strictly control the entire production process until you receive the ENDA composite PU melamine sponge and pass the acceptance. If you encounter any other problems, we will solve them as soon as possible.

Our Enda company has been engaged in export trade for 11 years and has a professional team and rich experience. If you choose us, you will be satisfied.

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